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Welcome to Bearhug Channel! I have tale to tell. Once upon a time, there was a girl She liked to eat a snack called “Tuna Roll”,
which can be found at a cafe in front of her village. That cafe is called “Bell Bakery”. She ate it every morning before going to school. Also her after-dinner snack. And only a small amount of them are sold each day. I remember every time we bought it, well, they only sold around 2-3 pieces, so my sister and I would fight for it. I used to be like, I need it every morning! Such a memorable snack. But one day, my sister and I were very sad because they suddenly
stopped selling it. We didn’t know why. So I went to Bell Bakery
and kept saying this to the staff “Can you tell the factory to continue selling these?” “I really wanna eat it.” “These are my breakfast every morning.” So, in the end they gave us the contact. So I’ve contacted the place. Bell Bakery in my memory is just a small cafe in front of where I live. I’ve never thought that what I’m about to see is a giant factory like this! A dream comes true! Haven’t had this for such a long time! So I’ve looked up the contact
to come and shoot a vlog. After the release of this vlog, they’ll probably go online. Haven’t had this for so long. Can I just eat first?
[Folded Lips Level 99] – But I need some energy.
– Not now. We’ve made an appointment with
the owner to take us on tour of their production lines. Then we will eat these. If you wanna enjoy it, you first need to know where it comes from. No more energy.. If you choose to eat now,
you’ll only get one and the rest goes to our team. But if we go in first,
you get to eat all of these. – I wanna eat it now.
– You sure? So today we already asked
the owner for a permission to shoot a vlog. Now we’re with Bow and Dum. Hello. We’ll need your help today. I’ve come to turn my dream into a reality. The first cafe we go is called “Bell”. “Bell” is how they call their daughter. Their daughter is very pretty. Hi guys! This is Bell of Z-Girls!
Don’t forget to check out our works! Thank you! Check out her works! She’s an idol. You guys can check her out. This is getting long. Let’s go inside. Please come inside.
[Before heading inside, we need to change first.] Like a shoe factory. Serious matter. [Where’s her face?] Can’t find her face. Your makeup is all gone. Guys, today we’re gonna
learn things about factories. Bow Bakery is actually
our consult for factory management. The quality standard is very good. Wow. Smells so good in here. Smells so freaking GOOOOD! If I wanna sneak some food.
How do I do it? Don’t do it! Wow. Two coffee shops. Check this out. This is a multipurpose zone since our place bakes everything, ranging from cakes, bread,
croissants, danishes, and many more. This factor, if we look at it properly,
is divided into Low Care and High Care zones. But since it’s probably hard to
understand, we should just take a regular tour. [Cake Mixing Room] This is a cake zone. We have cake mixing machine. Like we’re in a museum! The mixing machines for cakes
and bread are different. We can’t use them together. The concept here is that we only use machines
in order to maintain the standard. But for any steps to do with the texture, we would go for homemade ways. That’s why we don’t have huge mixing machines like other factories. So we’re sure that the texture still have the sense of homemade. Not a mass one. You guys may wonder how these are described as small. This is small. The big ones are like.. super big! after the mix, we’ll pour it into molds depending on the types. I now understand
why you guys stopped making tuna rolls. Maybe they didn’t sell good enough? Only San and her family bought it. Having lots of staff, it may not be worth the effort. But I did eat a lot! Here’s where they mix cakes and over there for bread. They have to be separated. Hey Bow, can this one be described as big? Yep. But not the biggest. Come take a closer look. What kind of flour is this? This is for bread. Bread and cakes require different flour types. This place is such a handmade factory! At first, I thought all these will be in the machines. But they do it by hands. Normally, we would divide the dough after the mixing and do the rounding ourselves. Here they use a machine to do it automatically. They’ll move the dough on to a tray prepared to be pressed. The machine will round the dough for us. There’s another one which is quite modern. You can input your desire weight and size so the machine can automatically do the task for you. [Meringue Zone] Faster. He’s showing off! Why don’t you use a machine? Because of its texture. The main ingredient is
white egg which is easy to shrink. If we use the machine to mix, the yolk would break easily by a roller and we won’t get a soft spongy texture we want. So, at Bow Bakery, they would choose to use hands
instead of machines when it comes to textures. That’s why it’s so crowded here. Look at how he’s making cookies. She won’t scratch her glove
together with the dough, right? Here are corn flake cookies. Wow! Look like the ones that Cookie Monster eat. See that?! they carefully place each corn flake. Smells so good! Sneak a bite, San?
[Really wanna eat] This is where they decorate the ones that need decorations before moving on to the oven. Some of them require decoration
before the bake. Some get decorated after the bake. He almost sinks into them! Very attentive. Handmade stuff. A bake room.
[Bake Room] Smells so good.
