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참치김치찌개 만들기::익숙한그맛::#24

one meal a day today’s meal tuna & kimchi stew ingredients kimchi / tuna / onion / green onion sugar / Red pepper powder Today, I will make delicious tuna&kimchi stew Put the tuna oil in a pot add kimchi Keep stir-frying sugar 1/2 T add onion Stir-fry until onion is translucent Add a cup of water add kimchi juice boil over medium heat for 5 minutes Red pepper powder 1/2 T add tuna Don’t stir boil more 5 minutes add green onion Complete ! Make fried eggs Cook slowly over low heat today’s meal complete woooow~ I think it will taste good even if I don’t eat it yum it’s fantastic The deep taste is the best The combination of tuna and kimchi is good I can eat two bowls of rice with this Tuna&Kimchi stew clear ~ How have you been today? Thank you so much for watching the video I hope you have a delicious meal all the time See you in the next video bye bye ~~ 🙂


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