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✅ TOP 5: Best Kayak 2019

When I moved from LA to NY back in mid 2016,
I left behind the beloved hills and mountains of southern California, terrain I used to
hike, jog, and climb around on multiple times per week. What I lost in elevation, though, I gained
in access to the many waterways surrounding the greater New York City area. From rivers to bays to open water, there’s
no shortage of opportunity for aquatic adventure in the region, thus my wife and I soon owned
a canoe and a kayak. Before we get started with our video detailing
the best kayak on the market, we have included links in the description for each product
mentioned, so make sure you check those out to see which one is in your budget range. Starting off with the best ocean sit-on-top
kayak we have the Sea Ghost line. Vibe is a relatively new company with a definitively
novel concept: make great kayaks affordable again. While technical design has come leaps and
bounds within the kayak world, so have prices. Whether you’re paddling for sheer pleasure
or you’re a dedicated angler or hunter, Vibe’s Sea Ghost 110 is among the most comfortable,
user-friendly kayaks I’ve paddled, which is mesmerizing for around $800. I also found that I had a much harder time
capsizing this kayak than I did with almost any other, save for maybe the Hobie Mirage
Pro Angler, which is a little beamier throughout. The Vibe Sea Ghost matches just about all
the best designs from the best kayaks around but at somewhere around half the price. While it’s a bonafide fishing kayak, it maintains
sleek lines, a luxurious and adjustable mesh seat, and accommodates most paddlers, along
with most of their interests. The one thing that might possibly put off
non-anglers is the long, narrow center console that takes up a large portion of the otherwise
tidy deck. On the other hand, it’s a great spot to toss
in an ice pack or two to keep snacks and beverages cold, which is usually how I end up using
it. Weighing in at 62 pounds, Vibe’s Sea Ghost
110 is fairly light for such an outfitted kayak (just over half the weight of Hobie’s
Mirage Pro Angler 12), but it’s still among the most stable. If you’re looking for a longer and faster
but slightly heavier boat, which would serve well for longer, and especially more open-water
paddles, the company’s almost identical Sea Ghost 130 is a whole two feet longer and weighs
only 13 pounds more. It does cost $70 more, but that’s not much
considering. Equipped with most of the bells and whistles
of modern fishing kayaks, the Sea Ghost will cost you less than a third of what our top
pick for a pedal-powered boat would, and is just as functional. What’s more, it even comes with a paddle,
however heavy and clunky it may be. The only thing the Sea Ghost is missing is
the option for a pedal drive insert, which would also likely enable the addition of an
electric motor, but Vibe is still a young company, and I suspect they’ll jump onboard
with pedal propulsion in the near future. Next up we have the best touring sea kayak
which goes to The Old Town Castine touring kayak. Almost every time I climb into the cockpit
of my Old Town Castine kayak, the first thing I think is something along the lines of: “Man,
this thing is comfy.” The padded ACS2 seat has a low profile but
supportive backrest, while adjustable foot and thigh braces mean my boat is the perfect
fit for my body. Whether paddling for just a few minutes at
a time or cruising for the better part of an afternoon, any fatigue or stiffness I feel
is always a result of physical effort, not the design of the Castine. Oh, and you can select from one of three size
options, so you’ll find a Castine that’s the perfect fit for your body and range of use. The sleek, slender polyethylene hull of this
14-foot-long, 24.75-inch-wide, 53-pound boat slides over still water and slices through
chop with remarkable ease. And set into that hull is a pair of secure,
watertight storage hatches perfect for my phone and keys, some snacks, a camera, a hat
and sunglasses, and all that good stuff. There are also two sets of bungee tie down
straps I can use to lash additional gear, like a rain jacket, right to the hull itself. Out of the water, I can carry my Castine with
relative ease single-handedly, but when you have a partner to help you portage the thing,
carry handles at the bow and stern make moving it a breeze. One Amazon customer praised the straight tracking
of his Castine, saying it can “hold a line” with ease during paddling. Like me, he also says “the seat is comfortable.” And among the community of diehard paddlers
posting on the Paddling forum, the Old Town Castine kayak enjoys a solid 4.2-star average
rating. Up next we have the best folding kayak which
goes to the Oru Beach. Oru has been around for a couple of years
now, and apart from maybe being the most portable boats in the world, they are a pleasure to
paddle. I used them while sailing around Fiji, where
we were easily able to store two of these boats along with a whole host of other toys
aboard a 43-foot sailboat. The Beach model is a hybrid, open-cockpit
sit-in-kayak, while the Bay is a faster-paddling boat with a closed cockpit for flatter water. I was not only shocked at how lightweight
they are — 26 and 28 pounds for the Beach and Bay models, respectively — but also
how rugged they were. Scraped on rocks and probably the occasional