[Bake Room] So big. Let’s stop by this place
first before heading to the oven. An incubate room. I’m talking about those dough we just rounded. We need to leave them here with a certain heat and temperature in order to activate the yeast. – Once the dough is ready..
– It’s getting blurry.. Bring the camera out! We need to let the yeast to activate. Once it’s fully spongy, it’ll be soft and tasty. Why? Who the hell are you? Hello. I work here as a baker. This oven looks a bit big, right? Well, usually it’s a size of a tray. But this is a size of a car. – You meant a cart like this?
– Yep. 72 trays altogether in here. The heat will reach every single one. We use an electronic and hot air systems to maintain the overall heat. Only the heat won’t do so we need to use the air too and the temperature will be perfect. – I’m opening it now!
Go ahead. Go in there, bomb. This one is funny. – Real funny.
– I’m burnt. This is where the heat gets ventilated. Because of what all staff have to wear is so tight, they can come here for some fresh air. – a cool air, right?
– Right. Look at that! This one is Foi Thong Cake (Angle’s Hair Cake). Looks so yummy! Very golden. We make our own Foi Thong too. 100% egg yolk. – No flour added.
– Breed them yourself? Let’s look at the back here. Here’s the cutting machine. Hey San! Look at the crumbs!
Here’s the cutting machine. Hey San! Look at the crumbs! – So these are..
– You guys need them?
[Never eat in a factory!!] No, we don’t.
[Never eat in a factory!!] They don’t use them, San.
[Never eat in a factory!!] Never let her work in a factory. Instead of selling, they would all be gone. If we use humans to cut the cakes, there might be ‘up-to-me’ moments. So let the machine do it. It’s shaking! Did you notice that any steps that don’t have anything to do with the taste would be the machines’ jobs. It’s swirling! Is this thing expensive? About 6-7 hundred thousand Baht. For those who are lazy to cut their own cakes, get one of these at home. Only 6-7 hundred thousand Baht. You can also post a video and get a lot of likes. This is where they make fillings.
[A filling room] The scene behind the snack I love..
[A filling room] The tuna will be cooked first. Look at that pile of Foi Thong over there! Over there! Do you wanna see our Foi Thong machine? [Stumble!] San! What was that? So here’s the Foi Thong machine. We separate egg yolk for this and the egg white is used to make meringue. and the egg white is used to make meringue! We’ve only seen aunties do it. Never thought there would be machines. We have to maintain the speed or else the size would be inconsistent. They’ll break and won’t be properly cooked. The size is consistent because of the stability of the machine. – Did you start off with this machine from day one?
– Not yet. I made them by hands at first. But once we started to
get lots of orders, we couldn’t manage. So we started to have the machines one by one. How do we add the yolk? How did he manage to do it? If he misses it, we’d surely get a regular boiled egg. This is how we really make Foi Thong. Never understand how it comes from. Only a giant pan and this thing. Very fun to wach. Let’s move to somewhere else. [Begin making the tuna rolls of memory] This table is for making dough. Hey, that’s a raw roti dough. No, it’s not. Oh. You can see there are holes on the table. It’s because dough kneading process is so fun that the staff hits the table. Every holes are the same size. Don’t tell me he’s going to hit the table. Don’t tell me… Don’t tell me he’s going to… He’s not going to use the machine behind. He’s making it by hands. Is the machine behind a dough rolling machine? Yes. It’s a dough rolling machine. But they won’t use it. Because San is a VIP guest, they can only use their hands. What’s he doing? Making holes? What’s the purpose of doing this? I’ll let you guess. To make the air go through? That’s right. If we don’t make holes
for the air to go through, the bread will blow out. This is the filling process. What I like about this tuna rolls, you guys might think that I like the filling. But actually I really like the bread. It looks so soft. Don’t touch! It has plastic wrap. Why is it so yellow? The color is deep yellow. It’s a paper. It looks like Tokyo roll. In fact, we shouldn’t eat in here but we already closed the production line. [The moment San has been waiting for] [The long lost tuna roll] Hey, wait! She’s biting straight in the middle. Why are you biting in the middle? The bread is the best. I really like Bow Bakery’s bread. It’s chewy. So soft and chewy. The mayonnaise is nice. The tuna also has a nice smell,
and the carrot is so fresh. It’s the best combination. It has the same taste as when I was kid. San, that’s enough for now,
leave some for them. Ms. Rin, what makes the bread so chewy? It’s because of the recipe. The formula must be balanced. And the bread kneading must meet standard. Also you have to ferment it right. How many hours do you have to ferment it? Around one hour. The bread must be fermented for one hour. Electric shock. She rolls it by herself. Enough. Calm down. Let me tell you that by looking at her face,
it’s fairly delicious. It’s not like WOW, like a Michelin food. But I understand that it’s her childhood memory. She eats them since…what age? Since her xxxx is not fully grown. Hey! Alright, I’ll stop eating. Give it back. Give it back. She’s still eating. She’s trying to conceal evidence. Don’t you ever work at any factory. I bet you’re gonna steal some food. This is the insert. What for? So here, it’s the place where they keep
and prepare to send out the orders. Come here. They’re separated by area. Huamark and Ramkhamhaeng are around here. They have lots of customers. These are all Bow Bakery’s customers. Let me see what will they send to Rajavithi. This is the area with lots of cameras. Taklong area.
