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【跟鯊魚接吻】誰說我不懂女人 EP04精華【The Wonder Woman】Of course I get women EP04 highlight (ENG subtitle)

We’ve found your soul mate!
ID: Orca ; Compatibility: 99% The compatibility is 99%? What an obvious fraud! Orca: “Hi, Elshark!” It’s late now. Don’t sharks sleep? What kind of question is it? Of course sharks sleep. But they still need to keep swimming while they are sleeping. Or they will drown. Is it exhausting to be a shark? Director! Go home. Director Du! Do you know that the CEO of My Way committed suicide and he’s in the hospital now? It’s said that he was threatened by you the other day, and that he was too stressful due to you. Being any kind of animals can be exhausting. What about you? Why are you an Orca? Why am I an Orca? How to respond this? Offline? So impolite! Because an Orca is smart, stylish, and popular. It’s the ideal lover of all women. Ideal lover? Women don’t care about these three conditions when they choose their lovers. It seems that you don’t understand women. I don’t understand women? Why are you offline? Make it clearer! Who says I don’t understand women? Of course I get women! Women… are the most mysterious… and unpredictable creatures! All these thousands of years… The function and muscle of female bodies can’t be compared with the ones of male. But they can use their bodies from zero to 100% within a second. They can handle several things at the same time. And they won’t get them wrong. They make good use of time. Even though there are only 5 minutes, they will always use the most efficient way to finish their jobs. They’ve got good balance. They can wear high-heels and race with dinosaurs at the same time. They can also use them as weapons! In conclusion, Women are dangerous creatures. Men only have two options when they encounter women. First, they can keep a safe distance from women. Or…. They can only let women become… their women!

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