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6 ‘Catfish’ Victims Who Straight Up Lied To Nev | MTV Ranked

– Blah, blah, blah. All right, let’s just be honest. Can someone just
(bleep) be honest? ‘Cause this is stupid. I just want someone to
(bleep) tell me the truth. This is all bull(bleep). – [Max] Why don’t you show us? – The two pictures
that I have of her are, this is one. – Okay, here we go. Very pretty. – [Max] Hello, Bre. – [Nev] Oh, wow. So you saw those pictures
and you thought… – Like, oh, she’s
pretty, she’s– – Oh.
– Yeah. (laughter) – And that’s all you’ve seen
of her in the last four years? – [Whitney] Yeah. – It’s odd that someone
who is an exhibitionist by profession, that you
only have two pictures. Don’t you think there’s
something a little odd?
– Yeah, it is a little odd and a little off. – You ever feel like she’s
not telling you something? – I wanna say yes but
then it’s like no, because I don’t like being lied to. I don’t ask for nothing
else, just don’t lie to me. I hope that I’m
getting what I give. Because I’m being genuine
with you, I expect for you to be
genuine with me 100%. So hopefully that’s the
case that’s going on. If not, (exhales) four years of trust and
not getting it back, that would be really
hurtful to me because I don’t trust too many people. – Wait a second. Here’s a message between
Whitney and Lucious B (bleep). – They’ve talked. – So Lucious said, “Hey boo, how is
everything going? “Where are you now?” – What year is this now? – [Nev] It’s 2011. September–
– how far does it go? – [Nev] It goes– whoa. Oh my God, wow,
they talked a lot. – I mean, this is a
full relationship. Do they know each other? Look, 2014. They were talking in December. January 19th. That was a week ago. Do you think Whitney
is messing with us? Is that what’s
happening right now? – Hey, love, get on Ooovoo. Love? – Wait, they get on Oovoo? I thought she
couldn’t get on Oovoo? – That doesn’t make any sense. – It looks like they’ve been
video chatting since 2011. – Do you think Whitney just– Whitney and Brenelle
talk extensively. They’re having an
almost daily exchange for the past four years. – I’m so confused. Or I’m not. – She’s lying to us. She’s gotta be lying to us. She’s gotta know that
Lucious is Brenelle (bleep). They’re very good friends. – So Whitney is
screwing with us? She played us. – We figured it out. – But we’re here. We got catfished. Whitney, is that
even her real name? – We don’t even know if
anything she’s told us is real. – I mean, we don’t even
know if they’re in love. They wanted to be on TV?
– They wanna be on TV? – Yeah, Lucious… – She’s got a career maybe
she’s trying to pursue. – Lucious is no
stranger to the camera. There have to be easier ways
to meet than to write in to a television show. They’re using us
for a plane ticket. – Did she really think we
wouldn’t figure it out? I just can’t believe this. We were looking
through your messages and basically, we found these. (suspenseful music) A little over four
years of conversation. – 55 pages between you and
Lucious B (bleep). Going all the way
up to a week ago. There are times where you
ask to go on Ooovoo or Skype and it looks like you guys
got on with each other. – No. I haven’t been on with her. – Come on. (suspenseful music) – Yeah. Well this person, her name is… – Come on. (suspenseful music) – I didn’t hit
you up to do this. That’s what’s going on. – All right, you wanna
tell us what that means? – Yes. She basically hit the show up to basically try to see me. – Okay. – And I was like, “Why you do that? “I wanna see you too but “like, this is crazy.” Everything just went
haywire from there and now we’re here. – You lied to the show
so that you could come on and then meet each
other in person? – Yeah. – Here’s the dilemma. We’ve now sat with you for
probably a total of five hours and listened to 100% lies. You looking us dead in
the eye and lying to us. We’re in this position that
you so well articulated that you don’t like
being lied to because when someone lies to you,
you don’t know what’s true and what’s not and we don’t
exactly wanna air a show where we get tricked by two
people who may just want their 15 minutes of fame. So this is your final
shot to tell us the truth. – All right. – What’s the nature of
your relationship with Bre? – We’ve been talking for on
and off for about four years. – Are you in love with her? – I am in love with her. She’s there, I’m here. I’m trying to figure
