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생참치VS냉동참치 참치회+소주 술먹방 Tuna+Soju Drinking Mukbang🐟

Hi, this is Leeby! For today, It’s soolbang*, which I hadn’t done in a long time!
* Mukbang with alcohol I drank time to time with my friends outside to be honest. For those of you who’s following my Instagram, you would’ve seen me drinking in my story with my friends quite a lot. Anyways, I’ve brought some tuna with some soju for today!
(This footage is captured with a webcam, so the screen brightness is not consistent. Hope you understand) I’ve got frozen tuna on this side and fresh tuna on the other side. It’s hard to differentiate which one is which just by looking at them, right? They are glowing the same. I will try to tell which one’s which as I eat’em. This.. I have this guy on the table. This guy is.. Well… Oh I will just speak it out loud.
This one’s the frozen tuna. This one’s frozen and this one’s fresh raw tuna. I will try the frozen one first. Dipping the frozen tuna with gold sprinkles in a soy sauce…! (Frown of approval) This is what I’m talking about! Tuna’s awesome! I had this frozen tuna delivered from a local restaurant in my neighborhood. It costs 35,000 won for this much. On the other hand, I bought the fresh tuna straight off from Noryangjin, and it costs 58,000 won. The cost difference is bigger than I expected. This is tuna belly button sashimi. It’s hard to chew the belly button down, so it’s not my favorite tuna part to be honest. What’s up with this crunchy texture!? I am not a person who goes back on my word, but let me take my word back! I love this belly button part! I like the crunchy texture! I guess this is just white meat part. I see some spots. I am not really sure about frozen tuna being less delicious than fresh tuna. (Depends on a person though) Maybe it has to do with the fact that the tuna
I’ve been eating so far were all frozen. This is akami* sashimi!
* Back part of tuna Alright then.. It’s now soolbang time you’ve been waiting for..! (Time for soolbang!) All aboard! Shall we!? First shot! Cheesr! (Let’s keep our fingers crossed for May!) Wow, soju feels so sweet today! I will give the fresh tuna a shot! I think this is the back part, called akami! The fresh tuna sashimi is way more way way way more thick! Trying it with the soy sauce first! I will dip it in the oil sauce and vinegared chili paste sauce later. How’s it any different than the frozen one.
(Seems there’s no difference) I don’t know which part is this one. I bought this fresh tuna from a professional sashimi youtuber “Hoesarang*” at Noryangjin.
* Means “love sashimi” in Korean If Hoesarang post a comment below with the name of this part, I will pin the comment on top. Please subscribe to Hoesarang’s channel! It’s as soft as butter! It’s buttery and meaty at the same time. It just melts in the mouth. And this one’s akami sashimi! THIS IS IT FOR TODAY! (For real) AMAZING! (Might overdrink) Bit worried. anju is too good..! It’s so good! Whereas the frozen tuna tastes greasy and sticky but smells fishy, this fresh tuna is as savory as if they’ve spread some sesame oil on it. It’s less fishy and it’s fatty! (The best!) (Reading a comment) What is that sound? What do you mean by “what is that sound?”
(Running an analysis) Ah, radish sprout* sound?
* Radish sprout in Korean is “moosoon” which sounds similar to “what is” in Korean What is that radish sound? Ah radish. Raaadddish sound? Wow, it’s so fun..! And I’ve got seaweed! (I will wrap it with the seaweed) Dipping it in the sesame oil sauce and placing it on top..! Gotta watch out for the radish sprout sound..! Placing radish sprouts on top as well. Let me use my hand. I’ve washed my hands before I set the table. AMAZING! The fresh tuna tastes different for sure. (So good!) It tastes as if they’ve soaked the fresh tuna in a pool of oil once. Let’s give this fresh tuna wrap a shot! It’s so good! Alrighty! Cheers! It’s so good! (Fresh tuna is a perfect anju for a bottle of soju!) The frozen tuna is much cheaper, but in terms of flavor, raw fresh tuna is way better! I thought they were pretty much the same before trying’em but they are different for sure..! Completely different. It feels as if I am eating fresh tuna with a lump of butter on top. Like this! I bought the raw fresh tuna in Noryangjin at a place called Kimssi Marguro..? I will post the name in the subtitle when I edit the footage later. Anyways, that’s where I bought it from. And I bought the frozen tuna from a local store in my neighborhood. Baek* kimchi is nice!
* White, not spicy kimchi Cheers! (Comment) How’s your drinking tolerance? I can handle about a bottle. Cheers! And the place where I bought the fresh tuna gave me vinegared rice for sushi as well, so I rolled one up like this. Oh, it’s not round…?
(Looks like a turtle) Placing wasabi on top…! (Reading a comment) Let’s drink and drink till infinity! I am gonna control myself today.
(Hadn’t done a soolbang in a long time) With tuna on top like this~! Hmm.. How to roll the rice is important for sushi I guess. The rice’s crumpled up! Cheers! (Reading a comment) Log in to Maplestory already! You gotta live your real life! She’s called Hyokpok, a dancing Youtube creator and we started playing Maplestory together on the same day at an Internet cafe (Been two days so far) and I’ve heard she already reached level level 150, right? My level is 70, below 70 on the other hand. She’s playing Maplestory all the time
when not having a meal! Oh and I got cheated by somebody with real money in Maplestory. Someone told me to charge my wallet with 30,000 won and wait for three days to purchase an in-game money “meso” with that, and I got hacked by a (son of a bxxch) Please censor beep the swear word, Mr. editor..!
(Yes, boss!) in less than a day..! I’ve got only 150 won left in my wallet. You and your descendant shall be cursed
and bald-headed!! (CONFIRMED) So that sixty years later, when your grandson asks you why am I bald headed, you will look back and say that’s because I hacked an innocent Maplestory account sixty years back. That’s how you shall answer! Cheers! (Reading a comment) I want to see you get drunk and have an ice cream! Let’s have a toast together! I downed a shot already though..! But hold on, I will charge my glass again! Well, one bottle down already! Oh and, many of you liked this pourer I have, right? I bought something. It’s a soju dispenser! I bought it recently. You insert it in the neck, and spin it! Oh, it’s perfectly fit in! I’ve spun it, everyone! Looks like we have a thumbnail for this video here! Looks so cool! Wait, it’s not coming out! (FAILED) (Not even showing a single drop) (Pissed off) Not getting a single drop no matter how hard I press it. Did I bought a faulty product? Do I have to shake it or something? Still hanging onto it. It’s not like it’s stuck. (Keep trying) It’s not like I have to punch a hole. You know, I tried sucking it, right.
It works when I did that. Soju does come out when I do this! You see how it shrank?
It’s supposed to come out like this. I guess I have to stick to the old fashion. Tried really hard to be tech-savvy, only to fail. LOL! (HIT THE SPOT!) I guess I have to stick to the pourer. It still hasn’t been an hour. It’s crazy! Now that it’s been about an hour, I will cut the video here. I will leave the detailed part for you to enjoy my live-stream! Cheers! If you are curious about the later part of this footage, please check it out in the next live stream!


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