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27series Ep.1- Bassmaster Southern Open #1 Harris Chain

  • Wow! Your videos are amazing! I heard your story from a dear friend of mine and I decided to check out your channel. I was so sad when I heard you took third. I will be praying for you! Good luck this tournament season!

  • If this video won't get you pumped I don't know what will. Good luck to you and look forward to see you fishing the classic in the future.

  • The true ups and downs of fishing tournaments presented by a dude that's just as emotional as I am about this sport. Congrats on the 3rd place finish man! I know it's heartbreaking knowing you had the winning fish on or had it located. We've all be there before. Good luck this season man hopefully see you at the central opens!

  • Absolutely epic..thank you for sharing your journey.More chances coming,good luck & tight lines.
    -Beast hooksets right there

  • Ok, I'm 2 minutes in and I'm just learning about you, so I won't have previous thoughts. So far, you seem like a genuine guy with passion that has already taken my attention in the first moments.

  • Great video! I live near where this tournament was. My son hunter lives in Springfield and it's really cool to see another hunter from Ohio. I know it doesn't mean much but hearing your name from Ohio makes me think about my son. Keep fishing and I know you'll make the classic.

  • Great tournament. I Am so chasing the same dream from Loveland, OH. I really thought this was your time to get that automatic bid. Rooting for you at the next one.

  • Man love your videos. it's cool to see you fish around ohio. I live in wooster ohio so seeing someone fishing erie or portage lakes is pretty cool. I spend alot of time at portage. you should try pleasant hill lake. there are some big smallies lurking in there if you can get on them. I go there because it's 15min from house. good luck out there and I wish you much success.

  • I have been a fan of yours for years and all of your videos are top of the line! Keep your head down and keep grinding, you will make it to the Elites with the attitude and determination that you have! Hopefully we will be competing against each other one day!

  • awesome video love it!!! I felt like i was you're Co angler inn the boat with you it was intense! looking forward to future vids

  • Some bass fisherman are such freakin babies….just fish…..adapt and overcome.   Or simply move spots.  Freedom to fish anywhere if not blocked off by any regulatory agency, this is America.

  • I am watching this for the…I dunno, 6th time, maybe 7th? Why? Because this has become my motivational film. While I try to better my life in many ways, this video has been a big influence on me. I don't tournament fish at all. I just love the dedication and energy in Hunter's videos. So dude, when you see this, accept my thanks. And keep them coming!!!!

  • Hey brother amazing video!!! I used to watch a ton of bass fishing but have slowly lost interest. I watched your entire video and Subscribed. Loved the whole this and has given me a renewed fire for watching tournament style fishing. I'm mostly a ice fishing guy but will be watching and waiting for the next video to come out. Good luck pal!

  • Dang bro you land every fish at the back of the boat. You couldn't hang in mlf of ultimate match fishing could you. Jk bud you got that blood pumping.

  • Hey man I love the videos and your one of my favorite pros and I wish u all the luck keep on doing what your doing. Also were those beds dug out in sand or were they hydrilla beds?

  • Just found your channel and it's dope! I watched this entire episode from beginning to end and that's tough for me to do! Liked and Subbed man. I'll be pulling for you the next big event.

  • I Have a tournament out there in a 3 weeks I was wondering what was working well for you or what is working well out their in general

  • I think it is awesome how you are showing the truth, all the good times and bad ones too. It is crazy how people will try and get on your spot. I don't get how people can do that.

  • I've watched a lot of PRO anglers individual videos and by far your videos are the best. A lot of emotion and effort were invested into these videos. Congrats on the Top 3 finish! Looking forward to the entire 27 series, tight lines!

  • hey Hunter, hey just want to say I watch you on Major League Fishing I didn't even know who you were man your intense ,found this today on youtube man you are freaking one intense awesome competitive dude I just want to say yeah I was pretty chilled watching this and if I could do this for a living believe me I'd want to do it like you're doing it you make it amazing to watch I love how you put this together passion is what makes you great these videos the way you put them together it would Inspire anybody keep it up will be watching it through the the year God Bless…..

  • I can understand getting amped with that hog, but as a tournament fisherman I think it would be beneficial to stay a little more calm and keep at it when you miss a fish. Great performance, congratulations!

  • Very well done. Thanks for taking the time to create and share this video. Your editing is top notch, very professional. Looking forward to the next videos of the series and I hope you reach your goals this year.

  • Hunter I can't for the life of me find the video that someone asked in the comments what video editing software you use

    I have messed around with Premier Pro cc a little in the past and your videos have inspired me to try it again

    Your love for the sport combined with your professional videograpgy is hands down the best on youtube..hands down no joke the best.Keep up the great work man.

  • man you absolutely killed it man I look up to you and your brother and try to watch every video y'all post and all I got to say is keep killing out there and you will be on top of the leader board with the drive you have man you and your brother are awesome

  • dude the new 27 series of videos are the best fishin videos on YouTube!!! most videos this long get boring and I don't end up watching the whole thing. but these keep me watching from start to finish! awesome editing and laying it all out there both good and bad let's us all know it's not as easy as some people think it is! and to top it all off, you're not ashamed of your faith in God! awesome work brother! can't wait to see the 3rd video of this series!!!

  • Nice job brotha! So proud of you! I know that feeling! Been fishing the college series this year and its been such a humbling experience! We need to link up and make some videos !

  • hey Hunter, my name is Hunter Yelvington and i would love if you could let me pick your brain for a little bit, im 17 and i fish a local tournament trail called TSA teen sportfishing association.

  • great video man and great tournament you will get one this year! I would like to fish with you some time and learn something.

  • First thing, congrats on your 3rd place finish and season so far.  Your videos are amazing, the editing, content and all the other elements make a first class show.  I have to say, your videos are better than most of the production tv shows being aired.  I have subscribed and will be watching future episodes.  Good luck the rest of the season and hope your dreams come true.

  • GL at Oneida! I'll be fishing as a co-angler. Would love an opportunity to pre fish with another Ohio angler if you have the room. If not Catch 15 Big ones! You're the reason I'm chasing this dream once again!

  • I have been following the 27 series closely and this dude is a beast on the water his drive and determination is unmatched I hope he achieves his dream and I hope he wins may his lines be tight and his bags heavy at the end of the day I love watching these videos not only do I get some tips and tricks but he has actually helped me elevate my game and helped me with patience so thank you man and keep the videos coming the editing is dope as well

  • Man was watching over your video I didn’t even know I was in this I was the kid at the end of the video man I had a blast meeting you and I would like to again man your my favorite pro and congrats on making the elites

  • nice man enlightening to see the hassle on the water i was naive enough to think the US bass thing was different guess we are all human great insight will follow you with interest my friend

  • Hunter, proud of you brother. I am a pastor and even in the midst of competition, you can still honor God. Expect people to do what they shouldn't do, yet, don't let it fluster your or lower yourself to their level. 1 Sam 2:30, "God honors them who honor Him". Good job man, whether 1st place or last place…. hold your head up high and do it the right way!

  • “I’m not this elite bull crap” ?? any angler with respect would give another as much room as possible not just pull up like that I expected more outta Brandon ????‍♂️

  • Man bub didnt realize your from newcomerstown Ohio, I know you still like to get out on them coal ponds at home!!!

  • Awesome job. Just curious man, how did you land Abu Garcia and your other sponsors prior to qualifying for one of the series? Just trying to get sponsored myself. I left fishing 11 years ago to go dirt racing. I won a championship and had a lot of fun but the good Lord led me back to fishing so I’m going to start soon with a fire that I’ve never had before. Any advice on landing some sponsors and boat wraps would be great. Thanks.

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