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6 of the Rudest ‘Catfish’ EVER | Ranked: Catfish

– Why we couldn’t FaceTime? Is your phone working? – Yeah my phone, it works. – [True] So if you’re phone working, why you never couldn’t
answer FaceTime, answer that. – Because, I didn’t want to. – Why did you waste six months of my life? – You wasted your own six months. Nobody said that we
were in a relationship, you did that. – Are you dumb? – [Man] No, are you dumb?
– [Man] Are you dumb like, you’re (beeping) stupid, like really? (knocking) – What’s up? – What’s up? – How you doing?
– What’s going on? – Nice to meet you.
– Nice to meet you too. – This is Matthew as you know. – What’s up Matt? – What’s going on? – So, I know this is not easy for you, and I appreciate you being here. We have some questions. – You’ve been in Atlanta a few times. – Yeah, I was in Atlanta a few
time visiting my girlfriend. – Sharanda, you guys are exclusive? – You guys are together? – Yes we are. – Which came as a bit of
a surprise to Matthew, because you had never
mentioned having a girlfriend. – I mean, you should’ve
like kind of figured it out. – Figured it out? – Is it crazy that Matthew
was under the impression that there was attraction, and potential for something
to happen between you guys? – Well, through text and stuff like, every day we’ll send like
little stuff here and there. You know, I do that with everybody. – In my mind I’m like, “Oh, when he get to Atlanta, “maybe it could be something more, “or we can get to know each
more you know who knows? “What could transpire
once he gets to Atlanta.” – Well, I mean you should’ve
like kind of got the hint when you would send me messages, and I wouldn’t really respond to it. – Well, you did neglect to
say that you had a girlfriend. – True. – It just feels weird to me, because if you live in New York and you’re talking to
someone who lives in Atlanta, and you’re talking pretty often, and then you tell him you’re
gonna come down to Atlanta, and you wanna see him, to me that sounds like you
are giving very clear signals that you like that person. – You’re saying like I wanna see him, I’ll be like we should meet up. – Sure.
– Don’t say it like that. – Okay, well why don’t
we go inside and sit. – [Chance] Yeah, please. – Let’s do that. Much better in here. – So, you’re telling these people that I’m bisexual, Matthew? – Well, I know in the past
you’ve dated men and women. – I mean, Matthew I’m just really upset you’re giving these people… Having them think that I’m bisexual. It’s kind of coming off confusing. – You would do like the heart eyes. – Right, the heart eyes. – Yeah and all that, and that was like kind of
drawing me in even more. – Listen, I’m never gonna date you. – Why were you talking to him at all? Is this the first time
it’s been clear to you that he liked you? – Yes.
– Really? Wow. It seems there’s a couple issues here that amazingly hadn’t
been brought up until now. One is that you’re not bisexual, but you were having a very
flirtatious relationship. You’re intentionally not
mentioning a girlfriend when you could easily, because you’re trying to kind of maintain a possible romantic relationship. – Well, I blocked you on Instagram, and it’s like. – That was only recently. – Whatever, but. – You seem upset. I’m not getting that. Because like, if the worst
thing this guy has done, has really liked you, and like hoped to be in
a relationship with you, then can you be a little nicer to him? And like not… – I am being nice him. – I feel like you’re
not being nice to him, which is weird because it’s
like what’s the big deal? So he has a crush on you. – He’s a catfish himself, you are. – And how am I a catfish? – You know how you’re a catfish. – How? – I mean. – You’re not a catfish at all? – No. – So what is this? What is it? – Oh my God. – Oh wow, wow. – Get the (beep) out of here. I never told you I dated men. That’s nobody’s (beep) business. (dramatic music) – Okay, this is Blue. This is Yasmine, this is Max. – So, what’s your actual name? – Keerah. – Keerah. – How do you identify yourself? In terms of your gender? – A female.
