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【ULTRA LUXURY】 EATING A $50 CANNED TUNA!!!! [CC Available]|Yuka Kinoshita

hello it’s kinoshita yuka today… jaaan ! do you know what is this ? this looks like a chocolate or some luxurious and famous brand isn’t that !? i’ll give a time to think hay, the time is done let’s see what inside can you see what’s written here !? let’s open the box the package is so elegant the box is so solid let’s open it jaaan this here is a small chopsticks this is what inside the box there is a number written here i think it’s the release number this is so unique jaan! this called BLACK LABEL MAGURO-TORO it’s a canned tuna and it cost 50 dollars this is amazing what we can eat by 50 dollars !? there are plenty of things that we can i can’t even think about that it’s 50 dollars “luxurious canned tuna” ” a special tune, that’s why it needs a special can from BLACK LABEL” it’s so expensive mon marche released this canned tuna in the day of tuna 11-27-2018 ( two 2 + nana 7=tuna ) this is really amazing BLACK LABEL MAGURO-TORO, this is so luxurious Ultimate Tuna Can without any compromise this makes me so curious, let’s open it i’m nervous now any mistake and 50 dollars is gone what a nice sound aaaaah ! this is a really good smell as expected from 50 dollars it contains Laurier too hay! a have a plate here the smell is so good this looks so tasty how the taste of this tuna going to be ? Laurier evey slice cost about 5 dollars itdakimasu mmmmm this is so delicious the taste of tuna is so rich this is so different that the normal tuna and the aroma of the olive oil is so good mmmm the taste exploads in your mouth mmmm because the taste of the tuna and the olive oil are thick, this is really yummy mmmm amazing! this is not heavy it’s going to be so cool if we made some tuna-mayo rice using this tuna let’s try this right now this is really so unique it’s so soft i used this time “golden ibuki” rice jaan! i’ll add what left from oil in this can waaa this olive oil looks so tasty, that i want to eat it – drink it – alone let’s add some soy sauce too waaa! looks so yummy ! it’ll be so cool if we do that with ultra slow motion camera itadakimasu, look at this, it looks so tasty!! mmmm! this goes so well with it mmmm eating it with rice makes is much more tastier mixing the tuna and its oil with the rice is so delicious mmmm and this goes so well with olive oil and Laurier it’s really amazing how can this expensive tuna goes so well with something not that expensive like rice it’s one of the best tuna that i ate ever its texture is so good we did it ! gochisousamadeshita this was so tasty really tasty and rich with flavors they used a really high quality olive oil that mon marche produce without any compromise that’s right, the after-taste of this tuna can stay for 1 year i bought it from amazon so, if you like it, you can try it too but it’s so expensive, 50 dollars and because it was so tasty, why you don’t try this as well ? And as always thank you for watching ! if there’s anything You want me to do please tell me in a comment Section below if you like this video please hit the like And subscribe buttons and i wish for everyone a happy and tasty day bye bye all rights reserved. copyright © 2018 Kinoshita Yuka


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