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雷魚のカバーゲームほどドキドキする釣りはない – 2019年9月九州雷魚遠征 #2

Although it may not be usable because it is old data,
let’s go to a place where we caught a lot of fish two years ago. Find new places while fishing. OK let’s go Good morning. I came to Saga to catch a snakehead. I have visited here two years ago.
Can I catch a lot of fish this time? The situation has changed since 2 years ago Snakehead suddenly appears Please show up quickly Bite I missed it I’m bad It’s only 15 minutes Very concentrated. It feels good It is interesting that i can see the movement of the lure with my eyes. A pleasant breeze It’s hot when the wind disappears September in Japan is still hot Let’s change the place There is a good place over there There is a heavy cover waterway But I feel like I can still catch this place Do you want to fishing in various places?
Or do you want to change location? The lost time is wasted. Let’s change location The situation is changing Weeds are decreasing Why is it gone? It may have decreased due to the typhoon I have to find a new place I found a good place The atmosphere is nice Big fish will lurk Let’s do it without rushing My right arm is getting tired My tackle is very heavy Bite bite Small Small Very small fish Is this deep? The depth of water can spend fish The hook does not catch It ’s a tough situation. There are also fish here Large mouse bass maybe 45cm This fish has a small mouth The first thing I caught was not the snakehead But I’m happy I smell fish from my hands Congrats I still have no bite Heavy cover There may be large fish lurking in the heavy cover.
I want to capture big big fish Very difficult today Did you swim here? Is it fish now? Or a frog? I flew away.
Fish has no legs It might be a frog I can’t touch the frog Tired? tired and can’t speak It’s very hot today. And I can’t catch fish. 16:00 now. Let’s do another 2 hours Why do you run away? That’s a shame I think the big fish now It was a sudden event This place may be cozy for fish. Should still be It was a big predatory sound There was a loud noise even when I was away Mark this place You missed a valuable opportunity Was not a frog It ’s hard to capture the snakehead Do not worry I have n’t captured the snakehead yet,
but I had some chances I have another 3 days I will come to this place again tomorrow. It is difficult to identify where fish are There was a fish near the lure.
But bite where there is no lure I found a heavy cover Aim at the gap of the heavy cover. Throw a lure into the gap between heavy covers Let ’s throw it there miss bite Lure does not enter the fish mouth As expected I bite the moment when I dropped the lure in the gap of the cover Miss again? What’s wrong? The cover moved when the lure was moved I thought. “Snakehead is watching the lure” And bite. But I mistake This place has a lot of fish oh my god. It started to rain The rain stopped in 15 minutes Let’s try again The situation has changed due to rain Cold wind is blowing It was very hot until now, but it ’s very cool now Did you have bite? no Nothing happened after the rain I’m sorry but let’s give up Let’s try again tomorrow I’ll definitely catch the snakehead tomorrow This place is very good. Worth challenging many times It was no catch I didn’t think it was so difficult “no catch” Japanese say “bouzu” Is this the effect of a typhoon? But there was Bite so Snakehead should be there Let’s catch tomorrow

  • 佐賀はポイントになりそうな怪しい場所が多すぎて逆に迷いますよね。大雨の後は排水のために水門を開けたりポンプアップしたりして排水するので浮草などは流れてしまうことが多いですね。

  • 私は今日。

  • 佐賀は年々ヒシモエリアが少なくなってるそうです!アサザが濃ゆくなくて散らばってるような感じの場所はデカイ雷魚入ってこれるらしいのでアサザが生えている場所を新規で探すのもいいと思いますよ!

  • 以前は、雷魚釣りしたんですけどバスとウシガエルしか釣ったことないんですよね。

  • 自分はカバーが濃いとこではフロッグのウエイトを浮くギリギリのヘビーウエイトにしてなるべくハスやヒシの隙間をこじ開けてリトリーブする感じにしてます。
    着水音が大きくなりますが 濃いカバーではかえって存在感をアピールできる気がするような!

  • お疲れ様です☆(o・ω・o)ゝ
    僕も一昨日オールして友達と朝の4時からチャリでバス釣りに行ってきました!友達はエイトトラップやクリアウォーターのサイトなんかで55cmと53cm釣りましたが自分は40up掛けてバラシ、一投でソウルシャッド無くし、壮大なライントラブル、なんかが続いて精神ズタボロになりました( ´ A ` 。 ) 運悪い事が続けば、運のいいことも続くはずなので気を落とさずに頑張りますヽ(^^)ノ

  • ナイスバスフィッシュ🎣外道ですけどカエル🐸よりましですよね!そろそろ雷様フィッシュ見たいよ⚡

  • わたしの住んでる町が出てきましたね。大きいのいますよ、なかなかでませんでしたけど。

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