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$3 Chicken Vs. $62 Chicken • Taiwan

where the Taiwan is back worth it chicken got a chicken yeah I know it’s a rooster which is a chicken’s chicken it’s a pigeon here at Tynan’s garden night market we’ve just picked up our chicken treats tomorrow the journey begins going to three cities for three acts of chicken ending in a chicken finale like you’ve never seen before Bock Bock bish leggo mmm it’s like a pancake today I’m worth it we’re gonna be trying three chicken dishes at three drastically different price points to find out which one is most worth it at his price so we’re eating chicken but our first chicken is actually a soup I know we just finished a soup video but that’s just how many soups there are here you can’t escape the soup we’re off to see the Chen family at walking su where we’re gonna be trying their sesame oil chicken what is that in mandarin inca my og my old my Ortiz my og okay I’m excited to eat some chicken let’s do it tell us about how this business got started a woman I pass is my salchow don’t get a tortoise out haha cummin to to better equal my ot I hold my own hand go ye like that yes anyways the pn doesn’t shirt shoes i’m guys Azumi wait not here she is and tongues in three years away McKenzie whoa I’m getting associate me in with him in ways a young Hank or how to go retort out c’mon Kyle and oh mama currency Oh mrs. Shelton too how do yo yo yen the wind yeah just on time sold out Jin and what we are TSO in year Tycho’s unit don’t be any mighty Donghae know who you’re talking about so my would you like – mind so this is a family business what do each of you do Baba has determines how do they even have LTE my my heart is in full detail with our waters it would throw faster than kids had anyone seen Amanda poncho do you find it easy working together – ah pencil yeah hello it’s out yeah you know it darlin how’s the job it outdoors from those guns into a beach that’s my oil chicken is that dish a classic Taiwanese dish IOD title 10 mega mama go it is a woman Joe Karachi our Yellow Sun the out fan be just our Raja horrible town how do you Taurus San Antonio school what are those herbs adding to this dish or council jargon so we all talk shot you down shots is quickly to al-qaeda y’all sent in truth to Pournami y’all just a coupie and Nancy Lanka tears or the call way this looks incredible we’ve got a couple additional accoutrement here the Thai basil sauce the spicy fermented bean paste and sticky rice all right let’s taste the broth sesame oil chicken hmm delightful nuttiness of this SME oil yeah super nutty’s my duper not this hearty feel to it oh yeah this is hardiest how’s that ah so incredibly juicy and in there I’m gonna smell the Thai basil that’s our specialty here [Music] Wow smells like pesto yeah that is awesome that is like a salad dressing to dip your soup into Adam you gotta try the chicken in the Thai basil from right oh yes even the thing I keep getting blown away by in Taiwan I go to a meal expecting one thing and then there’s always all this bonus stuff then just blows my expectations out of the water yeah I mean even when they first part of this restaurant this was a bonus dish right this is a that’s crazy thing so there’s a lot of herbs added to this soup tastes like an elixir it just washes away all the pain on your body a key back I got a soup for that tired eyes hoop for that my foot hurts throw some poop on there all the same – it’s very convenient Adam you want to get some of this soup I’m pretending like Adams over here even though he’s over there right so our next chicken location is in Taipei but first we’re gonna take a countryside detour yeah that’s right we’re going to a scallion farm in Ilan and we’re gonna be making our own scallion pancakes not just cooking them when we pick them ourselves Scalia yeah yeah it’s a chicken episode it’s a soup episode and now it’s a pancake episode what you see in front of you here is a scallion pancake but rewind three hours what did we do we’re in this unique Valley where you get different temperature winds at different times of day which create a nice perfect humidity for growing scallions so today we’ve picked a bunch of scallions clean them up chop them cried a little bit and then learn how to make scallion pancakes and here we have it the spoils of our toils [Music] mmm okay this is one of the best things I’ve eaten so far you know what time it is now time for a Taiwan food fat the concept of Xiao Chui meaning little eats is popular in Taiwan basically meaning snacking throughout the day often on street food between meals in Taiwan if you only eat three meals in one day you’re just doing it wrong we’re actually on our way to a snack shop next pinko where are we going to – shouts idiot we’re gonna see Reebok and Julia and try their fried chicken what makes a perfect fried chicken to you guys even one minute aunty yo-yo sergio sinjen Sutra call god no urology really