– [Nev] Female. – Look, I did not do this to hurt you. I love you, I do. – If you loved me, you would’ve been honest, when I told you if you’re lying again, I’m never gonna have
anything to do with you. If you loved me, you wouldn’t have continued lying to me. If you loved me, you would’ve told me
you weren’t even a guy. – You know the pictures, that wasn’t me. But my life, all of that was real. My personality, all of that was real. I can’t fake none of that. – Was the car accident real? – [Keerah] Yeah. – Your cousin got into a car accident? – [Max] And who is
Rihanna, is that a friend? – Yeah. – What’s the story, how did it start, how did the Lewis account start? – I started it for Twitter. Promotion group, to gain more retweets and followers and stuff. So, I made it as Lewis. With him on Twitter, I was getting more followers. – Why not reach out to her as yourself? – Because at the moment, you know I didn’t know whether
she liked girls or not. So you know I didn’t wanna make
her feel all uncomfortable, you know just flirting with her and stuff. I’m sorry. – If you was so sorry, why would you continue it? – Insecurities. – Insecure about what? – Myself, my looks. – Do you know many times
I sat and cried to you? Told you my deepest secrets? Called in to work because you said, “Oh babe, I’m having a hard day, “I don’t want you to go to work. “I want you to give me
all of your attention.” – And I appreciate that. – You told me to get Lewis tatted on me. Insecurities doesn’t
tell you to tell someone to tattoo a name that’s not
even yours on their body. – Ever been caught up in the moment? – I just don’t understand
how you can bluntly tell me to do things like that, and laugh about it like it’s nothing. – Who was laughing? When was I ever laughing about it? – Like it’s nothing, like you were just
caught up in the moment, like it’s nothing. – I never thought this was funny, and I damn sure don’t
think it’s a (beep) joke. See, that’s what you fail to realize. You don’t get the (beep) all
the way through your head. You don’t, you believe what
the (beep) you wanna believe. – What if she had tattooed
Lewis on her arm or something? – I mean, if she did, she could’ve got it covered up. I mean, of course I was just talking. – Exactly, you were just talking. – About the mother (beep) name. Goddamn. (Beep) bitches don’t wanna listen to the (beep) I got to say, man (beep) y’all. (beeping) – Hello. – Good to see you again.
– Likewise. – Hi. – Alysha. – Hi, Alysha, nice to meet you. – You too. – Why don’t you just
tell us what’s going on? Whoever wants to start, anyone’s itching to say? – I actually have to get
back to work pretty soon, but I can stay for like 10 to 15 minutes. – Okay great, well we’ll
take what we can get. – I wanted to make sure I
at least made it out here, to be able to talk a little bit, because it’s been a lot. – How long have you been texting me? – I had no idea about any of it, like I really did. Whatever situations were going on, I did not know about it, I just was doing it for her. When you told me this
was Nev from Catfish, and that it was involving Adriana, I was like, “Whoa.” So then I called her was like, “Dude, what’s going on?” And she basically was like, “So, I sent a picture of you to this boy.” And it was her way of trying
to be like I’m not interested, in a little bit. But like, not in a mean way. So, she asked me to cover for her. – [Nev] And the phone number Kaden’s had, that’s not yours? It’s Adriana’s. – Mm-hmm. – Okay, so have you ever texted
or communicated with Kaden? – She told me that I should say that, so I just went through with it. But I’ve had no involvement
with Kaden myself ever. – Why did you feel like you
need to make up the story, when you could just
either not talk to him, or just say like, “Hey,
I’ve got a boyfriend.” That’s that, I don’t get it. – Everything was coming at once when you guys contacted her. So that was when I was
like, “Just cover for me, “and then you know we’ll figure it out.” – We just spoke to you
Adriana a few hours ago, and you said that same story. – Yes, because I wasn’t able
to get a hold of Alysha, and figure out… – If you guys were gonna lie? What about just telling the truth? – It’s what we’re doing. – A little late. I mean, why not just say I’m
not feeling you like that? Like I’m just not feeling you. – As a woman, have you ever had a friendship that like, I don’t know. Or, hasn’t a guy ever hit
on you maybe too much, and it’s hard to like shut that down, but like, “Hey, do you
still wanna talk and stuff.” – I’ve done it multiple times. – Yeah, okay. – I’m just telling you
it’s the best policy, instead of leading anyone on intentionally or unintentionally. Kaden, do you have anything to say? – No, I’ve got nothing right now. – He might not be so vocal
and honest right now, because he’s got his feelings hurt. But, he had real feelings for you. Can you understand that? – I’m sorry that I allowed
that to be portrayed as me, and I didn’t mean to hurt you. None of it was supposed to go this far. – No not at all, I mean I’m not the one
that contacted them. – I guess the thing that
bothers me the most, is that this is the first time that we’ve brought people together. Two people that have already met, so you’d think that there’d
be something real there. But I mean, you don’t really seem to care. – It’s very cold. – It just sort of feels like
an inconvenience for you, and you kind of feel like, “Oh, this is so stupid, “another boy thinks I’m cute.” – I do feel incredibly
bad that you know… – That’s not true, let’s just be honest. You don’t feel bad. Which is fine, you don’t have to. The only thing you should
feel bad about is like, making this weird bull (beep)
lie for the last couple days, but like up until then, I actually put most of the blame on him. He thought it was maybe
more than maybe you did. Fine, I’m not blaming you for that. But like, I haven’t heard
you say anything yet, that I actually think is honest. – Okay, that’s your opinion. (upbeat music) – I need to leave, I really do. – Nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you. – Thanks for… – Thanks for coming. – I’ll give you a hug.
