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50 Parotta & Chicken Gravy(Leg Bis) Eating Challenge | Parotta Pandey vs Saapattu Raman |

Hi Foodies! Welcome to Saapattu Raman today we are going to do parotta which is made by coconut oil and country chicken i placed 20 here because there is no space in banana leaf we plan to eat 30 parotta each i placed 15 here don’t worry we will add extra He is Pandey he completed catering technology and he is our subscriber he asked me to do a challenge so i asked him to make wheat parotta so he prepared wheat parotta & chicken gravy in our home Mom: Excuse me chicken gravy was prepared by me yes chicken gravy was prepared by my wife he prepared wheat parotta i will count how many parotta is here 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20 15 parotta is here counting… we will take remaining from there first we will finish this next we will take from there i will able to eat upto 30 let’s try chicken leg piece is here and there is one leg piece leg is too small because it is country chicken broiler chicken leg will be big my favourite honey is here for you too honey is there country chicken gravy we will put gravy on top of parotta then only it is easy to eat today we prepared wheat parotta in different style mostly people will prepare maida parotta but we prepared wheat parotta he completed his studies(catering technology) and worked as a chef in chennai 5 star hotel ok then let’s start to get soft parotta i’m going to add milk and curd it mixed well now we have to add needed water oil should mix well with dough dough is ready now cover it with vessel or cotton cloth now i’m going to cover it with vessel and leave it for 1 hour i’m going to prepare chicken gravy first we have to prepare masala fry it slightly chilli is regarding your taste Masala fried perfectly now we have to blend it it fried well masala blended well transfer it into big jar add fried shallot, ginger and garlic shallot fried well dough is ready now i’m going to make a small balls now it is ready apply oil on the top cut it like this first i will drink small amount of water or else it will stuck 😛 ok then, Let’s Start 5…4…3…2…1 Start eat well pandey it is super Gravy tastes like in shop eat fully pandey don’t cut into pieces see here how many did you completed pandey? two Dad: hey i too completed two only(in funny way) Dad: i think pandey will win how is it? which is prepared by you Dad: his mouth is full what’s your previous record pandey? 8 is my previous record Dad: my previous record is 4 only (in funny way) Dad: see my leaf still it is high but pandey leaf it is less(in funny way) pandey eat fast daddy is going to complete still one mountain is there hey you completed not yet sir? how many did you completed? 8 completed out of 15 you completed 8 i think you going to break your old record i think it is 9th parotta i break my old record i already ate 8 now i crossed it did you complete fully? i will try to complete if you didn’t complete punishment is there 10th parotta comparing to parotta gravy is super chicken leg piece it cooked well. it is so soft this is lolipop chicken last time you ate 22 parotta this time i’m struggling in 20th parotta for me to it said after 9th parotta no no i will try to win really pandey you completed 10 dad only ate 20 (in funny way) uncle is going double i completed 20. when you will complete? still 5 parotta is there out of 15 parotta daddy completed 20 parotta pandey complete those parotta’s i think so ok fine, i completed 20 parotta in 12 minutes 30 seconds sabari, give me 5 more parotta let’s see 1 2 3 4,5 for you now it is 4 for me it is 5 from here challenge is start. pandey eat quickly here it is 5, here it is 4 let’s see who will win? quick, quick pandey hurry up hurry up Mom: pandey leave it if you can’t still 3 is there set a highest record uncle ate honey in all videos so i’m going to try honey now how is it? it is good after honey i think you will eat another one dad completed 24th parotta now dad crossed his old record pandey don’t drink water after that you can’t continue eating because i already experienced there mom completed 2 parotta :D:D complete that too give me 2 more parotta for giving company too pandey still 1 only there pandey. that’s easy for you it’s 27th parotta for daddy


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