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Accessories to Improve Your Trolling Motor Operation

Hey guys it’s Gerald Swindle, the G MAN, the
Elite Series Bass Pro. Whatever you want to call me- the crazy redneck from Alabama! I’m
here to tell you the boats are coming out of the garage folks. The days are getting
longer, it’s getting warmer, and the fish are biting. Everybody is out fishing. Hey,
do yourself a favor- change your trolling motor rope this year. Try a G-Force cable.
It’s by T-H Marine. It’s a rubber coated steel cable. It’s got a nice grip on it-rubber inside.
You can really hold onto this deal. It’s not going to break and it installs in 5 minutes
guys. Anybody can put it on. DO yourself a favor, don’t let a broke rope spoil a good
fishing trip. Check it out. It’s a T-H Marine product. I promise you, you buy this one,
you bought the last one. T-H Marine makes my G-Force cable. They also make a lot of
great features for a boat. When I pull this trolling motor up, and I store it- you watch
it come into position- it latches down. This is the T-H Bounce Buster System. It mounts
on a MotorGuide/Minn Kota, it locks on right here, and drills on the floor. And this is an extra
security for a lock on my trolling motor every time. So if you goes as far to put a rope
on there, this MotorGuide if the life line to my fishing day every day. If this goes
down, if I break something, I’m done. So take care of this. This is your baby. Protect it,
don’t beat it to death in rough water, put your cable on there, and you won’t break a
rope. Check them out. All these products can be found at T-H Marine. Fellas, listen to
me. LISTEN TO ME! I AM AN OUTDOORS MAN! I’m a man who’s proud to say he’s a man’s man,
but I’m not too proud to use a dude wipe. Do yourself a favor! DO YO WIFE A FAVOR! You
tired of coming home one with one sock and sleeve cut out of your jersey? Get yourself
a dude wipe. BE CLEAN! BE FRESH! BE HAPPY!


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