out even if I wanna stay in New York or not. I wanna see her to make sure that if I do decide
to move to California, that I’m gonna be with
her and everything is what she says it is and
what we want it to be. – Tell us about how it’s ruined
your relationship with Liz. – After Alyssa and I broke
up, I started talking to Liz and we hit it off and we
were in a great relationship going on for about
a year and a half. I am madly in love
with that girl. – You were dating her
for a year and a half? – Yeah, a year and a half. – Wow, and Alyssa
just broke that up? – Yeah, Alyssa started
contacting me again saying, “I still love you, I
wanna be with you,” and I was trying to
give her the hint I don’t want a relationship
and she still harassed me and called me at random
times in the night, two or three in the morning. – As you could see that
it was really hurting your relationship
with Liz, like why not just get a new phone number? – I did get a new number but
she got my number somehow. – This girl is stalking you. – Basically. The harassment continued
and that was a big part in why Liz and I broke
up because Liz felt like since Alyssa was
still in the picture, she couldn’t trust me anymore. – Thank you for
meeting up with us on such short notice. Obviously, you know
what we’re doing here. – Right. – We want your take on
this whole situation. Your side of the story. – Well, I’m in this for about
three and a half years now. We started talking as friends
and then we got together. But Alyssa didn’t
get out of his life. She was always in
this relationship. – So Alyssa was always
this like, third person in your relationship?
– Always. Always. Why is Alyssa still involved? I should be the only girl
that you’re talking to. She’s like, you know,
texting him and stuff and I would see
text messages like, “I wish you were here
licking my (bleep).” How am I supposed
to react to this? – Really? – [Liz] Yes. (suspenseful music) – Wow and she knows
he’s in a relationship. – Yeah. She’s making me crazy. And then her cousin gets
involved too and starts talking to me, Miranda. She’s like, “Hey, how you doing? “How are you and Vince?” As soon as she said
that, I was like boom, you really don’t
have to talk to me That was it and it was cut off. She never texted me
back to this day. – How did we get from that
to you guys breaking up? – Well it was just
this past Monday we just broke up. – This week? – Yeah. That’s why like, I’m really
emotional about this. He told me I’m gonna
be on “Catfish.” I didn’t understand why. I thought he met Alyssa, I thought he knew Alyssa. – So you never realized
that he had never met her? – He lied to me this
whole relationship. (mellow music) I’m sorry. I didn’t know this whole time. – Vince told you that he had dated her in real life? – And met her and all this stuff from what the
stories he told me. – Multiple stories about
meeting and being with her. – Like, he told me like,
he went to her aunt’s house and her aunt’s house is nice. And all of it’s a lie. I do love him, I’m just
disappointed in him. How can you love them
and never met them? – Welcome to our world. – Is anything you told me true? – Yeah, everything
I’ve told you is true except for of
course, the pictures. – Does that mean that your
mother recently passed away from breast cancer? – That part, no that
part was not true. I sent that– – Well that’s a huge–
– So then everything’s not true. – Well that part. I said–
– Well, did you have cancer? – No. – You came out here and said, “Everything I’ve said was
true except for the pictures,” and now it turns out most of
what you said wasn’t true. – Why when he started
dating Liz did you try so hard to break into that relationship
and cause havoc? You know he’s in a relationship, you know he just wants
to be a friend to you, that’s the story
that he told us. (suspenseful music) – Well, you know, I
might’ve lied about stuff and everything but
he’s not innocent. He has flirted with me ever
since he has been dating Liz and I have text
messages to prove that. The thing that he sent
in his text messages, he shouldn’t say that
if he has a girlfriend. – [Max] What did he say
in his text message? – Like he text me
saying something about playing with his (bleep). I have that on text message
so you can’t sit there and say that you didn’t send it. – Well did you text it to her? – You might as well tell the truth.
