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사장님 죄송합니다.. 쯔양 단골 무한리필 참치집! 1년전 비공개영상..? Korean mukbang eating show

*1 Year ago.. Hello everyone I am on my way to eat AYCE tuna *Tzuyang’s 1st ever “privated” video I was just a little too much that day I didn’t want to upload that episode I hid that video so no one can watch it again *We found it~ *Reason why she was embarrassed *Tzuyang’s unseen footages will be released to you guys *This Tuna restaurant made her dance with awkward reactions *Let’s not act a fool today.. *Not today.. Hello everyone! I am here near Shinrim station I came to eat here when I barely started to do mukbang (1 month) I was a newbie streamer I’m a regular here It’s my favorite Tuna restaurant It’s super delicious To be honest, I came here because I wanted to eat here, not because I needed to stream *Minam Tuna (City of Shinrim) *The waiting-list is filled even on weekdays She’s a regular here at our restaurant It’s different every time. She eats a lot on some days,
And she eats just the right amount on some days She’s such a lovely eater,
I’m a fan They have the best tasting tuna Of course, there might be other places that are better But this is from my personal experience.
The best place out of all the places I’ve been to This is not a paid promotion btw, I’m wondering if I should order for 3-people because I eat a lot Let’s do VIP and special sushi *Ready to order VIP.. I eat a lot.. Can I order as 3-people It’s AYCE so you can just order as 1 person I feel bad if I do that.. Then can you make it as 2 AYCE? 2 VIP=200,000 won (~$167.73 USD) Special Sushi=25,000 won (~$21 USD) for 12 Pieces If I say that I’m a regular here The comments will show pity like,
“Aww, that poor restaurant owner” *”Blacklist Tzuyang!”, “The owner is crying” *Restaurant Owner :'( Looks good! It tastes good *Scooping takes too long! I have 1 more here since I ordered 2-AYCE *Bottoms up! It’s delicious Thank you, What is this? This is a stingray Thank you Amazing.. This is the eel This melts in your mouth How is it this delicious? Too good Thank you This is the Special Sushi 12 Pcs *Excited Bon Appetit This looks so good Soy sauce, soy sauce Salt, salt Hurry, hurry I need them in my belly now! *Reception I can’t be too much today. Let’s calm down *Control Thyself *Mind-control Little bit of the sesame oil *Clapping is ok, right? *Time for Tuna Thank you *Starts to get too excited again *She’s in a rush Stem lettuce, burdock, pickled radish Okay thank you *Checking if she’s gone *GO AWAY Bon Appetit! Where do I begin? I’ll start from the middle Just look at the color With a little bit of the sesame oil and the soy sauce Here comes the first bite *HAPPY *Overreacting ON *Calm down Tzuyang.. I will just eat and enjoy for a bit *Overreacting OFF *Overreacting ON It’s just too good, really I think it was like a very special meat It tastes so good I love this piece. This is my favorite *I am here in heaven *Overreacting OFF *Overreacting ON *Can’t stay still You mix this up and put some on top of your tuna piece Tuna intestines, yum Put this and the intestines on top, I won’t say much for today’s mukbang This is legendary It’s too good I’m not overreacting because I’m streaming I was like this last year too, right? I’m always like this when I’m here *01/03/2019
Unseen Footage *Newbie Streaming Tzuyang’s
Hidden Footage It looks so good! I’m so happy! It tastes so good I’m salivating as I’m eating.. *Newbie Tzuyang’s food close-up Can you see it? *DROPS How’s the thumbnail? Huh? Did I drop it? *Missing Tuna Belly *Rescued.. It’s a wooden floor, so it’s not dirty It dropped like this on the leaf. It’s okay! *The tuna is okay *She does this on our outings too *I have to show the truth! *Dejavu Patagonian Toothfish With some soy sauce I’m good at eating oily food Oily foods like Tuna, Beef Small Intestines, etc How is this possible? It’s so delicious Really.. It’s so good,
Refill, refill Yes? Did you need a refill? Thank you *2nd Plate This part is delicious too It’s like beef sashimi It’s so yummy This is my favorite part So relieved that they have more Can you see the marbling on this beauty? This piece wasn’t on the 1st plate.
It tastes so good It looks like a radish kimchi! So good The corn cheese is on the house Thank you They give the eel if the bill goes over 55,000 won (~$46.13 USD) And they give this corn cheese for bills under that amount *Corn cheese mukbang It tastes amazing Everything here tastes amazing *I refuse to leave a single corn kernel behind Don’t just eat the Big-eyed Tuna by itself Get the dried seaweed, But the sashimi on top,
Put some white kimchi My purpose today wasn’t to stream.
I came to eat! I’m being really honest I couldn’t resist, after the delivery food I had yesterday This part looks very strange How is it like this? *Last bite *Refill, please *You know, right? *Embarrassed Thank you~ She’s a good eater Almost like an Athlete team’s outing There are people that barely eat any So I guess that balances everything out If everybody ate like her, AYCE businesses won’t do very well There are big eaters and small eaters So I still like her as my regular *3rd Refill Flower! *New beginnings Bon Appetit! I got this again! *Destroying the flower *I thought it was Tuna.. I should eat them together
I’ve never done that before I don’t play with food 4 pieces Stack them up like this 4 pieces of tuna 1 big bite I recommend eating 1 by 1 Because it’s such a waste to eat all 4 in 1 bite.. *This is it!
*Overreacting ON *Tuna Sashimi Show Hello Nice to meet you This is the meat from the Gills (Head to neck) This looks so good The marbling is amazing 1 bite How is it? It’s delicious How is it this delicious? Maybe because a good-looking chef prepared it We use fresh Tuna How you maintain it is very important as well We have our secret ways to take care of frozen tuna (ways to melt) It’s just well-maintained just before we serve it to our customers I believe that’s why it’s just so fresh How sharp is this knife? It won’t cut my fingers I guess depending on the force? *#awkward #jokefail *Sashimi show finished Enjoy your meal *Thumbs up This is what heaven tastes like Let’s eat these 2 together *Another plate of Corn Cheese Cleared! *Special parts Cleared I’ll refill 1 last time *Ran out of food.. *Dried Seaweed Mukbang.. Tuna, Tuna Tuna! Come on out! Yap! You guys usually serve that stew It will be out right now, just a second Thank you This tastes really good too It’s so good This stew will balance the oiliness of the Tuna There are fish eggs in here too *Big bite of the fish eggs *Shrimp Tempura too *Back to Tuna This is 1 grade below their best quality,
But it’s still amazing *So I’ll eat it again.. 1 last refill, please You can keep eating, it’s okay You can keep refilling *Refilling everything I had 2 of everything *Tuna Refill~ *Ready for a new Mukbang *Precious last plate of tuna *Scrape up the rice *And all of the tuna sashimi that’s left *A successful mukbang I will end today’s mukbang here Thanks everyone~


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