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참치회 3종 무한리필 만오천원!! 연어참치초밥 또묵자!! raw tuna mukbang 야식이 먹방

Gyunggi – Namyangju – Hadow – Maseokuri Today’s eating show is tuna I’m having tuna fish today It’s 15,000 won for unlimited refills It’s not possible to refill a special part Infinite refill menu Special Big Medium Small I can feel a cozy atmosphere in this room Tuna fish with healthy omega-3s You have a 15-dollar unlimited refill tuna , right? / Yeah Please give me one of those / Ok I’d like a sushi set, too Would you like that, too? Yes, and a bottle of soju, please Alcoholic drinks are required when ordering unlimited refills Is this side dish? / Yeah It’s supposed to be basic, right? / Yeah I ordered some drinks, but I’ll bring the car home and take it home Tuna type Sushi type If you order tuna set, the side dishes come out like this It’s got Flying Fish Roe and raw fish There’s cabbage underneath It’s good! I’ll just try tuna Yummy~ Yummy I’ll try some tuna this time This is a swordfish with sesame oil… Delicious~ It’s a little frozen Wasabi… Spicy! I put too much wasabi in soy sauce Personally, I don’t like Wasabi very much Wasabi is horseradish in Korean I’ll try the a kind of tuna It’s so delicious~ With sesame oil I’ll put up the radish sprouts Salmon sushi Just a little bit, Wasabi… Yummy~ Rakkyo Swordfish Dip some soy sauce… This time, I’ll try Guro (kind of tuna) It’s very chewy Everything is delicious~ Dip in the sesame oil… I’ll put it on top of the laver, and I’ll put on top of the radish Wasabi’s a little bit Return again Why isn’t it tasteless? A confident bite Wait a minute… Wasabi… it’s so spicy That’s crazy… Four at a time ! (Steamed egg service) It’s more delicious because tuna melts It was a little frozen, but it’s better because it melts This sushi has a lot of wasabi in it It’s the most wasabi I’ve ever eaten But it’s delicious I’ll have Spicy Raw Fish Salad I’m done Spicy Raw Fish Salad It’s Salmon sushi. If I put the tuna up here I’ts salmon + tuna sushi It’s chewy and soft Would you like some more refills? Wait a minute. I’ll finish this Hey chef, can I…. Can I change the refill menu to $30? Of course~ Would you like that? Yes, please Ok ! Thank you~ Can you tell me the part? (It’s difficult to translate into English by part, so I’ll omit it. I’m sorry) Most of the parts of our store are out Really? Let me compare these two Which one is more delicious? I’ll have this first This definitely smells deep I’ll have this one this time This is delicious, too It doesn’t smell as deep as before I can know why what I ate before was expensive Profound realization It’s flesh of the belly It’s definitely flesh of the belly so it’s getting a lot of Oil Yummy~ It’s a Flesh of the belly I’m going to save this… It looks really delicious Ginger This sure tastes good Swordfish With sesame oil.. Flesh of belly I think it’s better to dip it in the sesame oil Because there are no layer of fat. Steamed eggs It’s tuna flesh of bellt It’s belly button I won’t dip anything ( laugh-inducing flavor) The oil is spreading out of my mouth It’s like eating a good part of Korean beef CONCLUSION: Very Delicious I ate well! I really enjoyed the 15 dollar tuna unlimited refill Thank you~


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