– I mean, whatever if you did. – You might as
well tell the truth ’cause they’re going to see it. – Yeah, I said that but– – While you were dating Liz. He’s told me that he would
break up with Liz for me. Obviously he didn’t tell
you guys that story? – Nope.
– No. (suspenseful music) – Whatever. – But like I said,
I agreed to be– – It’s not whatever. If you have this girl
that you love so much, that you’ve been having
a relationship with for a year and a
half, like why are you sending pictures
of your (bleep)? – I wasn’t trying to get any
sexual conversation out of you. – Come on, Vince. – Don’t pretend,
and I won’t either, that you’re holier than
any other guy ever. We’re all the same here, okay? – Wait, timeout. I don’t do that (bleep). Vince called us in under the– – Let’s just be
realistic for a second. – Under the pretense that
he wanted to get this girl the hell out of his life
because she’s ruining his relationship with his
girlfriend who he loves so much. – Come on, man, you’re
making me look like a (bleep) ass (bleep). – You’re kinda making
yourself look pretty bad. I mean, Liz had good
reason to have suspicions about why you weren’t
blocking Alyssa. – I wasn’t trying to get
back in a relationship. – You were. It was something on the side
that you wouldn’t let go of for Liz, which is
all she wanted. – [Vince] I mean, yeah. – Every time I wanna
meet her or something, she pulls up an excuse
and then eventually, got her to get on Skype with me. It was a completely
different person. – So the person you
were video chatting with was not the girl
from the photos? – [Ramon] Yeah, not at all. – Wow. When you guys were
video chatting, did you have a clear
video of this girl? – It was a bit pixelated. It wasn’t the best connection. – What was your reaction? – I was shocked and I was upset. Questioning why she
would do that to me. Then she texted me saying
that she had her cousin get on the camera. – Why did she wanna do that? – She wanted to see if I
loved her for her is what she was saying and
not for her looks. (suspenseful music) – [Max] But you had never
seen that girl before and you never saw her again? – No, not at all. – ‘Cause I think Ramon deserves an explanation. – I didn’t think
any relationship was
gonna form with him. All of it was real, just that, the appearance. That’s the only
thing that was fake. Okay? Yes, it was. Yes, it was. – Not right. – [Paola] I know it’s not right. – Still. – You spent over 3,000
frickin’ dollars on me. Do you not think
I don’t feel bad? I’m surrounded by that
(bleep) every single day. – You couldn’t have like, came clean after all
that if you felt bad? – I tried to come clean. – [Ramon] You tried
to come clean. – You know I tried
to come clean. You know I tried to come clean. Please don’t. You know I tried to come
clean to you several times. Yes, and every single–
– You didn’t. – Yes, I did. You were acting all sad. You knew. – I knew what? – You knew that I tried
to come clean before. – [Nev] Is it all right
if we all come in? – Yeah. He knows my full name, though he probably will
claim that he forgot it. He knows, he heard my birthday, he’s seen my driver’s license. You’ve seen me, we
FaceTimed, we Skyped, you called me by my name before. – [Max] Is that true? – Yeah. Now that I– – What the hell? – Mmhmm, yeah. There were multiple times
where he has seen me. He knew that if I
wasn’t Paola, he knew that this is what
he was gonna get, whether he wants to act
like he doesn’t know or not. – It’s a little weird
that you didn’t tell us that she went to such– she, I mean… You only told us that she
once said something and then– – That you only saw
her from here up. – No, he saw me. He saw me – How much of what she’s
telling us right now is accurate about the fact
that she tried multiple times to explain to you
who she really was? – Yeah, that did happen. I barely remember. – [Nev] You barely
remember that? – Dude, we sat
with you for hours trying to extract
stuff from you. – It sounds like you
had kinda met her a couple times. – Yeah, I didn’t
wanna believe it. I didn’t. I don’t know. – Take us back, you
know, five months ago when you got this
random phone call and kinda how everything
progressed from there. – Yeah, so I was selling my
soaps and things like that and so every once and
a while, I’d, you know, I’d get a call. And I got a call from Jack. I let it go to voicemail. I text him, I wanted
to know, you know, like if he had any inquiries. He’s so funny, he
just started like, kinda flirting with me. And I thought it was
funny, I did it back. – Wow. – What was his line? Like, I’m feeling really dirty. Do you have any soap to clean me up? – I’m a dirty boy. (laughter) – [Max] Can you tell us
a little bit about him? – He lives here
in Rochester, too. – He lives in Rochester.
