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Activist? The RUDEST Guy ever. This Random Guy Stole my Fish. Please Watch Until the End.

  • What ever the reason that POS (for lack of better words) shouldn’t of done that regardless. Great video nonetheless

  • My friend just told me about this law!
    Everyone who fishes or hunts lawfully is protected by this law!! 🙂
    Fish and Game Code Section 2009. (a) A person shall not willfully interfere with the participation of any individual in the lawful activity of shooting, hunting, fishing, falconry, or trapping at the location where that activity is taking place.

    (b) A violation of this section is an infraction punishable by a fine of not less than one hundred dollars ($100) nor more than five hundred dollars ($500).

    (c) If any person is convicted of a violation of this section and the offense occurred within two years of another separate violation of this section which resulted in a conviction, the violation is a misdemeanor punishable by a fine of not less than one hundred dollars ($100) nor more than one thousand dollars ($1,000), by imprisonment in the county jail for not more than one year, or by both that fine and imprisonment.

    (d) This section does not apply to the actions of any peace officer or personnel of the department in the performance of their official duties. This section does not obstruct the rights and normal activities of landowners or tenants, including, but not limited to, farming, ranching, and limiting unlawful trespass.

    (e) In order to be liable for a violation of this section, the person is required to have had the specific intent to interfere with the participation of an individual who was engaged in shooting, hunting, fishing, falconry, or trapping.

    (f) For purposes of this section, “interfere with” means any action which physically impedes, hinders, or obstructs the lawful pursuit of any of the above-mentioned activities, including, but not limited to, actions taken for the purpose of frightening away animals from the location where the lawful activity is taking place.

  • Looks like hes trying to be a bully. He wouldn't have done that if you weren't alone. Sorry about that man. I usually dont comment, but that just makes me mad…

  • If I was the guy fishing and recording, after the rude dude threw my fish away, I would be like Oh you're f**ked now

  • That guy was a total POS! I would have gone off on him without cursing due to his kid, and then informed the local PD. You kept your cool.

  • 다치지 않아서 다행이에요. 개인적으로는 이나라가 갈수록 저희같은 이민자들을 더욱 차별하고 함부로 말하고, 대하고, 지들 후손들 자식들한테까지 저런식으로 헤도 된다는 example 을 생각도 없이 가르치고 있습니다. 나라 잘이끌으라고 뽑은 대통령이라는 인물은 앞장서서 인종차별을 하고있는 현실에 KACA 님이 당하신 이어처구니한 상황또한 이 백인들이라는 집단이 "이제는 우리가 먼저" 라는 구호를 들고 나와 최소한에 인간으로서 지켜야할 도리마저도 져버리고 있는게 우리에 현실인것같아 안타깝습니다.

  • The man has seriously mental problems. I’m sorry that you have a bad day and lost your fish… but I feel very bad as well for the poor kid, can you imagine that guy as a father 😢

  • 멀리까지가셨는데 ..
    하루가 다날라간 느낌이였겠어요
    하여튼 싸가지없는놈은 개패듯이패야하는데..

  • 怖いですね・・

  • Wow, that guy isn't setting a good example for his kid. What a jerk! You shouldn't have covered his identity.

  • Boy: let me look at it
    Angry guy: Are you going to torture it, or let it go?
    Trying to be nice and let little boy see a fish. Sure hope that guy is not his dad.

  • I hope you do report this. He should be held accountable, he is setting a precedence that anyone can interfere with your personal space let alone get in the way of your activity. I doubt that fish was legal size though and hope you were intending on releasing that fish back.

  • 아오!! 보고있는 제가 부글부글하네요. 직접 당하신 분 입장에선 참 당황하셨겠네요. 잊어버리고 툴툴 털어 내세요. 세상에 정말 많은 부류의사람이 사니
    이상한 사람 만났다 생각하시고^^ 항상 좋은 영상 감사합니다. 좋은.하루 되시길..

  • repost the video without blurring his face. do other fishermen the favor of knowing who to look out for

  • what a prick. Show his face to the world. He's in public and he can't sue you. One day he's going to do it to the wrong guy and it's going to get nasty.

  • Dude was an a**. You did the right thing. On a different note,
    Is that gold lever on your reel a lever drag? Make and model please.

  • I will typically not let a fish roll around in the ground when im catch and release fishing but that guy is [email protected]#$?& douchbag. Btw, I'm at Two Harbors right now. Yesterday, I caught several opaleye using your technique. This morning I caught 2 calicos, 2 garibaldi, and several wrasse on the drop shot rig fishing gulp minnows and camoworms.

