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Air Fryer Review – Is it Worth the Money? / Evaluación de Freidora de Aire

what’s going on y’all today on my chopping block I’ve got the Philips airfryer this is hot or not with fit men cook Oh couple weeks ago I’ve asked you all to request a product that you all wanted me to review you all said the airfryer as part of my ongoing relationship with my friends from kohls I hit them up and I said I want to do a review on the airfryer what you got so they can’t read the latest and greatest the Philips airfryer reviews if you’re not familiar one of the trends in the healthy food space right now is to air fry the food essentially this is rapid air technology whereby you put food here to the bin and the air around it is so hot and it’s moving around that it stimulates it being fries it claims to reduce the amount of fat and recipe by about seventy-five percent which is great if you are a huge fan of fried food there are a few air fires out there but I wanted to get this one into the fit mincha kitchen to see if it really did live up to its claim and that about 175 dollars per machine yeah I really want to make sure that it is worth every penny here’s a quick product or this is the machine right here it comes in a box and everything is already assembled because they’re essentially only three parts you’ve got this bin part comes right now this is a bin when you place all the food and then if you press this button right here on the top this is the basket so it’s put all your food instead of this basket and then pop it in place and then insert it right in here and then voila it is supposed to air fry your food I’ll be judging and writing the airfryer on three criteria the first one is quality is the finished product as good as they market it to be because it really give you restaurant style fried food secondly I’ll be judging this on ease of youth is it practical to get to that end product so you have to do 15 different steps beforehand or is it just you chop everything up and you put it in here and you’re good to go and lastly I got my own rating and that is the fit men cook backwards this consider surprise the practicality of it the product design the creativity of recipes that this device can actually inspire as well so everything is going to be considered to make this a very fair evaluation i’m going to use a recipe that they provided in their book so today we’re going to be making their potato they’re crispy potato skin wedges so I have all the directions to prep the potatoes but what I also thought would be helpful is that at the same time these are being cooked in the airfryer that we would also bake them in the oven as we normally would we can kind of see the difference between having an air fried versus that being baked in the oven alright so the first thing I’m gonna do is I’m going to fire this up because I’ve got to preheat this so when I turn it to any one of the timers it just immediately comes on which reason to believe that it’s really easy to heat up further instructions what I’ve done was if I first had to boil the potatoes for about 20-30 minutes until they were tinder and could be pierced with a fork after that I drain them and then put them in the fridge and wants to completely cool down and then I slice them into wedges now the recipe calls for about 2 tablespoons of canola oil for six large potatoes I’m not using that many first off I’m using red potatoes and I don’t have canola oil here but i do have almond oil almond a little has a very high cook point as well that can be used for frying so we’re going to use that I’m going to add a pinch of sea salt and a pinch of pepper I’m going to stir this up open this up because the instructions said you not at any liquid I’m going to place these in here very carefully so that way i won’t get any other oil that here at the bottom of this bowl for this recipe it also says to place the potatoes wedges with the skin down so i’m going to manually do that is what they look like now on the place this in here i’m going to set the timer to 15 minutes as per the instructions and we’re going to let this cook now while this is cooking i’m going to prep the potatoes the way that we normally would so I’ve got some raw potatoes here I’ve also put some almond oil on them and a little bit of sea salt and pepper and now I’m going to spread them on this baking sheet I’m going to bake these in the oven for about 20-25 minutes at 420 so let’s take this out now let’s eat whoa well the first impression it looks great first off look at that Holy Smoke it looks pretty good whoo they even sound like real fries and put them right in here these are right out from the airfryer back part of it is actually pretty crispy here the ones from the oven the outside is hard but it’s not as crispy as the other one as the piece air fried one so now let’s do a quick taste test I’m going to test the ones from this is the airfryer I’ve got a great texture I think that cooking it beforehand really helps out the middle of it to be really soft it’s in what it’s still very firm the outside is crispy it is really flaky which is what you want from a crispy fried potato which now you go with the ones that are baked in the oven there’s a little bit of crispiness on on the outside of it but not but the crispiness is definitely here on the air fried potatoes there is a noticeable difference in the taste and the texture when the air fried ones think that it’s creamier because we had to boil them first to cook the potato and then we let it cool and then we put it in here to fry so I think that’s why it’s much creamier it’s much softer but the outside is very firm it’s very flaky so let’s run down the three criteria in terms of quality thumbs up for quality these are restaurant style potato wedges that you would be proud to put in front of your guests ease of you I would say yes and no I bake my potatoes in the oven for about 20-25 minutes or so but to prep the potatoes according to the recipe that they provided i first had to boil potatoes which is about 20-25 minutes and then let them cool in the fridge which is another 30 minutes for them to cool down completely then slice them up and then season them up the way that I would so that’s almost an hour’s worth of prep just to have some potatoes was it worth it in the very end absolutely I really love the crispiness of it I love the look of it so for ease of use I give it a sideways thumb not every recipe that you use with the airfryer is going to be the exact same so I’m giving it to benefit Adele now for the fitment cuz boom factor I wasn’t too thrilled about the 175 dollar price tag now there are cheaper ones out there but again the Philips one is one of the best out there on the market in terms of making that investment I would consider a couple things do you already do calorie conscious cooking if the answer is yes then this may be one of those wonderful wish listings that you put on your Christmas list that you can wait around to get if you are trying to get into calorie conscious cooking and you’re trying to save on some calories and you’re new to it and you love fried foods well then this may be a great investment for you especially if you have a growing family in terms of practicality this is a hot air technology cooker so it’s called a airfryer but it’s almost kind of like a a convection of them so you can bake things in here as well so I do think that it is very practical in terms of having a lot of different uses terms of creativity there are a ton of things that you can do with this and I like the fact that with this state also provided a recipe book with a lot of cool recipe ideas to get your mind thinking about ways that you can have calorie conscious meals but in a very delicious so fried way the product design yes it’s designed beautifully it looks great it’s pretty sexy but it is not a counter space saver so keep that in mind so for the fit men kaboom factor I do give it a thumbs up and one fit man cooks licks just a one-armed flicks on that to arm one arm because of the price tag a comment below if you purchase an air fryer and I want you to share your favorite recipe and just your overall experience I want to thank my friends over at kohls for allowing me to do a review of the Nuwave airfryer be sure to check the description box below for the purchase mal link if you like what you saw and remember to tweet me email me instagramming Facebook me whatever just get at me and let me know the new technology that you want me to review and I head over the coals and go grab it and we will put it on the fit men cook chopping block all right y’all until next time keep it healthy but of course never ever boring mmm

