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처갓집슈프림양념치킨+고봉밥 치밥 리얼사운드 먹방ASMR Sweet chicken rice mukbang スイートチキン ご飯 ไก่หวาน Gà ngọt eating sounds

Hello, I am Kyo Kwang Today’s menu Supreme Seasoned Chicken rice (It’s always a coke ^^) (Chicken is ready to turn) (it’s delicious) (It’s delicious, so just one more) It’s been a while since my first chicken I think it was more delicious (The motorcycle just passed) (Let’s eat rice) (It’s better because we eat together.) (This is a little big) (My mouth is full ^^) (Twist) (It’s so delicious …) (I’ll eat rice with chicken) (success) (I actually piled it up a bit .. ^^) (This is the rice I saved for eating) (I’ll have one too) (I’ll eat with a spoon safely) (I suddenly feel better) (Color) (It’s fresher, so it’s more delicious) (Que) (This is too big) (In carbohydrate intake) Are you delicious? (Temporary refresh time) (Jorth) (Be careful) (Pretend nothing) motorcycle (I’ll eat a bite of cola) (This time I didn’t spill ^^) (I’ll try the sauce) (Sweet and delicious) (2x) (I love rice too much) (When did you spill?) (I think it’s the biggest one today) (Concentrate for a while) (Big ones are better to eat at once) (I’ll eat rice too much) (Curl) I think there’s a lot of noise in my neck today. (Front longest scene in all video) I forgot to look straight ahead. (I will eat) (Heavy) (It’s so delicious.) (I’ll eat with seasoning) (It’s good to eat like this) (It’s sweeter with lots of sauce) (Excited) I can’t express myself these days.😅 (I won’t leave a hantol) (Not much time left already) (^^) (Korean is also the best rice) (Last rice) (Hallover) (Checking once more) (It’s the last chicken) I wanted to eat chibabs today Maybe because I ate what I wanted to eat I think I ate more delicious ^^ I ate it deliciously today Thank you everyone ^^


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