A Sun Dog and Waking Up to Rain – Autumn Camping [ Frontenac Challenge Part 9 ]

welcome back to Conjuring Rock where we enjoy all season camping and fishing today we are down at Buck Lake we are
headed to campsite 1 in Frontenac Park we are doing part 9 of the Frontenac
challenge if you don’t already know the Frontenac challenge is where we camp one night a month for a year straight and we are on the 9th month. anyways let’s get
the boat in the water and get off this boat launch I dodged that one yet see that halo we might be getting a
bunch rain tomorrow okay we’re at the campsite let’s get set
up this has to be probably one of the best
fire pits that we’ve seen at any of the campsites. Three benches? That’s awesome you have a party here Because we’re expecting a bunch of rain
tomorrow, we’re gonna set these tarps up or a tarp just try and get some shelter
so we can stay dry when cook breakfast, maybe? okay so we have some friends stop by
which is actually really nice to hang out wth them for a little bit so it’s a little too
dark to film now we’re gonna make some tacos and probably just hanging out for
the night what do you know weather forecast is
accurate it’s raining. It’s raining a lot. so uh yeah don’t know how today is gonna go stay tuned and find out How’d you sleep? That was loud!
sorry. I slept alright. we’re making breakfast. We’re making bacon beans,and hash browns and smart food system appetizer so traditionally on the Frontenac
challenge I forget something this time I forgot one of the worst
things to forget. Coffee. So just as we’re finishing breakfast
here the rain picked up it’s coming down to the sheets now Tighten up your sleeves so you don’t get
water down them it’s a largemouth bass okay so that wraps up part 9 of the
Frontenac challenge. It was a little bit of a wet one at the end if you like what
you saw hit that like button if you haven’t subscribed yet please consider
doing so. Anyways we’ll catch you later.

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