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A Catfish Bait Trick That’s Better Than Nylons or Cloth

my bait is over there my hook is over
here how many times does that happen to you
hey folks Randy Taylor here again with you today and I want to show you the
most effective way to fish with chicken livers the hard thing about chicken
livers is keeping them on your hook during the cast the old remedy to this
that has been going on through many years is taking in either wrapping or
tying your bait to the hook people use nylon pantyhose cheesecloth but all of
those things are terrible for our environment this nylon does not
biodegrade plus when it’s ingested into a fish all fish have these little crusher
your teeth it gets caught in there sets up infection and kills the fish and that
does no one any good. the old traditional way of doing that would have been take
your hook take your piece of chicken liver put it on your hook wrap it inside
a piece of nylon or pantyhose tie it up and you cast folks leave the nylons the
thread the cheesecloth at home simply purchase one of our Baitsaver Cups and
all of your all your problems fishing with liver or any other type of bait go
away after you properly put the cup on your line everything is in the package
you need with the exception of your hook you then put your bait on your hook set everything down inside of the Baitsaver Cup now as long as that cup is hanging or in motion there is no way
that you can throw that liver off the centripetal force of the cast keeps
everything in the cup it’s also much safer to fish when I turn my back to you
to cast if someone were to walk up behind me it’s possible that they could
get a hook in them enough with this the hook is completely encased and enclosed
until it hits the water

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