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A Less Visited Stretch of the PCH

Good Morning guys from Guadalupe,
California. This is a little gem of a town on the PCH and it’s a big
agriculture town!… Sadly, it’s just one of those towns that gets overlooked…To
our left here is the Far Western, they’re known for steaks and there’s some really good Mexican food here!… We’re taking a break from the RV this morning because we’ve got a few errands to run…And sometimes
it’s just easier to do that in a car but… Before we go do those things, we wanted
to stop and show you a place we’ve always wanted to take you! It’s called
Oso Flaco… Which means skinny bear and it’s right
on the ocean but it’s kind of a marshy area with dunes…And little lakes and a
boardwalk…It’s beautiful and we thought it’d be a great place to
start the day off with some drone flying! Just double-checking the rules over
there and there’s nothing about; “Don’t fly your drone.” There are just so many spots to get
great drone footage here on the Central Coast…One thing to note if you do go to
Oso Flaco, there are a lot of rules and I’m really kind of surprised! There were
no signs prohibiting drone flights but you’re know how to take your dog so… Keep
that in mind and if you’re looking for a nice stretch of beach to go surfperch
fishing…Taking that boardwalk down to the water, not a lot of people do it! So
it’s a better fishing area…Alright… We’re up for our first errand and it
is to go see Shelby’s vet! This is Cody and he has been Shelby’s vet since she
was a little…When he first got out of school and he worked with our other vet
partly…He now has…Primary Care Animal Hospital…On the PCH the one…Yeah, it’s right on the Pacific Coast Highway…He also helped us
with Shelby’s dental issues that she had while she was down here…Poor little
girl, she’s just had kind of a rash of issues but…Basically with her being a little
amia compromised from the steroids and stuff that she’s had to take…We’re
having some trouble with her having some recurrent UTIs…And we’re just gonna get
cultures to make sure that we’re not dealing with anything resistant since
she was in the hospital! How are you doing Cody?… Good!… How are you doing?
Meet our viewers…Oh my gosh…Hello how are you doing…
So how is Shelby doing?…She’s doing great!She’s playful and happy and eating well…We can’t complain too much… Thanks for coming down here upfront and then I’ll have a write-up…Alright, thanks, Cody… You’re very welcome!
We’ve been blessed with a lot of very nice veterinarians over the years!…Yeah! You know back home, you know we have
Elizabeth…She’s mobile! We have Doc Hall… He is mobile when it really mattered…
But he has you know, the physical location in Seward ahh yeah! It’s just…
Dr. Lipsitz…That guy’s rocking for saving her life!
But yeah, Cody’s amazing! So if you guys need any veterinary care while you’re on
the Central Coast, totally look up Cody! Alright, you’re back, all done…Yes…So I’m not
seeing anything obvious on the x-rays… I’m gonna send it out to Dr. Jonas, the
radiologist and just let him know what her history is…What we’re seeing on
the ultrasound, we’ll wait on the culture and then go from there…So I’m gonna send
some antibiotics home just to hold on to if she starts to become symptomatic here
over the weekend…Then you go ahead and get her started on those while we’re waiting on those other
results…So nothing obvious…Did you see anything at all or…No, everything else
looked really good! So all the kidneys and liver have nice
sharp margins and…Kidneys look good… I didn’t see any mineralization or any
obvious stones in there…So there maybe just a little bit of the mineralization
going on but you know…Not an obvious stone… And that could be treated with…So…We’ll
see what’s going on with her urinalysis…We’ll see what’s going on with
her PH in every organ…As long as it’s nothing critical like non-treatable stuff…Right, everything’s looking good so far…Yeah…So, so far so
good! So right…So hopefully it’s just, you know,
a UTI that we can get under control here! Okay, perfect doc…Thank you so very much…Alright… You’re very welcome! Alright, Shelby…We’ll be in touch!… Let me get everything together for you! That’s good that nothing looked…You know, suspicious on the x-ray…Yeah, nothing worrisome! No matter how hard we try, it is
just hard to avoid this place! But they really do have something going for them…
Because I know I can walk in and find exactly what I need!… So last night we
pulled into Beck’s mom’s house to driveway surf and there’s electricity
there…But our Motorhome…We need an adapter so we can make our outlets work! Alright, this is what we’re looking for!
Small breed senior…Alright, guys here’s our driveway surfing spot at Beck’s
mom’s house…It works out very, very well for us…Okay guys, after several hours of
laptop club we are on a date night tonight!… And you look quite handsome on your new Christmas present…Yeah, I got a leather jacket as a Christmas gift. I don’t have very many
dressy clothes…He looks quite handsome!… And I’m even washing her…You’re even washing? It’s good! You
took a shower look at you!… Yeah, I showered…I’m wearing a nice fresh, white shirt…Did some
manscaping here…Yeah, I trimmed the grays so…Let’s go have a date night!… Hey hey hey hey… I
don’t go counting your grays!… Yeah, but that’s when you pay the most attention
to them…That’s true!… So our first stop on our night out is Rooney’s Irish Pub…We are in
Orkut and we’re gonna meet Val and Monique from Central Coast Now this
evening… Look at the sausage, you’ve got the
vegetables… And the dips here are phenomenal! Alright, we are heading out again…
Leaving Rooney’s… It’s a beautiful, warm cheery Irish pub…Always fun to visit
places like that! And we got to hang out with Val and Mel a little bit!… Uh-hmm, be sure
to head over to their channel… Facebook page actually I think…Yeah, I think
you’re right! Facebook page, Central Coast Now and Noble productions…Head on over
there and check it out because they’ve got some great stuff about the Central
Coast…They are definitely in the know for the are!… Alright you guys, we’re
about to make our last stop and it’s a little late in the evening so…We’re not
gonna be rude and bring the camera inside with us…But we’re stopping at…You
guys will know this person… Every story Ben has where they get into trouble,
starts with…”Well, Doug and I…Not that bad…That’s so true! Every story where he gets into
trouble…Unless it was in high school but we’re gonna stop by tonight and visit
Doug and his family…He is lending Ben some fishing gear so that we can go fishing on the beach here and ahh…We’re just gonna visit for
a little bit but it’s kind of late and we’re not gonna show a camera in their
face this time of night so…We’re gonna cut out for the evening…Thanks for
joining us today, be sure to SUBSCRIBE so you can see what we are up to tomorrow! We
have some cool stuff planned for this coming weekend!… Let’s give a little
teaser!… Want to give a little teaser? Alright, there’s rocket launches and we’re gonna be
in one of the top 10 Christmas-iest cities in the country for Christmas
weekend! So…We’ll leave it with that and see you

  • YAY! More Fishing! We, of course, miss your fishing videos and especially your kayaking videos! It's been a LONG time since Ben has done any fishing and it's definitely past due! Can't wait to see some cool fish. Too bad you don't have your kayaks but maybe you can rent one. 😉 Looking forward to the next video too!

  • Nice! I love the drone footage of the dunes! Oso Flaco is such a beautiful place. Good luck for Shelby! The rocket launch was SO cool!! Thanks for sharing! Happy New Year!

  • Ben, FYI The Far Western in Guadalupe has been shut down for quite a few years now. They built a new 2 story Far Western in Orcutt around the corner from the restaurant you visited in Orcutt. They brought a big chunk of the original bar from the old place to the new place and installed it in the new place. It is beautiful. No peanut shells on the floor anymore. Jim in Yosemite, Ca.

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