  • Dude!!! Had this happened to me, he’s going in the water to get my fish. Mad disrespectful! He did more harm ripping the hook like that. I’ve seen your pass videos you remove the hook gently.

  • Wow Bro, you have patience to not kick his ass. Me i would throw him to the water immediately after that short minded action. Hope he paid the price soon. Me i will not let him go like that. But i understand you and he doesn't need to get educated by you. But some days in jail will and a big fine will make him think twice before doing that again.

  • Dude what the hell? Idk what I would have done. Out of all the random situation I think of in the shower and how I will handle them this one has never came to mind ahahah good luck with the Department of Fish and Wildlife in CA they have done nothing for reports that have been made in our area…

  • I enjoy your fishing videos very much. It’s a shame you ran into such a jerk while enjoying yourself.
    Adult looking toddlers like that guy are why I mostly avoid fishing crowded beaches or piers, unless there’s other fishermen there. I’d rather hike to a secluded spot than deal with jackasses like that ignorant slob.

  • What a douche!…..I guarantee he killed that fish I couldn’t believe it when he ripped the hook from its mouth, I feel sorry for that child having a small minded father like that.I bet he doesn’t even know where his burgers come from😂.Well done for staying calm.

  • Next time show his face so that we may show him the same level of disrespect he showed to you!

  • Sorry you had to encounter that kind of abuse. On a side note I would have tossed his ass right over the rail.

  • 황당하고 화나는 상황이였을텐데 대응 정말 잘하셨습니다 . KACA님의 인성이 돋보이는 장면이네요. 세계 어디든 예의없는사람들은 꼭있군요 ㅠㅠ너무 괘념치 마세요 항상 응원합니다!

  • 불법으로 고기 가져가는 사람들 저는 그냥 얼굴 내보내는데 친절하게 가려주셨네요… 엄첨 기분 상하셨겠네요…

  • 완전 개념없는 놈이네요… 그래도 카카님 애 앞에서 화 잘 참으셨네요! 굿쟙~

  • Bad father figure for sure. Kid will grow up to be a prick. The man is actually lucky that you're not violent, but one day he will encounter a crazy person and that will be that.

  • 他的手好像被鱼线割伤了,活该,当着孩子的面这样做,会不会他的孩子长大之后也会像他这样野蛮?还有就是我怀疑他是个极端的素食主义者,最后我想问,你用的几磅的线?一扯就断了。。

  • KACA Life, it was some snowflake who can't stand the idea of fish being eaten. In California there are many people that we consider to be snowflakes. You should have called the police on that guy man.

  • Put a hook in his lip and he should let u rip it out of him see how he feels 🙂 good job on not losing it on him.

  • All I know is if it was someone different, possibly more violent, then it would’ve ended differently props to you staying mad calm but if that guy ran into another guy just like him, there would’ve been way more problems, personally I would’ve started problems with that guy, but still you showed extreme control and are such a great example in fishing community!!!

  • I'm sorry you had to experience a racist piece of s*** that's what that guy was he did it because you're an Asian and he's racist I promise you

  • Your fishing having a nice time outside, doing what u love, and then some ppl just hafta giv ya a headache when there’s nothing going on. I feel ya brutha keep doing your thing

  • That dickhead dude is lucky that wasn't my fish. I don't think he would have been able to get his hands on it and he might have been able to just say two words while I'm running up on him.

  • What an asshole no angler clearly had no idea what he was doing and most likely harmed the fish by ripping out the hook

  • KACA,
    With all due respect,
    I would’ve detained him, called to police, and if he touched, he would’ve been knocked out in front of his family.
    And get him fined with a misdemeanor.

  • What a doosche bag, that's why I never let anyone touch the fish I catch but for some reason It bothers me when someone unhooks my fish for me I don't know why

  • This pisses me off!!! And he just ripped its lips off tugging the hook out like that…lol talk about “torturing”

  • I know exactly where that is. I was just there, Catalina last month off of the Carnival cruise ship you see in the background. That guy deserves to be tossed in the water. What a bad example to his boy. Just recently subscribed to your channel. I am also in socal.. wanting to learn how to fish with my kids. Hope to run into you someday. Good luck and keep going.

  • what an a-hole! He had no right and touching your property. You fished out that fish it was your responsibility to do what you wanted with. Not his decision. I would have called the cops.

  • It looked short also that is not a 14” fish. Those piers are a haven for undersize calico bass hence the reason why they feed them coy food pellets. He should not have touched your fish but also try not to let them bounce on the floor. They need that slime for protection.. tight lines

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