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hola amigos welcome back to my channel
starting from this episode let’s go to a new country in Latin America Guatemala. Guatemala has at least 37 volcanoes in this video we are going to Volcán de
Acatenango a stratovolcano which is close to
Antigua I joined a two-day tour for 450Q we’re gonna meet at around 7:30
but I’m just 15 minutes early so I have to wait because the doors is so open
yet. We were given this energy shot as a welcome drink this is the breakfast area but we needed
to put down our bag and rented our gears first Outfits like jacket hat scarf and
gloves were included as well as two bottles of 1.5 liter of water and
headland I paid extra for renting 2 poles two pairs of socks a pair of boots
and a backpack I forgot to mention that I need to bring another 1L of water to share for cooking. I also bought some chocolate and candies. breakfast ready we couldn’t wait to
stuff our stomachs we were given a sandwich for lunch a
brownie a PowerBar fruits and oatmeal for the next morning ready to go after one hour we arrived at the
location the weather was not doing too good look at my hair we stopped for
washroom there’s a tiny shelf for plastic wraps and natural hiking poles
the real journey started the house we’re gonna stay tonight there will be eight
people it’s a mixed room so we got male & female inside but that’s okay
I think this tent is for our three tour guides this should be for dining that’s kitchen I’m starving I don’t know
what time it is now so I’m gonna get changed
it’s quite cold in here then I’ll have my lunch see you later those are other camp this is my bed for tonight blanket
sleeping back just had my lunch but got change now I have to find a place to pee when I walk up here I see all this
beautiful flowers we left the agency at 9 a.m. and we arrived at 10 a.m.
it took us 1 hour to walk up to the entrance and then we bought tickets for
50Q after that that’s I can’t remember how many hours but most
of the time is quite difficult I didn’t stop for lunch because I was quite far
behind I was the last one in the group when I arrived at the campsite in here
in was around 3:18 already the weather is really bad I’m not able to see the
volcano or any other thing they started to rain after we arrived at the entrance to
buy the ticket and then it just kept on and on and on I can’t feel anything
because I was wrapped by a plastic and I just keep walking and keep walking and
keep walking 1 tour guide and one porter they were just
pulling me up people were saying that the first 1 hour is very difficult and
the rest you’ll be fine but I don’t think so is so so so so difficult I
almost want to cry it’s just a very very difficult hike I think it is worth it if I’m
able to see the volcano but look at the weather now hmm I’m not quiet sure I read a
lot of information on TripAdvisor before this trip one person was
saying that oh there was a girl a my tour and she found it quite difficult
but after she hired a porter she can enjoy the hike even though I don’t have
to carry my sleeping bag and my tent but four liters of water
no kidding is very happy I hire Porter so that I am able to hike the agency
gave us three options we can either say on the campsite or we can hike for
another 1 or 2 hours to see the sunset or you can choose to hike another three
hour to go to the Fuego but if the weather is like that there’s no
point to go anywhere else look at the fire at the back we’re gonna
have marshmallow and hot chocolate dry my shoes it looks scary I don’t know how to hold the light okay hi and this side camera man So what’s for dinner spaghetti fantastic something hot thank you I wanna film everyone but too dark It’s more like a homemade alcohol (you happy?) still not too sure about tomorrow Let me show you our room It’s not a tent it’s really like a little house we got four beds and the other four here now it’s
9:15 at night we just had dinner we had pasta with tomato sauce it’s very simple
but it’s hot so that’s good not much to do here because the weather
is still really bad we’re not able to see anything so we just cheat sharing
some travel tips people’s here in the tour are very nice they saw that I was
filming so they were just asking if I’m making YouTube and I said yes I said oh
what’s your channel and I want to subscribe you I just feel so embarrassed
but thanks for that umm well sorry about the lighting
because there’s no light in the house and I have to use my phone tomorrow
morning if the weather is good we have a choice of getting up by 4:45 and walk to
the submit for one and a half hour to watch the Sun Rise or we can stay here
to watch the Sun Rise if the weather is good and well basically we should be
able to see everything sunrise should be at 5:40 so hopefully
we can see something time to sleep good morning no luck
see nothing at the back so we gonna have some breakfast now and then leave at 7:30 we were all very disappointed
well this life you can’t control everything but one week later I climbed
another one so stay tuned


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