– Wait, time out. Why haven’t you guys met? – He works a lot and
I’m busy with my kids. – Do you talk to
him on the phone. – No, we don’t. – You’ve only texted? – We only text. – Yeah, but he called you once. – Yeah, but she didn’t answer. You’re a smart woman. You know that
that’s pretty weird. – That is weird. But at this point, I’ve fallen for whoever I’ve
been talking to, honestly. I’m in love. I am very emotionally
invested in this relationship. But lately, he hasn’t
been texting me back. And when he does, it’s
like late at night. It makes me wonder am I the
only one he’s been talking to? – You don’t know Jack. (laughter) Shawny, we need to
have a real talk here. – Yes. – You’ve seen the show. There have been people
who’ve come on the show who claim to have never met a person that they ended up talking to but then it turned out that
they knew them all along. – Okay. – ‘Cause this person
is in Rochester. – The story feels very… It’s unusual. – So I just wanna give
you an opportunity now to let us know if by any chance, you
know who this person already is that
you’re talking to. – I wish I did. That’s why I called you guys. So I put myself out
there to do this. Coming on TV is gonna
embarrass the hell out of me. I’m really gonna be pissed off if it’s not the situation that I thought that I’ve had
for the last five months. I’m not, you know, one of
those type of people that even put myself out there like this. This is kinda huge. (suspenseful music) – Do you know this person? Do you know this person? – [Nev] Do you know this person? – Yeah. – [Nev] You’re in trouble. Someone’s lying. – It’s your ex-husband? (bleep) – No way. – Is it really your ex-husband? (suspenseful music) – Unbelievable. So you were lying to us. You did catfish us. (suspenseful music) Hey, I’m Nev. Why don’t you just tell
us what’s going on? – Did you know it was her? – No, not until I got like to
right by this tree right here. I didn’t– I thought like this was gonna be our first time meeting. That’s why I’m– what’s going on? – Didn’t she tell you her name? Via the texts, didn’t she say, “Oh, my name’s Shawny”? – I said my name is Shawny. – This is not Shawny. (suspenseful music) – [Nev] I don’t understand. – [Max] What’s your name? – Ebony. – [Max] Your name is not Shawny? – No. (suspenseful music) – Why wouldn’t you tell us that? – Because I thought that
you guys wouldn’t help me. – Help you do what? – Try to get my
family back together. (suspenseful music) – You took every chapter
out of the Catfish book. – Well he catfished me
and I catfished him back. – When did he catfish you? – ‘Cause he told me
his name was Jack. – That’s because you’re some
stranger hitting him up on, you know. – Yeah. (suspenseful music) – Time out. Ebony. You did all this stuff. – Yeah. – You lied to us,
you lied to Brandon, you lied and cheated
your way here for what? – I felt like I didn’t
know what else to do. Honestly. We were living in the
same house and we weren’t even talking to one another. And the kids would
see that all the time. And I just thought like,
maybe he could talk to me as a different person. How is it that you can just
