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AH Animated – Ryan the Fish ‘n Chips Man

Ryan: Why can’t I– Geoff: Oh wait Geoff: Shoot!
Michael: I really wish I Michael: Didn’t hafta–
Ryan: Is this already fried? What’s going on? Michael: Look out! LOOK OUT!!! Man! Ryan: There we go Buzzer: Bzzzt! Jeremy: Oh! AAAAAEEEENNNNG!!!
Geoff: Aw fuck Jeremy: You gotta throw that away, no one wants Jeremy: a mushroom and onion soup!
Michael: AHHHHHHHHHHH! Jeremy: Just jump off the truck! Ryan: Alright, here
Jeremy: Failure! Ryan: This is ready to go…
Michael: I did– I did that once, I died Ryan: Chips! Alright, onion soup… uhh, and fried fish– Ryan: –I got a fried fish ready to go Jeremy: Okay, you want some potatoes?
Ryan: Here we go– uh, ‘scuse me, there we– Jeremy: Here’s a potato for ya
Ryan: No– yeah, just throw me some fish and potatoes Ryan: That’s all I need down here Geoff: Fish and potatoes Ryan: Just throw ’em on the ground Jeremy: You got plenty, you got plenty
Ryan: Not an onion! Ryan: I don’t need an onion Ryan: N e v e r bring me an onion
Michael: No I– I need an onion Ryan: If I see an onion in my kitchen, I will fucking flip out– why are there TWO onions in my kitchen?! Michael: NO!! You threw it in the road! Ryan: We can’t do anything with them over here! Michael: I ne– was gonna bring them over! Ryan: I can’t do–
Jeremy: There’s so much shit over here! Jeremy: What the hell is happening?!
Michael: He threw it in the road! Jeremy: Move!
Michael: Well, fine! I’m throwing that in the road! Ryan: [laughing]
Michael: Fuck that! Ryan: That’s my fry basket!
Michael: Well, good! Ryan: I need that!
Michael: It can join my onion, you fuck! Jeremy: What is this?! Ryan: Oh look, it came back! Don’t worry about it Michael: It did come back, Ryan Ryan: You know what? Fuck you! Ryan: Get outta here! Asphyxiate, you bastard!
Jeremy: No, my truck! AHHH!
Michael: My onion… Stop! Geoff: I need a plate!
Michael: Stop! You’re ruining the food! Jeremy: My service truck!
Michael: Nooo!! Geoff: I need– I gotta– I need a plate! Jeremy: What is THIS?! Michael: I– I’m chopping more onions on Michael: Ryan’s side!!
Ryan: Stop it! Ryan: Stop bringing onions! Onions have no place here, I’m a fish and chips man! Michael: [Evil laugh] Michael: *GASP* Michael: Why is there a fire extinguisher?
Geoff: I need– somebody– somebody Michael: AHH!
Geoff: Put out a plate! Ryan: Need that potato!!! Jeremy: Geoff! Jeremy: Plate. Right there! Jeremy: On the left!
Michael: I’m gonna die
Ryan: Ohh no Geoff: Get outta my fucking way!
Michael: I’m gonna die Jeremy: Serve it! Geoff, you took it back outta the plate!
Michael: This makes me feel so bad… Jeremy: Geoff, STOP!
Michael: I don’t wanna be here anymore… Jeremy: Serve it!
Ryan: Just serve a raw potato!
Geoff: [Incoherent screaming] Jeremy: Nooo, Geoff!
Geoff: GAHHHHHH! Ryan: Okay, we got this, though. This was good
Jeremy: Geoff. Jeremy: I watched Geoff–
Michael: We got one star!
Ryan: oNE STAR!! Michael: How did we get a star? We did it! Jeremy: I like– Geoff goes: I need a plate!
Michael: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Jeremy: And he put it back in the plate, Jeremy: Poured it back in the bowl, Jeremy: Put it back in the plate Jeremy: And then put it down in the stack of plates Geoff: It’s a stressful situation, Jeremy! Michael: Ryan threw my onion in the road! Ryan: I really wanna do that one again, ’cause I feel like we coulda done it so well! Michael: [Laugh-choking]
Geoff: Well, on the b– Michael: [Dying]
Jeremy: Alright Jeremy: Oh, we can’t do it, we don’t have enough stars! Jeremy: Wait, do we?
Geoff: Yeah, we do Jeremy: Oh we have 30, that– it costs 29, let’s do it! Ryan: Okay
Geoff: Do you really wanna– ah, fuck it Geoff: just move forward, right? Michael: No, we’ll– listen, we’ll have to go back soon Michael: Until we do, don’t worry about it
Ryan: Let’s keep moving Jeremy: What– Ice?! Geoff: Oh, Christ…


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