honest and juicy don’t run then the yoga so what makes your taiwanese fried chicken unique chin down without really you know it’s yeah I know my name is Emile solder no machine from Yahoo engine you know by young 21 I mean CD audio tone since the doggy I so we can’t you see it foul mood challenges in canto losing nothing then I told my challenge overtaking quite child it’s hard of course and Tom said oh hell told you that yo I hope a peach were so eager hunt comes on the Tao she was eating in casual beach I shot her and she came in there telling chain top down solution fidelity relevancy and usually chain saw her John arts in some cabbages you know tiny what do you recommend that we drink with fried chicken Shivaya so how bad is it yo can your told are no TiVo jar you’re probably born innocent or night sentence is a point of a yogi where tautology is the idea channel this is so another capacitor you Bob see you a choice about but also it’s our idea to ship I had a tight down what this is not what I was expecting you ready Steven I’m ready this is called dining al fresco so we’ve ordered the recommended sparkling wine apparently you only order by the bottle here I like that let’s go high speed Cheers [Music] how awesome is this this is some Riviera we got to eat this while it’s hot let’s go whoa oh it’s so grand grant the garlic the onion this basil the meat inside is so soft it was very pleasing very pleasing like brûléed marshmallows seriously oh man while i thought could view with a limb for dumplings it’s almost like chicken nugget s you know it’s crazy about this we’ve eaten fried chicken in Minneapolis where the restaurant thought you know what’s actually the best drink to have with fried chicken sparkling wine and here we are in Taiwan in this restaurant I said the same idea I see if there’s a restaurant on either side of the world that is doing the same thing it must be great do you know how hard my ideal mode to make you jump oh my god this is ego aloha jojo i don’t get ego how do you think I’d do to lid I want all my sounds suitable Tao I’m scared to eat this because I’m scared of how much I like it pork knuckle and radish cake Wow [Music] oh man parked out there gonna push me almost cool rather shake is a platinum bitch I’ve eaten this like every time I go out you know they bring her in the carton like they’re all steamed right it’s still hot but it doesn’t have that like break through the crunch technically that this has you can maybe liken it to a potato pancake that’s so yeah that’s crazy out how should we eat then work knuckle hi hey by hand just like an apple mm-hmm okay that looks like a doughnut oh here’s does mine does Cheers [Music] Oh oh my god this is like a pork doughnut Wow so this is actually cartilage but it feels like that with how loosey-goosey it is good militant oh the jelly of this pork donut right and to wash it down sparkling while thank goodness for this how awesome is this thank you this is really good yeah it’s it should you we are at the Regent Hotel where they serve a boba Prasant yes you heard me right boba croissant we got the matcha tiramisu in the milk tea you’re 21 my gut is going to her botch up but I’m going against my gut and go for the tiramisu I actually knew that you’re gonna pick that one because it has gold flake on it all right I’ll go milk tea very satisfying to pick up cheers Cheers are you gonna bite into it yeah open it up I’m gonna bite into it oh this is just all of the textures it’s nice it’s like satisfying the squishing I think there’s a word for that QQ ready for a Taiwan food pack Steven that one food fact Taiwan food backed up until the 1960s the most common Taiwanese breakfast was rice or congee buns emerged as a popular Taiwanese food in the 1960s when US trade introduced wheat into the Taiwanese diet shouldn’t that fat go in the dumpling so the hell we did well is more about breakfast I just wanted an excuse to talk about congee because it’s just a nice savory thing to have for breakfast this is a very good croissant yo I got a cake oh my this Bubba croissant is part of a of a festival bubbling hands region and Incas got the crown jewel of the festival and now it’s time to take a little train ride q bring your my Bobo wrap yeah how do you like your Bobo yeah you get like a Cobra yeah my name is Yoda yeah and I like yoga now damn never this is a trained water bottle that they sell on the train so once we get done with this guy we’ll be in Taichung and we’ll be eating at our final chicken location a cello to have burgers chicken [Music] what kind of cuisine is the food here has a super long time adventure your team called at Hawaiian teaching in chinga su chiang kohung high dynamic I want the thirst so truly astonishing proton decay so Janine a permaculture party of Demi the article hi the get union station campus I will tie the in pie tell Gendry tell us about this dish The Beggar’s checker nozzoli gender general chatter man mr. Hall the