maintain for five months, being like the perfect
person ever just about and like for 16
years, you couldn’t even get it together, like? Why can’t we do that
as Brandon and Ebony? (suspenseful music) I don’t wanna have to be
somebody else to be loved. – So did you catfish
us and him in order to force this conversation? ‘Cause you could’ve had
this conversation with him without us, theoretically. – I’ve tried but we just
argue and it made it worse. It made everything worse. – [Nev] How did
you and Emily meet? – I contacted her when I
had gotten my heart broken by my ex. I was feeling gay for
a day so I’m like, “Hey, let me just be gay for
a day and see what happens.” I was just going
through Facebook, looking at girls’ pictures. I came across her
picture, I’m like, “Oh snap, this
girl’s really cute. “Let me just hit her up
and see what happens.” And we hit it off
right then and there. And then she gave me her number. She opened up to me about
her personal situations with her family, how hard
it was for her to come out. She made me understand
it’s okay to be gay. I really do love her
and she’s pretty. – So that’s part of
the package to you? Like, she has to be
who she looks like? – I would hope so. – All right, so hold on. Let me explain what’s up here. Have a seat, have a seat. Basically, nine months
ago, Hundra was on Facebook and came across a profile
of a girl named Emily with pictures of you that
like, really caught her eye. We spent the last couple days looking into this
whole situation. And we found some
interesting things you might actually be able
to help us make sense out of. – Lay it on me, come on. – Okay, so the big question is do you know a Geralyn… – Yeah, my ex-girlfriend. – [Nev] Whoa, okay. – [Mealnie] Wait. – [Nev] You have
a girlfriend now? – Yes. With my girlfriend now,
me and her broke up last summer, last year. She had went to the army. Me and Geralyn were
friends for a while. We in a relationship,
we broke up because I was still in love
with the other girl so I got back with
the other girl. – It wasn’t like an ugly,
nasty break-up, was it? – No, I literally just
told her how it was. – She took it pretty uh, pretty well. – Whoa, okay. Because the number that
Hundra is currently talking to her on comes
up registered to Geralyn. – Oh my God. – I don’t know Hundra. – You don’t know Hundra? – What does that– what do you mean you
don’t know Hundra? – I’ve only been talking to
her for about like four weeks. – So you mean the whole nine
months isn’t actually true? – It’s not true, no. – So you guys only started
talking four weeks ago. – Yes. – Oh. – But you still have
been talking to her? – Okay. Well, obviously, she
contacted the show. – Right. – But it’s just
like, it’s not true. Don’t know Hundra. Don’t like her at all like that. Me and Melanie only did it
because she asked us to. – Wait, Melanie knew Hundra. So Melanie knows that
this is all fake, too. Either you guys are like
Academy Award-winning actors or like… ’cause you guys are– – Okay, so hold on,
so you and Melanie are for real ex-girlfriends? – Yeah.