coral head, they stood up as well as if not better than many plastic and fiberglass boats
would have. While they’re not cheap and quite utilitarian
in design, they’re stable, seaworthy boats that you can fold them up in a matter of three
minutes and be on your way. Urbanites, VanLifers, and pretty much anyone
with limited storage space or a busy travel agenda will find these boats incredibly manageable
to own, and while the price tag might seem steep, either boat is well worth it if you
can swing the price tag. Next we have the best tandem sit-on-top which
goes to The Brooklyn Kayak Company Tandem Sit On Top Kayak. If you and a fishing buddy are looking for
the ultimate sit on top fishing kayak, look no further. If you and your SO want a kayak you can enjoy
in the lake or on the bay during weekend afternoons, ditto. Or if you want a kayak you and your kid can
enjoy together and you need to make sure you’re getting a vessel thats super stable and reliable,
then once again you’re in the right place. The Brooklyn Kayak Company’s BKC UH-TK29 Tandem
Sit On Top Kayak isn’t going to set any speed records, what with its broad 2.9-foot-wide
hull and its commanding 90-pound weight, but what it lacks in fleetness, it more than makes
up for in safety and stability. This kayak is basically not going to tip over
unless you force it to, and that’s true even if you stand up in the thing. Which you’re in fact encouraged to do, as
this kayak was by and large designed with the fisherman in mind, and it’s hard to get
a great cast unless you’re on your feet. The UH-TK29 also features multiple built-in
fishing rod holders that keep lines in the water with hands free, or keep poles out of
the way while you paddle. Whether you’re paddling, reeling, or trolling,
both paddlers will appreciate the quick-drying, supportive, and adjustable seats that keep
you up off the deck in a comfortable upright position. As for storage, there are two compartments
set into the hull and a larger cargo area at the back with elastic bands for securing
your cooler, rain gear, or other supplies. A reviewer from YakAngler called the BKC UH-TK29
“virtually impossible to tip” and noted its “comfortable as well as ergonomic” seats. He also noted its rather substantial weight,
but said this was somewhat offset by its impressive weight capacity, which is indeed rated at
500 pounds. And for our last pick we have the best pedal-powered/fishing
kayak that can also be fitted for an electric motor which goes to the Hobie’s Mirage Pro
Angler series. Hobie’s Mirage Pro Angler series (12′, 14′,
and 17T) not only offers the most accommodating, accessory-ready layout of any kayak we’ve
found, it was the first — and in our opinion remains the best — in pedal systems for
kayaks, borrowing from penguin anatomy to mimic their underwater wing flexes. Hobie’s Mirage Pro Angler series is outfitted
for just about everything, but it can be stripped down to accommodate even the simplest paddlers. It also has room for an electric motor mount
where the propulsion pedal is located, or on the transom (back), which makes more sense
to us because you can keep the pedals should you run out of battery charge. Fear not, paddling purists: you can always
ditch all that stuff and use an old-fashioned paddle if you’d like. The Mirage Pro Angler also includes a neatly
folding rudder, plenty of fishing rod holders, storage, an ultra-comfortable seat, and a
two-year limited warranty. If you get your exercise elsewhere, or want
a speedier trip to your fishing grounds, it pairs easily with Torqeedo’s Ultralight 403
electric motor, which mounts on the transom as an outboard, or the EVOLVE electric motor,
though that seems to be phasing out, so we’ll recommend you go with the Ultralight 403. Still, while it’s a nice option to have, the
electric motor is going to be overkill for most. You could just as soon buy a small used fishing
skiff for the price of this setup if a motorboat is ultimately what you’re after. More to that point, we think Hobie’s MirageDrive
pedal system is fast enough as is. A simple pull tab shifts between forward and
reverse, and steering controls on both port (left) and starboard (right) enables easy
maneuvering. The Mirage Pro Angler comes with Hobie’s signature
mesh Vantage Seating, which makes it the most comfortable kayak we’ve ever plopped ourselves
into, and while the whole aluminum-framed seat is adjustable, the bottom folds up to
make way for stand-up fishing, which we love for sight and fly fishing, or just stretching
out. The hull of the Hobie Mirage Pro Angler comes
with a built-in transducer mount and through-hull cable plugs (transducer not included), so
sorting out an aftermarket fish finder or GPS is a cinch. Hobie goes wild with storage, including horizontal
rod storage for up to four rods and vertical for two. There’s also a pair of aluminum rails — Hobie’s
signature “H-Rail” system — to which you can mount any number of things, including
Hobie’s “H-Bar” which works as a grab rail for standup fishing and getting in and out
of the boat, and accepts a variety of accessory mounts. With all these technical specifications, these
are heavy boats, and the smallest (12-foot) model weighs 105 pounds. So that sums up our top kayaks of 2019. We hope you enjoyed. If you did please leave a like on the video
and if you’re new here hit that subscribe button. Until next time have a great day.


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