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27series Ep.3- Bassmaster Southern Open #2 Lake Chickamauga

  • "Gimmie your fat head!" 😂😂😂 I'm so pumped you're having a good year man! Great talking to you at the classic. Elites are right around the corner for you man!

  • Whacking giants. Doesn't get any better than this. It's only a matter of time for the win. This video has me pumped to fish all weekend.

  • Hey hunter, I was the guy who got a picture with you on the bank during your practice 2:27 . You've inspired me in ways you couldn't believe. Your videos keep me interested in fishing and has inspired me to fish as an Opens co-angler. Thank you for all that you have done! Love how you thanked the Lord throughout the video. You did good on Chick man! Good luck in the rest of the Opens!

  • Atta boy! Im a college angler and i love seeing young guys like you, your brother, the Lee brothers and many others succeed. It really gives me hope!

  • Great job dude, I'm loving the videos!! Hope you kick ass at your next tournament!! Your videos definitely inspire me to become a better Angler. Keep up the good work man.

  • Best series on YouTube, you bring a real aspect to this! Your raw emotion is second to none. I can't wait to see you fishing the Elites next year!

  • Just subscribed. One of the best videos I have watched. Congratulations on your season so far!

  • Another great video! Awesome job! You make the best fishing videos on YouTube by far. Hopefully one day mine be as good. Lol.

  • how the Fuck can this video get a thumbs down? There is some real FUCKING idiots out there! Awesome video! A handful of you guys make great daily Derby videos. Thanks bro

  • man good job it felt like i was in the boat with you. keep it up can't wait for the next tournament

  • Great job Oi these vids Hunter, and great job on the Chic too! Curious if you caught the one Strader left for you

  • Completely inspiring.

    Keep working this hard and your goals will be accomplished. From one T-County angler to another, you have my respect and admiration.

  • I don't know what is better, the actual video footage , your editing or the music!! Fantastic video!!!

  • I don't think there is another person who can get me fired up about fishing like you can! Love the videos and can't wait to see more! I hope to see you in the Elites with your brother soon.

  • Following from down under in Australia and thanks to great internet coverage I get all the feeds and have the privilege to share in the ride of the comps.Not getting much sleep comp. weekend with a 14hr difference but loving it. Thanks for the insiders view and Ill be looking forward to Ep.4

  • Stud at what you do and I hope you'll make it all the way, and I will watch and support you all the way!!! Let's go win Smith!!

  • Been watching you and your brother since you guys were ripping on the dirt, now I have Fletcher's hooks on all my crankbait stuff. Funny the way things change over time. Glad to see you guys doing well and doing what you love. Keep doing what you do, and do it to perfection!!! Great series man.

  • Best Series on the internet, hands down, love the concept, production quality is amazing . Love your excitement with every good catch. You just won another subscriber! I realy hope you can win and get a chance in the Elite series! Good luck from Portugal!

  • Awesome video! Keep up the great work and keep giving the glory to God and he will take care of you!

  • Just wanted to let you know that we have reposted your video on Angler's Atlas.Check it on the Bass Lakes page. Here is the link:

  • Great job on 3rd place man! Can't wait to see you and Fletcher battle on the elite series. How awesome would it be to see both of you guys on MLF together!?!?!? That would be a great show! I'm glad to see guys from Ohio doing good in this industry it's a tough sports to stay competitive in and to see you guys do it is awesome! Good luck for the rest of the year man! I'm rooting for another guy also from my home town of Marietta ohio, Glynn Goodwin in the opens as well.

  • Hey Hunter what is the song and artist playing around the 2 minute Mark. By the way awesome job, and keep up the hard work it will pay off.

  • very nice fish but sight fishing is the majority of fishermans strength mainly due to you casting and working the bait much diff than normal all because you can see the position and angle the fish holds to….mm.. not to mention you can see how the fish reacts to every bait color and method used its not even the same what do you do in say 2ft of clarity when you can not see fish oh yes you use a fishfinder

  • Dude this is exactly why we keep on fishing. Fan from Italy here talking, watch the whole vid, I f*****n cried out like a baby when you landed that giant on Day3 SO INTENSE dude, I could feel how stalked you were b/c i feel like that every big fish I catch even tho I never do fish tournaments and my pb is only 6lbs (we don't have giants here).
    With that being said I really wish you the very best of luck. You deserve it. That's pure adrenaline and I can smell the willing (is that how you say it? Gosh exchange student in AK was 9 yrs ago already!) to win it thru the screen of my laptop.
    Best of luck. Again. For real!!!!

  • These videos capture the true emotion of a tournament fisherman.  I felt myself holding my breath every time you left the frame to lip a fish.  Keep doing what you do.  Man these videos are pure perfection.

  • Great video again Hunter! I'm wondering if you and Fletcher will stay up there in northern Ohio, or move down here further south, to be more centrally located to BASS tournaments (especially if you make it to the Elite Series too)? I know a few Elite Pros now live on Guntersville, AL.

  • Awesome videos dude! You will be in the Elites soon I am sure, you are ready!  Have you considered a more VLOG style like Scott M while on the road??  More content is more work but with how great these edits are and your skills/personality you can build an empire!

  • Just came across your channel. I did not expect this video to be this well edited at all. I mean dude this was probably the best fishing video I've ever watched. Congrats on the great finish!

  • Hammer time, finish strong!!! I love seeing guys like you who don't Fish the "style" of the lake and go with their confidence

  • This is the best video ever seen about fishing! Congratulation Hunter from the far Hungary! Your emotions and fishing inspire me as and angler from childhood, and competitor angler here the other side of our beautiful planet! Keep going and DO What you DO on perfect level! Enjoy fishing any time on the top and also when you are down, because this is a beatiful lifestyle! God bless you!

  • Your mentality is just so amazing, you're such a great guy, killed that tournament!!!! Congrats & you got the next one my dude! Keep rippin em

  • I just want to see you win the whole thing. I grew up looking up to KVD but I'd say he's half of what you are. Keep on going my man!!

  • Great series!    Congrats to Jacob Foutz ( @ 8:32) 2017 College National champion and Bassmaster Classic qualifier!!!

  • I'm literally watching my own personal dreams unfold in front of my eyes. I'm gonna be out there in two years boys… look out.

  • The reaction on the little girls face in the crowd when you pulled that big ol bass out of the bag at 23:45 is the same reaction I had when you got it in the boat lol! Awesome job!

  • Hunter, i admire what you are doing man. I fish with a club called Long Island Bass Masters. This is my first season i am.doing well and i will be making my way up to bigger things soon. You are an inspiration. Thankyou.

  • So awesome u are so quick to give god the glory bro. God is using you to reach the next generation of youth Are those under armour cargo pants in the grey and are they out on UA web site. God bless

  • So close man, heart breaking, heck of a Tournament tho man, you caught some giants, keep your head up man, you'll be in the elites VERY soon, I'm sure of it.

  • Dude by far and away this is the best fishing show/footage I've ever watched! Hunter keep it real no matter how far you go, your a true joy to watch fish. To me you sum up everything there is about a true sportsman/angler…..way to represent the sport!

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