(Klong meas ‘camera’ in Thai) Wow, so many rolls. In front of Kaeng Khoi school. Oh, they’re all gone. They already sent the order. I asked Bow Bakery, if you want to ask them to do OEM or ask them to make bakery for you, for example, I have a coffee shop, They said you don’t have to order a lot. Like this, you see?
There are only around 10 boxes. It’s up to you. That’s right. They will do free delivery
if your order is at least 2,500 Baht. If you don’t wanna bake by yourself,
you can contact Bow Bakery – Many shops…
– San, that’s enough. Many shops ordered soft butter buns. – Almost every shops.
– It looks good. Only this room is not enough. They said they have lots of customers so they have this cold room. It’s for storing breads that need to keep cold. That’s right. Lock the door everytime. This is a door lock. That’s a big one. So cold. I’m cold. These sandwiches expire fast. So they keep them in this cold room. It’s to keep them in best quality. I think it’s okay to tell this. When you go to Cafe Amazon, you will find Bow Bakery there. Because they made bakery for Cafe Amazon. Those are all the order from customers,
1 tray for 1 customer. Looks so delicious. Wow, happy birthday. It’s so elaborate. What a cool calculator. They’re afraid that the calculator will get cold,
so they wrapped it in the packaging. Do you know what’s cool? Only this area is open. See? Here. Only the buttons area. If the calculator is broken, they can claim it right away
because it’s still in the packaging. 100% full packaging. I will read it for you. I think it’s from the customer. Please write this on the blueberry cheesecake, “Please be a good person, love ya” It’s a customized cake. They have a customized cake. Ok, this is another one. Please write this on another blueberry chessecake,
“Happy Birthday, sis” A customized cake. That’s all about the production process, so now it’s a distribution process. The clip seems so educative. But do you know what’s the most important? It’s this car. It’s Bow Bakery’s car but there’s Z-Girls’ logo on it. Why? Why? Because that’s their daughter. This is her. There’s Thai flag on it. Bell, she’s the owner of Bow Bakery’s daughter. They are so proud. Yes, they’re so proud of her. On the back side is also Bell. Wow, it’s just her. Z-Girls is a multinational K-POP band. I already got their CD. Wait, they’re still selling a CD? Yes. I met Bell the other day and she gave me her CD. My first question was what should I play it with? Can I have a flash drive instead? But they can’t, it’s normal for a singer
to give a CD with their autographs on it. It’s more valuable. That’s right. And this is the end of the factory tour for today. We came here to look for the tuna rolls of my dream. I didn’t know that they’re gonna be this serious. Look. They even have my face on the box. At first, we just told them that San missed the tuna rolls. I just want to find my long lost tuna rolls. But they took it seriously and made this product. There’s an FDA approved sign. This is because they’re Bearhug’s fans. Their daughter is our real fan. Everytime we review something, our fans will follow us there. They think Bearhug fans
might want to try this as well. So they’re selling it online. This is their first online product. At first we thought they were just a small bakery shop. I don’t think I will see something like this. – That’s true.
– It’s a huge factory. They even make products for 7-eleven and Amazon. Let me inform you it’s not like a Michelin food that will make you see heaven after you ate it. But it’s delicious in its own way. Since I was a kid,
it was the breakfast that made me happy when I ate it. So I have the energy… Who eat tuna rolls as breakfast? I can eat them any time I want. So I’m chubby like this. We film this video for two days. You guys might not know, but we really film for two days. It took us so long. That’s right. Say that the factory is very big. The factory is very big? Ri lost the footage.
[I feel guilty] Don’t laugh. This is the second day. We have to film the clip ending again. You guys might not know
which part in the production line is missing. But this is the second day here. So our outfits are not the same. My hair is also changed. Isn’t it because you ate the tuna rollls? Oh, it’s part of the reaction? Hello. You want to order tuna rolls? Hold on. Thank you to P’Dum and P’Bow for letting us visit the factory for two days. Thank you so much. I know which song should we use for the ending. What is it? We should use Z-Girls song. But it has copyright. Just a bit is fine. 5 seconds. If you wanna try this,
you can order in their [email protected] Bye bye everyone.

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