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2.5 Kg Home Made Ottadaiyan Samba Country Chicken Fried Rice Eating Challenge | Food Challenge |

Hi Foodies! Welcome to Saapattu Raman Today Challenge Chicken Fried Rice Sabari: Ottadaiyan Samba Chicken Fried Rice yes it is ottadaiyan samba chicken fried rice one of our subscriber shibu asked us to chicken fried rice for last 4 to 5 months. for him and most of our viewers asked us to do this challenge so for them too today we planned to do this challenge in Tamil it is “Varutha Koli Soru” Sabari: yes in Tamil it is “ottadaiyan samba varutha koli soru” in this we added Fried egg, Fried chicken(Pieces are strong because it is country Chicken) Green chilli is here Sabari: it is not green chilli dad it is capsicum ok capsicum and rice is not attached to each other 😛 today i’m going to eat this except 2 ingredient it is fully organic only 2 ingredient from inorganic ok let’s Start today i’m going to cook fried rice in ottadaiyan Samba for that i’m going to soak the rice first we have to boil the rice i’m going to boil the rice in cooker this rice contain rich in fibre. for that i will cook in pressure cooker 2 teaspoon oil Salt we already did a video of this chicken. to know the ingredient click the above card. 90% boiled well it came well mom. rice is not over cooked vegetable boiled 75% we bought it from shop because for fried rice we have to use so that we bought i used good products for this fried rice let’s start 5…4…3…2…1… Start i tried this fried rice for first time in my life it is yummy carrot, beans, capsicum are gave perfect flavour but it take more time to chew i can bite those vegetables in my mouth fried egg Chicken pieces without water we can’t eat this fried rice green chilli it is capsicum dad ok capsicum 😛 it is hard to swallow i need curd Sabari: nope it is not perfect combination


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