wholehearted Oh pink and alligator party now that’s legalism delicious nigga bitch in the country puto as a younger need to a by T from test I didn’t mean not just an associate Acharya uhm Senators hometown to surface on the earth Joe dings Aisha Maharaja can a meaning which a party what happened to the beggar which I got get a Titans I hope so not y’all was a very way was elusive why bake the chicken in clay he has it to mentor young boys amendment to John but now Jennifer like you balancing lets you know how extremely awesome so it has such a linear density young Chan Ho Yin poor die own car window you’re charged with arson jiwan’s – ah chancel bang quick transition Tonio jang boo-ah no venturing lead to sentence Azure PowerShell Tahoe snow now she passionately tattoos anemia topology arts as you can so how do we get the chicken out from the clay Tampa Tony the data table from penis at all urgent import the other one it’s a whole not over your teens are in your mirror your conscience in she nods and retreats it to your leader each other Charles and charger child at all just sort of little free time college even which one of us gets to do it I’ll do the hammering you do the hammer time what you just automatically assume that you get to hand work oh yeah you can both do it yeah hammers yeah okay resolves oh thank you cheers to our final meal in Taiwan oh no since this is our last meal of Taiwan we’re blowing it out do it I saw a little sneak peek of what’s coming upstairs is it gonna blow you away so this is winter melon whoa Wow Wow [Music] what look at it coming out pouring on the fish’s head these look too real look at the scales on these guys honestly every time I’ve seen a koi fish I thought they look like a tasty fish Cheers Stephen fish kiss it’s a good dumpling Oh super good this looks like in hook when Robin Williams is imagining the food have you seen this movie that’s all like vibrant colors do yourself a favor go watch hook you’ll have a delightful time you’ll be reminded of this moment I’m going pink for my hair we want to have just shot all three episodes here hmm much like the origin myth first we’re eating like an emperor and then we’re taking a journey to discover the chicken what is all of us for retelling well I am taste but also storytelling [Music] hahaha Oh what yes the what let’s go up no more time okay alright Steven I’m nervous I am scared too 1 2 3 Wow nice looks like chocolate smells like dirt we just hatched our chicken dinner it is very dino egg like chicken cheers Cheers oh that’s good what that is so soft some people save chickens are boring me I would say those people haven’t had it deep-fried they complain stuffed with pork and aromatics there’s pork in the chicken yeah so now she’s just adding like a sauce I think is like an oyster soft slurry Oh [Music] that tastes like my mom’s fried rice whoa hmm that’s weird Mohammed you know what this chicken is – time capsule uh-huh for flavor buried under dirt much like a regular time capsule but it’s also a dish from the Madonna scene is there a letter written in there like dear diary dude yeah very soft at its core this dish is just a plate of really nice chicken so simple so perfect we’re gonna take it back into artistry lambs now if that’s okay with you let’s do it what is going on yeah right now yeah dude looks like a scene from Nightmare Before Christmas this is too beautiful not to share I think we should get everybody in here and we all take a bite who wants a swan who wants a pumpkin cheers everybody Cheers what oh my god what’s right mean why well why not why why not worth it beggars chicken you know they say beggars can’t be choosers but beggars can’t be choosey I an experienced Steven before we get to our worth it winners what was your favorite thing that wasn’t one of the highlight foods in this were that episode the pork knuckle at sujod South Sudan knuckle it was so good I contemplated eating my own knuckles was your favorite thing honestly the hard ass rain while we were filming location – we had a typhoon barely grazes but we still got some awesome hard rain which I love which chicken wasn’t most worth it to you my worth it winner walking’s – sesame oil chicken oh that chicken had been in the soup episode it would have won that episode – Wow comforting exciting inexpensive is wonderful who’s your worth a winner okay walking Sioux totally new experience yeah yinshuang low if you could eat with your eyes that place would have won but because that pork knuckle was so effing good my worth at winner must go to sue Josh out again and go for the winner to digest again with Reebok and Julia Annie Adam who’s your worth the winner oh the fried chicken very good choice alright that’s a wrap on worth of Taiwan very special thank you to the Taiwan Tourism Bureau and helped us out tremendously with this trip could’ve been here without them alright let’s get out of here bye [Music]


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