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[#2. Amazing Giant Chickens] Giant Chickens VS Ssoyoung 🐔 놀랍게 큰 닭을 잡아먹자! 2탄 炸鸡 チキン。ไก่ทอด Poulet

Hello everyone, I catched a chicken~! (Did I actually catch it?) Catched? or missed? I actually made it! I catched a chicken successfully~! I eventually got the best chicken in the farm! So I will be trying it now! Please click ‘Subscribe’ and ‘LIke’ buttons~! A chicken I catched became like this.. I will wash it first. It’s so big. Let me put it into the pot. Please be cooked well~ I will be putting all the good oriental medicine in it. They are all inside now~ But I will put a bit more since the owner of the farm gave me more. (This soup contains acanthopanax, mulberry, kalopanax, and milkvetch) It’s all ready. This is the one I catched. It’s gonna be yummy. It smells amazing. Please click ‘Subscribe’ and ‘Like’ buttons~! Thank you guys for the meal! Look at this. It’s huge. Let me show you guys this by 360 degree turn. I will start with the leg. The leg is really huge. Hey guys, I guess I catched a really big chicken. It’s really big. (The whole chicken soup must be eaten with some kimchi) (It’s hard to pull it out..) People have a stereotype that native chickens are hard to chew. But this one is soft and it tastes really good. I will try with some sauce. Let me try the wing. Even the wing is huge. It’s as big as the leg. Chicken wing. There are something inside here. It’s just this much. Jujube, garlic, sweet pumpkin and more oriental medicines. Let me take it out. Sticky rice tastes really good. Let me try some green onion. It’s so hot. Tears flow. It tastes amazing. But it’s really hot. There is one more leg! Each legs is just this much big. Let me cut it. Be cut. Never mind, I’m just gonna eat it. It’s just way too big. It tastes really good. It’s not just because I catched this chicken. I don’t talk that much than usual right? Because I need to concentrate on eating it. The soup tastes very nutty. And the chicken meats are soft. It’s not touch at all. You guys don’t need to eat this on summer only. I guess, it still tastes good during the winter. I started to sweat. There is still so much meat here. I will make some porridge with left over chicken. It smells really good. It’s also very hot. Let me try some ginkgo, garlic and the meat together. Today I tried the native chicken I catched for myself. It tastes amazing. I also had a stereotype that native chickens can be very touch to chew but it was not true. I loved it! Thank you guys for the great meal! Special thank to native chickens! Please click ‘Subscribe’ and ‘Like’ buttons.


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