  • Get yourself an oyster table top convection oven because it includes an air fryer. Plus, convection, bake, broil and toast.

  • I'll stick with microwaving my fries then baking them with a light coat of frying olive oil on 400 degrees for 10-15 minutes. I mean do you have to cook chicken first?

  • If you’re battering any food it’s not going to be as healthy as it should be. Great review but this product is kind of a joke imo.

  • I love my air fryer… I like your channel…but I think that you picked a poor example to do a review. There are many recipes that don't require boiling a potato for 25 minutes beforehand. I think that was a poor choice to do a comparison review… other than that I like your channel. Thanks

  • Side note, if you buy a lot of pre-cooked fried foods like frozen tenders, nuggets, or fries, 400f for 5-6 min is all it takes

  • I have seen a few videos which say that air fryers are not worth the money. You can have the same effect by using a tray that is off the floor and with holes in so the heat circulates around, rather than using a standard baking tray.

  • i assume its more for vegetables, etc, then Hamburger, or Steak, or any type of meat!!!,, YOu had to do all that to get a potatoes ready , and its worth it, just for a slight difference in texture???

  • bad review, you picked the easiest recipe they provided and with an ingredient that doesn't even have fat in it 1/10 for you and 1/10 for the fryer

  • Would have like to see an apples to apples comparison. Why not boil the potatoes before oven cooking to see if they both have the same softness and crispiness since the prep time is much longer with the air fryer?

  • Why don't you test a real oil fryer against the air fryer? I bet the oil fryer will beat it! Also I think peanut oil is the tastier oil.

