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Пуэрто-Монт 🇨🇱 Анхельмо. Рыбный рынок. Лосось 💯Алекс Авантюрист

hi friends with you alex from chile
today we will see the fish market Puerto Montt and no less interesting
constructed of wood by angels one of ports
an outskirts park famous for craft workshops and
a unique fishing market man film where the richest is always represented
assortment of roads sea long row of drag their counters
paved sidewalk here annually major craft fair held
attracting people from all over the region Further
thrusting svayp thin rocky bottom bay and leaning on a concrete edging
a 2-storey building rises the market its ground floor is filled with noisy
with trays of fresh fish and clam plastic drawers
purple mother of pearl crabs rise huge collapse of mussels with horizontal
horizontal bar counters christmas garland octopus species
on inclined long tables lie scallops peeled shrimp
just not crabs sea worm feliu for shooting
trout and other fish of course oysters on second floor anselma life is also not
it freezes for a minute climb the stairs
instantly you hit without stopping mine the hubbub of small restaurants trying
struggling to attract customers mouth-watering seafood dishes with
breathtaking odors cozy atmosphere where great
service for the most part tiny institution of the office of sleep
several tables where are all those marine delicacies that
sold below turn into culinary delights the dish is prepared directly
with visitors while they enjoy bay panorama behind water cafes
and there is no lack of products here if necessary, you can always
go down

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