– Okay. – And a coup– and a month–
– That’s true. – A month ago, Hundra
contacted you guys and said, “Hey, I wanna get on
this show, “Catfish?” – I don’t know. I don’t know if
it was like that. I have no idea. – An absolute (bleep). There’s gotta be some reason
you’re involved in this. Was it because you thought
if you could get on the show, why would you risk
your reputation just to help some
girl you don’t know? – If Melanie wanted
to help her then I love her so I’m gonna help. – Really? So you just steal pictures
and talk to people? (suspenseful music) I’m talking to you. – I can hear you. – So speak, like you think that’s cool. – It’s over. – What’s over? What’s over? – This whole thing is over. – What do you mean? – She spilled the beans. Y’all playing us. Hundra, you wanna
tell us something? You knew them already, huh? – But it was still something
that needed to be done like as far as me coming out. – So that was it? You just wanted to come out? You had to have at
least had a reason to wanna be on television. – I wanted the world to
know that I was gay, like– – Why does the world need
to know that you’re gay? – When you’re in a culture
that hates what you have to become, it’s
not that easy so yeah, in a way, the world
should give a (bleep). I don’t wanna keep
lying to myself. – But what’s the world
gonna take away from this? Right now, you’re setting a
really bad example for people. – How? – Because you lied. And you also speak on gays like they have a disease. – [Nev] Butch and
like, gay for a day. – I feel like I can
call them certain names because I’ve been in
their world for a while. – On paper, like I think you’re crusade to liberate Haitian
women across the nation is like, beautiful. And like there are very real
ways that one could do that and this is the
worst way to do it. This is incredibly selfish. – You don’t look like a hero. – Okay, well this is done. – Yeah, thank you. (suspenseful music) So why are you smiling? What’s funny? – It’s not funny, it’s
just (bleep) up, it is. – And why did you
go along with this? What do you have
invested in her? – Sucker, you are a sucker! You, corny. You are corny. – So a random girl
just hits you up on the internet and says like, “Hey, will you help me lie
on national television?” And you were like, “Sure.” – Well it wasn’t like that. I mean, she wasn’t
a random girl. I mean, we were friends. – [Nev] I just don’t see you
and Hundra being friends. I don’t get that pairing. – No, but we are, though. Like I mean, I
wouldn’t say we’re like the best of friends,
like I’m a– I’m like oh– now we’re not friends,
not after this. – Thank you for wasting my time. I regret all of it, you’re
corny, you’re not a hero. You are a shameful citizen. – Paint the picture of
how we ended up here. – So about nine months ago, I got a message like, “Hey, Taylor, how
have you been?” And I’m like, “Hey, you know, who is this? “I don’t really remember you.” And he’s like, “You know, it’s Christian. “We went to high
school together. “I remember when you transferred “from Simi Valley to McKinley.” – That’s a very specific detail. – Yeah, so when he
said that, I’m like, “Okay, you were there,
you know me, let’s talk.” So I’m like, “Well here, here’s my
number, let’s text. “We don’t have to you know,
keep talking on Messenger.” So we texted for like
another week or two and then I was like, you know, “Can we talk on the phone?” So I called him and we talked. And that lasted for
like, maybe a month and then five months ago, just stopped talking to me. So we text. – Was there ever any doubt
when you talked to him on the phone that his
voice sounded like anything other than a guy? – Not at all. It was definitely a man,
definitely a guy, yeah. – Okay. – And how were
those phone calls? – Like a lot of
chemistry and it just, it felt like someone
I already knew. He’s like gentle, he’s caring. We laughed a lot,
he’s very funny. So I’m like, “Well, let’s FaceTime.” And he’s like, “Oh, I can’t ’cause
my camera’s broken.” – I can see you’ve texted her. – That’s her. – Wait a second. Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa. (suspenseful music) Wait, that’s her number? – Yeah, that’s her number. – What, wait a second? Jerrika’s number is
Christian’s number. That’s Christian’s old number. You never noticed
that Christian’s
number was her number? – No, never at all. – What, wait a second. Jerrika’s number is
Christian’s number. – Yeah. – Hello? – No, that’s not his number
now I talked about though. – Well yeah, but you have
this number for Jerrika. – It’s her when I call her. Like, I could call her
right now and it’s her, it’s not a guy. – Right, but… – That’s the point. – Right, so it’s definitely her. The first number you had for