  • I am interested in getting this. I will look for a used one (I live in Brazil, but people have them here). I see one person mentioned the electric bill went up. Anyone else have any info about the electricity? Electric in Rio is VERY expensive, so that is a deal breaker! Thanks!

  • I'm a bigger fan of the NuWave convection grill. Anything that can cook something from frozen is aces in my book. I made bacon wrapped chicken breasts for dinner last night. Everything started frozen, 30 mins later completely cooked and amazing.

  • Great review! I want really sure about air fryers or how they work, but I kept hearing about them when I was looking up recipies. This review covered everything I was curious about. I almost never fry food and opt for baking instead, and it doesn't seem like the air fryer makes enough of a difference for me so I think I'll pass on it.

  • I'm confused now because I thought the person of the air fryer was to get away from oils or grease. But he still had to use canola oil. So how is it much different from frying on the stove?

  • I enjoyed your review. But, I feel you should have boiled all the potatoes before cooking. This would have been equal type of foods. Boiling first changes the texture of potatoes. You are testing two different types of potatoes.

  • Soon, you couldn't find a word in the dictionary that you can pin down with a definitive meaning/definition. Fry means not with oils/fats, but using hot air, baked means hanging food outside on a clothesline under the hot sun, grill means to wearing diamond/gold grills on your teeth and grinning while ordering food from the local restaurant.

  • If you have a convection oven, then save your money. You can do the exact same thing with a baking sheet and a wire cooling rack in a convection oven. Also, even a toaster oven with convection is a better deal, and you can make a hell of a lot more things in a toaster oven than you can an air fryer, and a decent convection toaster oven is about a third the price of a decent air fryer. Black and Decker makes an awesome all stainless steel convection toaster oven for under $100.

  • I don’t understand why u compared fried fries to baked fries it’s not the same it feel it would have been a better review if u compared the air fries to deep fried fries because isn’t that what this product is trying to simulate?

  • Wait… Did you boil both sets of potatoes or just the one for the air fryer? If just for the air fryer, then this really isn't a good comparison IMHO

  • I got an awesome one from walmart for 70.00…don't have to boil the potatoes only takes 20-25min depending on the size of the potatoes

  • I been using the orig phillips air fryer for bout 6yrs plus it does what it says..but what u need to kno …yes u can clean the basket n drip basket ..but the top heating clean the grease etc buildup i found jus wiping it dwn is not enough..i have a garage .what i found to get the top coil degreased is to go out side my garage plug it in get it 350 degress then spray top ..coils .drip basket.. with oven cleaner..let sit unplugged for 5 min then hose out complete unit ….many fumes but if outside .it ok .to do this in apt ..fumes too much…

  • I don’t be trusting for niggas. They be eating nasty kale, so if this is booty we’d never know. If a fat dude loves this then I’ll trust him.

  • Works great is not energy efficient though. The best thing to use it for is reheating leftovers from a restaurant like Chinese food it comes out just like you just had it served freshly cooked. Way better then a microwave reheats for sure.downfall, I am not impressed with boiling or precooking anything!! I wanna set it n forget it

  • I would agree with Jack breezier. Not only do I not like the price tag, but during the cooking time, you have to flip or turn something over or shake it. Since the Philips air fryer came out, other brands have Kmart. Such as the George Foreman twist and crisp air fryer, that which is by far my favorite, because it has a rotating basket and that you don’t have to flip, shake or turn anything over during the frying process It only retails for $60 at target. And I like that one over all the other brands, including the brand go wise USA.

  • I have this exact model and have been using it quite a bit for a while now (1 year or so). It is definitely for smaller portions, which is perfect if you are serving 1-2 people. I did a steak for the first time today with no hot skillet attachment. I put it right on the surface with all the holes after marinating it for 2 days straight. Heated it for 4 mins before putting the steak in at the max 390F. Cooked it for 12 mins and flipped it at 6 mins. Let it sit for 10 mins before cutting into it… here are the results. Turned out to be a perfect med – med/rare steak.

  • Nobody cares about wedges. The truth is fried chicken. My guess is they know the chicken wont be Really Wedges? Where is the Whiting, catfish, etc?