– Oh, yeah sure. – I’m sorry.
– You’re good. – Hopefully you guys figure more out. – Bye babe, I’ll see you tonight. I mean, is there anything
else that you would like to, I don’t know put out there? Kaden, I feel like you’ve
said all of two words. – I’m glad at least now I know, what the end game is. – Oh my gosh. – Remy? I’m Nev. – I’m Elle.
– How you doing? – Hey, how’s it going? – This is Angel. Is your real name Remy? – No, that’s not my real name. – What is your name? – I don’t wanna say it. – You’re really not
gonna tell us your name? – No. – Should we just call
you Remy then I guess? – Yeah, you can call me Remy. – You guys already know each other? Okay. How much of the story that
you told her was true? – I mean really everything, except for who I am. – So your girlfriend is a real person? – Yeah I got a girlfriend for real. – Then, why are you messing
with people on Plenty of Fish, I don’t get it. – It wasn’t for a relationship, it was more like a… It was a joke to me. And I made an account to
see how long it’ll take somebody to figure out that it was fake. – That’s a weird hobby. – It was just something
to do in my down time. – So I imagine you talk to lots of people. – Nah, it was just her. She was the first one to reply. – I mean, you guys talked all the time. There had to be something real in that. – Nah it wasn’t. – Obviously if you have a girlfriend, you’re not gonna come on TV, and say that you have feelings for her. – But like, I think it’s very clear, based on the fact that you were
talking as much as you were, that you guys had a relationship. You can tell me whatever you want, but you can’t pretend for the three months that you guys were talking, it never meant something to you. – It really didn’t. – Yeah, I’ve heard you say that already, but I don’t believe it. – I basically talked to you, like I talked to my best friend. I’m telling you things
that nobody else knows. Like I go through enough. And for someone to just sit here and tell me this a game
to you, it’s not funny. – I also don’t believe that you have no feelings towards her. No offense, you may be a good liar, but I don’t think you’re
that great of an actor. Something is real. I can see you kind of squirming, I know you feel bad. – I feel bad a little bit, but not enough for me to sit here and like apologize, and tell her I’m wrong
for everything I did. – So you wouldn’t apologize for that? – No. – Really? Don’t you think it’s pretty (beep) up, to be like I wanna help
you take care of your baby? I wanna be there? – I never took it as like, we’re like a committed relationship. She just wasn’t catching on quick enough. – Right, but if the game
was to mess with people, you would’ve just moved on. – No, it was interesting to
see her come around the house, and like not find me. I’d be sitting inside
the car somewhere else. – You’ve created a lot of
heartache and damage in her life, and that’s (beep) up. What made you change
your mind about coming and meeting up today? – I mean who wouldn’t want to be on TV? Once in a lifetime. – Oh, hi. Hey, it’s him, it’s Ray’quan. – Okay so. – I cannot. – Nev.
– Ray’quan. – Nice to meet you.
– You too. – I think you know who this is. – Okay, so. Do you not wanna hug me? Like I’m confused. – I’m confused too. – Why are you confused? – I feel like a little bit betrayed, because you went to the extreme, and just did all this. You got people calling people I know, asking about me. – Because you don’t never
answer the FaceTime. You blocked me, why am I blocked? – You were doing a little
bit too much for me. – What did I do? What’s the problem? – Yeah, I feel like
we’re missing something. – What did you come here for? Are we talking, are we together? What’s going on? – I never said we was together, when did I say that to you? – Are you kidding me? – The real question then for me, is like we got the impression from Truth, that you guys were
interested in each other, and there was some chemistry, and that you were hopeful
that you’d meet up and see what happens. So, it’s strange to me that
this would be an inconvenience, when in fact it feels
like something you guys might have wanted to have done. – I mean, if it was something
I would’ve wanted done, I would’ve had it done. I flirted with him, but as far as a relationship, we never talked about no relationship. – The last six months for you has been. – Has just been somebody
to talk to, a friend. – So, you don’t think
that anything you said over the last six months
gave him the impression, that you were interested
in him in a meaningful way? – If flirting get you in a relationship, I’d be in about a whole bunch right now. – Have you had feelings for him? – Yeah, he was a cool person to talk to. He still is a cool person to talk to. – If I’m a cool person, why we can’t FaceTime? Is your phone working? – Yeah my phone, it works. So, if your phone working, why you never couldn’t
answer FaceTime, answer that. – Because, I didn’t want to. – Why did you waste six months of my life? – You wasted your own six months. Nobody said that we
