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100 CHICKEN NUGGET CHALLENGE (ft. Merrell Twins) | Challenge Chalice

– ♪ And I say, hey! ♪
– (Alex) Hey! – Oh jeez. No, no. – Ew. I got that thing.
– Oh. Howdy, YouTube. My name is Tom. And welcome to another
episode of Challenge Chalice, a show by FBE where you guys
submit your challenges, Alex, our producer, combs
through the comments, picks three, throws them in the chalice, and we do ’em with awesome, cool guests. Also, make sure to get in there early, because me and Alex
are responding to comments for the first hour. Is that right?
– (Alex) That’s right, man. – It’s so right. I got some super-cool guests today. I have Jayka from Teens React
and the Merrell Twins! (all cheering) The way we decide how we’re gonna–
who’s gonna choose it is rock-paper-scissors. – Oh.
– Okay. – All right?
– All right. – (together) Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. – Oh, so you’re out.
It’s between the twins. – Oh no!
– No! – (twins) Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. – Ooh!
– (twins) Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. – (together) Oh! – So does this mean I get to pick?
– (Alex) I thought we were gonna be here for days.
– I know. They just keep going. (laughter)
– It happens a lot. – It happens a lot. – It’s human.
– This is such an epic cup. Just saying. – Heh. – Oh no.
– I was peeking. Okay. All right.
(laughter) – (giggles) “The Chicken Nugget Challenge.” – Oh.
– Yes! – Suggested by Kate… Kate Masters.
– Yay. Oh man.
– Well, I’m ready for some chicken. – I’m hungry actually.
– Dude, I didn’t eat breakfast before lunch.
– Me either. – Me either.
– It’s time. – Wait, I did. But I’m ready
for some chicken. – Is it, like, good chicken?
– Yeah, if this is nasty chicken– (laughter)
– (Alex) We’ll find out. – ♪ Dun, dun, dun ♪
– All right, so let’s get set up. ♪ (light folk music) ♪ – Watch them be spicy. – Oh.
– Uh-oh. – Dude, I swear.
– I don’t like spicy. – Are they gonna be spicy?
– I like spicy. – Did I guess this?
– You guessed the challenge. I know. – (Alex) Spicy would be too easy. – I’m getting nervous now.
– Me too. – Anyone else?
– There’s like two. – I always lose challenges.
– There’s two plates. – ♪ La la la laaa ♪
(all exclaiming) – They look normal. It’s delicious, guys.
(others “aah”-ing) – It smells like Kentucky Fried Chicken.
– I like how you’re applauding. You’re like,
“Yes.” Chicken nuggets. Ooh! Skittles.
– What the? – What?
– And other candies. – And sour Warheads. – Ooh, it smells.
– It smells? – (Alex) Skittles.
– Smells like– – It just smells like… (overlapping speech)
– Okay, yeah. – It smells like Trix.
– It smells like sugar. – Trix are for kids.
– Okay. All right. So the challenge we’re doing is the Chicken Nugget Challenge, but not just the regular
Chicken Nugget Challenge. The Hundred Nugget Challenge. – ♪ Dun, dun, dun ♪
– ♪ Dun, dun, DUN ♪ So how this is gonna work
is we split up into two teams. It’s me and Veronica,
and Vanessa and Jayka. Yo, what’s your team name? – Uh… the–
– Spartans. – Spar– Sparkly… Chicken… – Sparkly Chicken Wings.
– Yeah, Sparkly Chickens. – The Sparkly Chickens versus Tomonica.
– Tomonica. Tom-onica.
– Tom-on-i-ca. (laughter)
Perfect. All right. So we have
100 nuggets, 50 each. The team that eats the most
nuggets within five minutes is the challenge champions.
But if you lose, we have a sour cup…
– Bleh. – …that each of us need to eat. – (Alex) Y’all ready to eat? – Sparkly chicken.
– Yes! – (Alex) All right! (overlapping speech)
– I got to stretch it out. – (Alex) Go! – My mouth’s already dry.
– Mm. – Me too. (chuckles) – (Alex) See, I’m liking
what you guys are doing: the double nuggets…
(overlapping speech) – You shouldn’t have pointed it out!
– Yeah, thanks, Alex. – Snitch.
– Do we have any sauces? – (Alex) No sauces.
– Oh man. – Did you know, to eat all of these, we have to eat 10 chicken
nuggets in one minute? – Oh my god! Go! I’m at two.
– I’m not more than a half. – (laughs) – This is– people do this? – I kinda wanna just
eat a Skittle just for flavor. – (Alex) I’m not gonna lie.
I’m a little jealous right now. – I know.
– They’re so good. – This is one of the most pleasant
challenges we’ve ever done. I had to eat cat food on
one of these challenges. – Mm. – Oh, god, no!!! – All right, I’m getting there.
– (Alex) One minute… – (squeals)
– What? – (Alex) …remaining.
– Did you eat 10 yet? – No.
(laughter) – (hums “Want one?”) – Nah.
– (mouth full) This is so hard. – (Alex) I’m not trying to help you out! – Come on.
(laughter) I just wanna push it farther away. Yep. Slight disadvantage.
– Excuse you. – (chuckles) – Ew! I got that thing. – Oh!
(laughter) – (Alex) What is “that thing”? – It’s like the…
– They’re like gooey thing… – (chuckles) (mouth full) Oh man. That was a mistake.
(laughter) – (Alex) How are you guys
feeling right now? – I don’t know how many I’ve eaten.