Christian before you knew his new number is
Jerrika’s current number. So you knew that there
was some weird connection with her and this
story, which is why you acting surprised
is weird to me. (suspenseful music) – So when I asked her about
that, she said it wasn’t her. – You already called her out? – ‘Cause you had it programmed
in your phone already? Yeah, I told her. I was like, “This goes back to someone
that I’ve talked to.” – So why wouldn’t you
mention that to us? When we got here and said, “Oh, by the way, the first
number you had for Christian “comes back to your
friend, Jerrika,” how could you not
immediately say, “Oh yeah, I knew that.” – Well ’cause I believe her. In my heart, I don’t
believe it’s her. – Yeah but, like,
how could you not mention that that you
brought that up with her? You’re too smart for this? – If I felt like a little bit
that I felt like it was her, then I would be on it
that it’s her but I– in my heart, I don’t
believe it’s her. – You’re telling us the truth? – Yes. – I’m sorry but, honestly, I just really can’t
say anything more than that. I don’t feel bad. – Blah, blah, blah. All right, let’s just be honest. Can someone just
(bleep) be honest? This is stupid. I just want someone to
(bleep) tell me the truth. This is all bull (bleep). – There is no bull (bleep). This is what you
see is what you get. There’s nothing more to it like, it just got out of hand. – We know for sure that’s
not what’s going on here. – What else– what do you think is going on? – I think you guys and Taylor
are all full of (bleep). We know Taylor’s best friend
has the same phone number as the catfish. It doesn’t add up, none of it. You guys aren’t fooling
anybody, it’s all B.S. Do you have any additional things to say? – Not at all. – [Producer] Why
don’t we take a break and talk a little bit more? – All right, okay. – [Producer] Is that cool? – Yeah, why don’t we just
take a quick breather? – Okay. – So we just got
ahold of Jerrika. She said the reason she
doesn’t wanna be on the show is because she doesn’t wanna
be deceptive in helping Taylor with her plan. Maybe Jerrika got
cold feet and then these guys got
pulled in but, yeah. As far as Jerrika is concerned, all of that stuff’s
bull (bleep). – Right. Only one person in
this room can explain. How did you get involved? – Taylor. – Like when you guys
added me on Facebook and were just like,
playing around? – I’m trying to give
you the opportunity to speak your truth and
then I will speak mine. – And I’m speaking my truth. – [Girl] I wouldn’t
feel the need to– – All right, so
I’ll just say it. I’m just gonna say it. So Taylor set this
up to come on TV. And then at some point, asked
you guys to come on the show? – Yeah. We kinda got in on at the end. – You basically, you three
were gonna be the ones that were the catfish. – Her. – She was. – Wait, hold on, Taylor,
you just said that like all of a sudden, you’re
like agreeing with the story. You’re just gonna
casually admit that like, they’re right and
you’ve been (bleep) full of (bleep) this whole time? Are you ready to do that? – So Jerrika decided to
make it up and I wrote in. (laughs) – Okay. – And then Jerrika said she
didn’t wanna look stupid. – [Nev] Okay.
– Look at us. – So I was like, “Let me see if someone
from Atlanta can do it.” So I wrote her but the fact
that they’re involved– – But why? Why do all that? To be on the show? To boost your Instagram? – What’s the origin point of
why we are all sitting on this (laughs) these couches right now? Like, I wanna be on TV. Like what (bleep)? We talked to you,
you sat with us, talking about this lie. We spent time and energy. When we do this like,
110% into everything and like that’s (bleep) up. – So if they would’ve said
no then I wouldn’t even have wrote into the show. It’s not like I was gonna
keep finding people. – No, that’s my fault for– – No, that’s ridiculous. You don’t think
anything’s your fault, the world is like at your
feet do do whatever– – No, I never said nothing is my fault.
– Yeah, but that– but this just like… You look so gross right now. I don’t even think
Jerrika is involved. I’m sorry. I just think the fact that
you went through with this and that you so casually
are just saying like, “Okay, yeah, that’s it,” and haven’t once like
even seemed to express any sense of remorse. You’re like, “Life is gonna be
perfect for me anyway “so like, oops, sorry.” That’s how I feel
about you right now. – Okay. – So I’m finished. You guys, that’s it. I got the answers I needed,
I think the story’s over. I’m sorry you guys
got roped into this. That was unfortunate. It was a bad decision but okay. Good luck. Sorry we had to ruin
your big TV debut.


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