were in a relationship, you did that. – Are you dumb? – No, are you dumb? – Are you dumb? No you’re (beep). Like really? What was the point of you coming, if you’re gonna act like this? – Because y’all are gonna keep calling and texting everybody asking. So I came out here, that’s why. – This (beep), I can’t. (dramatic music) – There’s a car pulling in. – Oh my God, this some bull (beep). – [Kamie] Hello. – Hi. – Hi Ashley, how are you? – I’m good. – Nice to meet you. Nev. – Kamie. It is Ashley? – Yeah. – How’d it go getting in? – I’m good. – Had you been to L.A. before? – No. – Never been to L.A? – I said no. – I thought you were just there for work? – Okay, I’m gonna talk to you. – Oh, (beep) me then. (laughing) It’s fine. – So I was just trying
to make some small talk, because I’m assuming you’re nervous. Anyway, we figured out that a lot of the profiles
Red has been talking to, for the past six years, are fake. We’re assuming you’re
behind most or all of them. – Mm-hmm. – No one else is involved? – No. – Okay, so Shekinah, Tamar? – Me, me, me, me. – Right, I just wanna make
sure I know all of it. Are there some that we
don’t even know about? – Well, yeah. – And are you doing this to anybody else? – Of course. – Oh my God. (dramatic music) I just wanna know why? What was the purpose? – It just started. – [Red] Why? – You hopped in my inbox first. – Who, Jalissa’s? Because I don’t even know you. – [Nev] Well wait, when you say… – And I didn’t hop in nobody’s inbox. – You did though. – [Red] As Jalissa, was it Jalissa? – No, you hopped in
Shekinah’s inbox first. – Oh, see. You’re not Shekinah. – You skippity skip, skip, hopped. – But why? – You did the bunny rabbit and you hopped, you hopped your ass in there. – Really?
– Really? – Don’t flip this on me, because you did this. – What is the attitude? – I’ma talk to you, because he’s the host. You the help. – Wow. – You are the one who is
impersonating other people on the internet. – It’s his show, not yours. – And therefore, you are here on our show, with our cameras. – Oh, this bitch. – If you call me a bitch one more time, we’re gonna have a serious problem. So let’s be respectful. – Look, if you keep
speaking to her that way, then you won’t get the
chance to speak to any of us. – Okay. – Do you have kids? – No. – Are you married?
– No. – We just happened to notice
on your Facebook page, that we found that it
says you are married. – I was married. – We’re just trying to
figure out the truth. – All right, Nev. – Tell us who you are, so we know what is real and what isn’t. – I’m just me. – How old are you? – 24, I’m 24. – And you live in Texas? – Yes I do. – So if you’re 24 now, that means you started
these when you were like… When did first start? – Like 12 years old. – Okay, so your first fake
profile when you were 12? – Whoa, okay. How did you come across Jalissa, because she’s a real person. – Instagram. – Okay, she’s not really famous. – No, we’re just friends on Instagram. – You know her personally?
– On IG, yeah. – You have met her in person? – No, we follow each other. – Yes. – We know some of the same people. That’s it. – If you break it down a little slower, I might be able to
understand you even better. – Okay. – You seem upset. – I’m a blunt person. (dramatic music) This is my personality, this is how I am. – There’s a difference between being blunt and being respectful, and you’re being very disrespectful. – [Ashley] I’m being respectful. – No you’re not.
– How not? – You’re being very disrespectful, you came up here disrespectful. – How? – Look how you talking to her. – This bird wanna hop
in this conversation. – Why she gotta be a bird? – Well bok bok bitch, here I am. – Why she gotta be a bird, because she’s calling you on your (beep)? – Okay, do you have anymore questions Nev, I’m not talking to these two right now. (dramatic music) – There’s a side of your personality that is different than this, because you’ve talked to
Jalissa in a different. – I mean yeah I can be sweet, I can be sweet. – Did you know that
she was dating someone? – [Ashley] I mean yeah I knew. – Did you ever think like I
should probably leave her alone? – I mean yeah I did. I got married, and then I got bored. – We got the impression from Red, and maybe you have a different take on it, that there was a lot of
talk romantic conversation about being together. – I didn’t mean it, I didn’t mean it. – You may not have meant it, but. – I hope you didn’t. – I’m not gay. – Well, I’m gay as (beep), like I’m gay, gay. – Enjoy that, anyway. – Red, you look like you
got a lot on your mind. You wanna go talk in the car? – Sure, come on. – Leave you two to it. – She’s hella rude. – She’s gonna look like the asshole, because she is a (beep) asshole. – I know, I wanna knock
the (beep) out of her. Like she’s hella disrespectful. – Let’s get in the AC, we don’t have to burn
because of this bitch. – Do you feel better now than you did? – I mean yeah I guess, I mean of course she
gonna be mad or whatever. But, I don’t know what else to say.


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