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대방어에서 나오는 방어사상충을 먹었습니다. Eating Parasite in Giant Yellowtail fish

Looks huge. How much does it weigh? At least 10kg. So not all yellow tail is the same and there are small, medium, large, and extra large yellow tails. But not all extra large yellow tails the same. Depending on whether it is 9kg or 10kg, there is significant difference in price as well as in taste and quality. If you really want to enjoy it, you should have the yellow tail above 10kg. It will be heavenly. Let’s weigh it. Shall we? Set the scale to zero… Scale is at zero. So we will now weigh the fish. It’s over 12kg. This is a very large one. Its head is bigger than mine. And my head is pretty big. It’s a zerg-headed yellow tail. A fat zerg-headed yellow tail. It also has a fat belly like me. There are lots of similarities that we share. I feel that it will be very tasty like a well seasoned watermelon. I’m going to knock it out now. I guess there is a method to this. It won’t even budge because it’s so big. Ow. It probably had a cerebral hemorrhage. He’s killing it instantly so it won’t feel any stress. It’s a bit cruel. You have to get the blood out to get rid of the fishy smell. So washing out the blood is very important. This is especially has a lot of blood since it is very big. We are now going to tie it up to get all the blood out. Wow, we really have to get everything out. If you don’t get rid of the blood, it smells bad and it’s just not ideal. Of course, there are instances when the blood wasn’t completely removed so it becomes red. When it stays as a fresh fish for a while, the blood makes the meat appear really red. So if you see a fish that is just too red, you know that that fish has been killed for a long time. This is how we tie it up to remove the blood. It has been 20 minutes now and we will now dissect the yellow tail. Let’s just do about half for now. It’s so big. So it feels like sawing rather than cutting it with a knife. Wow. So this is the yellow tail in half. The blood was removed pretty well so it’s clean. One of the reasons why you have to eat this yellow tail is because of this meat from nasal area in such a large yellow tail. It’s abundant since it is so large. Let’s just remove the bones for now. Then we can measure its true weight to see exactly how much meat(Meat ratio) there is. Ah, I will explain this. This is the yellow tail heartworm. It’s pretty gross, isn’t it? This is a parasite that appears often within yellow tails caught at sea. It’s so gross when you look at it. You have to look for it when preparing the yellow tail. And remove all parts with the heartworm. But if the store somehow misses this heartworm, and this worm makes it to the plate, it’s gross and you completely lose your appetite. So normally, the stores just prepare another dish for the customers and in worse cases, the stores refund the customers. But I have inquired Professor Min Seo about this heartworm and apparently, it is just a chunk of protein which is harmless to human body. So if you somehow ate this by mistake, you would feel disgusted but it is certainly not harmful to human body. So I will try this now. (Urgently)Don’t eat it! What happens if you eat it? (Teasing him) It’s really bad if it enters your stomach. What happens if it enters my stomach? Does your stomach hurt? It hurts a lot. It tries to come out through your stomach. What the merchant is referring to is the whale parasite. Unlike this heartworm, it is harmful to human body. Uh.. What do I do? Professor said it was okay for me to eat it. So it’s bad even if I chew it before I swallow? Well… I don’t know what happens if you chew it… But anyway it’s really bad for you if you eat it. Whatever. I’m eating it. It looks pretty delicious. It’s chewy. It’s really chewy. It’s like the spoon worm. (Gulp)
Woman: Swallow it. I just had it and it’s really chewy. And it takes like the yellow tail but it’s also like the spoon worm. But anyway, you feel pretty gross about it so don’t eat it. Wow, that’s a big chunk. What did you eat to get so fat? It’s so fat. It’s like looking at myself. Maybe this guy had a lot of Home Run Ball snacks. It’s so fat. So you removed this from the flesh. Why did you remove it?
This is flesh in between the meat and the bone. Some people ask for it so we give it to them. Some people eat them but this part has the fishy smell slightly. I saw places selling this together with the meat. But I guess you are just removing it here. Yeah, you have to remove this to serve customers with quality fish. So this just goes in the spicy fish stew(Maeuntang). So let’s weigh just the meat.
Shall we? This is everything, right? So we prepared a yellow tail that is just a bit over 12 kg. And the meat from half of it weighs 2.43kg. So one whole fish would yield about 4.8kg. Wouldn’t that make it(Meat ratio) 40%? So when we prepare a very big yellow tail, it yields about 40% in terms of meat ratio. We could do more to make it(Meat ratio) up to 50% But removing the less desirable parts yields about 40%. But if the yellow tail is small or skinny, the meat ratio might drop to 30% range. But generally, the meat ratio is between 35~40%. Slicing the yellow tail thin would make it more savory. And slicing it thick would let you really taste the meat and its juiciness. But I recommend that you have it in thick slices to really enjoy it. It’s very good. There is also a lot of meat for you to chew on. Slicing the tendons off really makes it look white overall. And if the yellow tail is large, there are a lot of parts that are white. Ah, really? So we try to use yellow tails above 10kg. So you will now see a pig eating this pig yellow tail. There are all parts here except for the tail. So some parts are white while some parts are red. If my left hand represents the head and my right hand represents the tail, the meat towards the head would be white and the meat towards the tail would be more red. And the meat near the belly area is completely white. This is the nasal area. Wow, these slices are really thick. It’s so white. You can see the marbling. The inner flesh of the yellow tail is really white. Let’s just eat.
What more is there to talk about? Wow. Yellow tail is one of the blue-backed fish so you can really taste the same flavor from the mackerel and such. It’s outstanding. And these thick slices really help you taste the fish as you chew through it which makes it so good. I will try this part now. This places unlike other places gives you ssamjang. This is because ssamjang and yellow tail makes a great combination. I can really feel the flavor of yellow tail spreading all over in my mouth. I will now tell you how you should really eat your yellow tail. Originally, the yellow tail is supposed to be eaten with white kimchi. But since there is no white kimchi, we just have the regular kimchi here today. But it is still delicious with regular kimchi. First , you lay out the kimchi underneath. Wow, this kimchi is larger than the fish. So this is the kimchi-yellow tail burger And I will eat this now. It really eliminates the greasiness. I really wonder who made kimchi. This yellow tail is really big so that’s why this plate is so large. This is the perfect nasal meat. I will try it with seaweed. Well, the seaweed wasn’t the best choice.
The seaweed is greasy and so is the fish. So, eat the tail or the red meat with the seaweed which are less greasy. Wow, this is just really greasy. If you just look at this, you can see the oil in each slice. It’s so delicious. I remember the first time I tried Chilsung soft drink. And this may be the happiest moment of my life since then. It had a huge impact on me at such a young age.
Maybe I was two and a half years old? Woman: And.. you remember this? It just had that much impact. This is just as memorable Let’s try the salmon belly we got as a bonus. They gave us salmon belly as extra service.
The marbling is beautiful. Mm! This yellow tail was sliced thick so it is really delicious and chewy. So I think the store gave us the salmon so you can enjoy this along with yellow tail. Without the taste of yellow tail, it would be like chewing on thick rubber but these stores serving thick slices are confident in these yellow tails. How did I eat so much… Wrap it in kimchi. Kimchi and yellow tail are in love. I don’t really eat sashimi much these days. But I ate so much somehow. This is about 4 servings but I think I already had like 2 servings. Wow, but this really makes me happy. The fat yellow tail in winter is love and joy. The taste of this fat yellow tail right now…
It’s just.. impactful and brought me great joy. The taste buds in my tongue have been awoken and I really love this fat yellow tail.


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