– This is great. – I know. This is–
– I’m so happy. (laughter) Can we come again?
– I know. Just come feed us. Can we do a French fry challenge next? – (Alex) You have like three
minutes left, by the way. – What?
– (groans) (laughter)
– Oh, there we go. There we go. We’ll get all of them. Yay. – (Alex) Did you ever do that
with your vegetables? – 100%.
– Mm-hmm! – (Alex) You split them up
to make it look like– I actually learned that off of Arthur. – ♪ And I say, hey! ♪
– (Alex) Hey! – ♪ What a wonderful… (mumbling) ♪ – You got it. You nailed that, the lyrics. ♪ (humming theme) ♪ – (Alex) Hey, is that
three nuggets in your hand? – Yes, go! Do it! (laughs)
(overlapping speech) I’m gonna go by five.
– (Alex) Two minutes remaining! – Go!
– No! – We’re trying to be safe.
– Oh. Right. – We’re trying to win.
– Yeah, right? (laughter)
– Oh geez. No, no. – See?
– We’re just kidding. – Safety first.
– Safety first, yes. – (Alex) It’s looking
pretty even right now. Y’all are pushing those nuggets up.
– (growls shrilly) – (laughs shrilly) – It’s okay.
– I’m scared she’s gonna hurt me. – That one looked like a butterfly. – (affectionately) Oh.
– From, like– yeah. (giggles) – Not gonna lie. This is the first time I’ve had
chicken nuggets in years. When I was seven, I ate so much that my dad said I’d turn
into a chicken nugget. And I haven’t touched
a chicken nugget since. (laughter)
I swear on my life. – (Alex) Seriously?
– Yeah, I swear. Now I got the taste, I’m addicted again. – (Alex) You got one minute!
– Oh! – No!
– Oh! This is definitely Alex. You definitely… – (Alex) That’s not me!
– …100% bit that. – (Alex) I did not. – You call that chicken nugget sandwich. Oh man, I’m slowing down. Can I just transfer a nugget over there?
– Get out of here. – (chuckles) – Ah.
– Need to slow down. – I know, right?
I’m getting a stomachache. – Me too.
– Oh man. Mm. Oh my gosh. (laughs) – (Alex) Ten seconds!
– Oh, go! Go! – Go!
(quiet laughter) – (Alex) Two! One! Drop that nugget!
– (muffled speech) – (Alex) All right, guys.
– (muffled speech) – Oh my gosh! They
might have pulled it at the end. – (Alex) Wait. You got four in your mouth? – We should’ve done that. – (Alex) WHAT?!
– Or just a handful. – (Alex) So you guys want to count? (counting) – Are you counting,
or are you just stacking ’em? We’re not even counting.
– No, we’re playing Jenga. – (Alex) Are you playing chicken Jenga?
– Yeah. – Yeah.
– (chuckles) – Okay. – Oh.
– (groans) I think that’s–
I think we should recount. – I know. (chuckles) But you don’t trust me about it.
– Just to be sure. – Mm-mm! Mm-mm!
– All right, we’re gonna double-triple-check.
– (Alex) Gonna spit it out? – Mm-hmm.
– Oh jeez. – (Alex) How many are you spitting out?
– No! – I know. Add it to the count. – (Alex) How many are left?
– You guys go first. – Yeah, yeah.
– At the same time. Ready? One, two, three.
– (both) Thirty… – …one.
(loud cheering) One nugget! Let’s go! Let’s recount this, because…
– I think we– I think we need someone else to–
– We’ve gotten– – He counted 31. I counted 30.
– So count ’em out. – (Alex) Enough is enough! – The first time–
– (Alex) I’m coming in and counting. …28, 29, 30.
– Okay. – (together) Whoa!
– 30. Let’s go. – 28, 29, 30, 31… – What?!
– …32. – Oh, whoa!
– What? – 32!
– Oh! – Two nuggets! – We ate two nuggets more.
– Darn it. – (Alex) Tomonica, you two are the challenge champions.
– We gotta put our heads together. – (together) Yay! – Congratulations.
– We did it! – I’ll take a Warhead. I feel bad too.
– Look at that. Good sport.
– See, look. Good sportsmanship. – Yeah.
– Why are they so– – Oh jeez! Okay, maybe we should
just throw that one away. – I’ll just eat it. It’s okay. Why are they so sticky? – They’re, like, melted.
– Wait. How old are these? – Oh, are you eating yours already?
– (Alex) They’re not that old actually.
– I thought we had to drink them. – (Alex) They were sitting over–
– (Tom) Oh jeez! – She already went for it! – All right. I guess I– It’s so sour. (chuckles) You deserve the crown. You really do.
– (groans) (slurps) (laughter)
Mm-mm! – There’s a trashcan if you need it.
– Mm-mm. (mouth full) I’m a strong woman. – My eyes are watery.
– What was that? – I’ll translate. – Okay.
– She’s a strong woman. (table scraping floor) – Thank you guys for coming by. Uh, make sure to submit
your challenge requests on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. – Thank you guys for having us.
– Yeah. – And we also did a collab
on our channel, so go check that out. You can click right below.
It’s right there. Hungry Hippos. That’s what we did. – Oh jeez.
– (together) Ew! – (laughs)
– Look at mine. – Which one are you chewing?
– That was a lot. Ew! – It looks like…
– It’s a rainbow. – …you gave birth to something. ♪ (riveting medieval music) ♪


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