  • I bought this for $75 but mine is the Phillips TurboStar HD9621/96. the one in this video looks alil bit different

  • Friendly warning, don't buy these plastic appliance, they give cancer causing burned plastic smell the first few times you use it. It's even written in the manual.
    There's a reason why your oven is made of mostly metal.

  • Great review, however, I see no point in parboiling the potatoes before air frying them. I have a Faberware Air Frier that cost about $80.00 dollars from Amazon. Just cut the raw potatoes in wedges and place them in a bowl and add some salt or seasons and about a tablespoon of almond oil. Cook them so that the wedge sides are evenly exposed to the heat, skin side down at 400 degrees for about 15 min. That's it!!! Now, you're gonna love how it cooks chicken thighs!!! Season the thighs and add about a tablespoon of oil in a bowl and stir them up. Place them skin side down in the frier and set the timer for ten minutes. Turn them over and let them thighs cook for another 10-15 minutes. Then WoW!!! You'll find the meat tender and moist and the skins will be as crispy as a potato chip!!! You're gonna love em!!!

  • Boiling them for all that time and then into the air cooker for more cooking again ..isn't that a load of over cooking ?

  • "For those calorie conscious"
    Nah. Not worried about that. I just wanna know if it's an easier way to make fried chicken and stuff. Cause getting a pot of oil going or pulling out he deep frier is way too much for a quick lunch lol.

    Honestly I mean I know you're all on about health. But the point of an air frier is to replace a deep frier. Not a stove. So you shoulda compared air frier compared to deep fried. Big with the same prep. Probably I would have had a batch in both a deep frier (and/or oil heated on a stove top) and the air frier with no prep and a bath the had the boiled and cooled prep.

  • I haven't looked at the comments, but if you had prepped the oven baked ones the same way as the air fryer, I'm pretty confident they would have turned out identical.

  • I returned my Ninja. I does not hold much, so you have to do cooking in batches, therefore twice as long and twice the hassle. Soaking potatoes is a hassle and I don't think they came out that good. It takes up a lot of room on the counter! There is quite a limited number of things that work well in it. Everything I tried would be better in the oven. And it was noisy; the oven is silent. I would not recommend getting one.

  • Lots of people talk about boiling potatoes before frying them, which is normal if you pan-fry potatoes..
    But no-one comments on the fact he uses oil on the potatoes even though he said at the start "no oil needed" and that would make it healthier.

  • As a cannibal i just thought id say real quick it works great on human flesh too, comes out like a nice ham with crispy skin!

  • $150 is a bit much. I got this one for $69 and it works great, looks better too.

  • Air fryer is the same as cooking in the conventional oven, thats like buying a xbox one x vs xbox one s

  • I do have an air fryer! I did not purchase it for the purpose of healthy cooking! That's a fringe benefit. I just have it to quickly cook frozen foods that would normally come out of a microwave as a barely edible mush. It's done its job fairly well so far… I can honestly say that a Hot Pocket cooked in an air fryer is much better than it would be from a microwave. I may try something more exciting later, but I'm definitely NOT going to be boiling potatoes just to make wedges later. Kind of defeats the purpose.

  • Look guy from :14 to 1:14 a whole one minute you had 10 friggin cuts in your video I mean who can't stand there and say that in one minute without having to cut it together Seriously smh

  • I have a cheap air fryer and I love it. Haven't made raw foods in it yet. Easy for my kids to use for hot dogs, French fries, chicken nuggets..etc. I will try these fries tonight instead of throwing the bag fries in there. Today I saw that TJ Maxx has this brand for $75. Might upgrade.

  • usually an air fryer will have 4 levels 200ish 500ish 1000w and like 1200-1500w …you consider using it for 6 hours a day on medium high (1000w), then that would be 180 hours a month (30days x 6hrs) …on a rough average kW/h rating of 15 cents, you are spending an extra 180kW, which would be $27.00… but tbh that isn't even a real scenario unless you're using it every single day… i would estimate roughly $5-10 a month extra on your bill for the average person who uses it around 3 days out of the week with 3-4 hour usage

  • The main thing people are interested in about a fryer is for wings and frenchfries. and how that air fryer compares to a deep fryer.

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