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Alligator vs Crocodile | ANIMAL BATTLE (+ Leopard Seal vs Steller Sea Lion winner)

They are aggressive, ferocious and have an
incredibly powerful bite. Welcome to the 17th episode of animal battle
which is going to be an interesting one. Ladies and gentlemen, it is my honor to present
to you our two competitors: – The American Alligator
– Versus – The Nile Crocodile
At the end of the video, you are going to vote the winner of this battle and you will
find out who is the winner of the last battle between the Leopard Seal and the Steller Sea
Lion. Let’s do it! I am Mario and this is Animal Battle! Before starting the animal battle I wanted
to announce that I have made a discord community server for all my subscribers and animal lovers,
where you can talk with me and other people about animals, pets, this YouTube channel,
and other topics. Just click on the link in the description
and Spike will be happy to see you there. So in order to find out who is the winner
of this Animal Battle, we shall analyze our competitors based on 6 characteristics: Agility,
Attack, Defense, Intelligence, Bonus Skill and Survival. But firstly we need to be able to differentiate
the alligator from the crocodile. You might have heard that in order to differentiate
an alligator from a crocodile you need to look at their fourth lower tooth, which can
be seen in crocodiles but not in alligators. But that is just a minor difference and it
is way easier to tell them apart looking at the shape of their snouts. Crocodiles have a pointed and narrow V-shaped
snout, whilst alligators have a wide and round U-shaped snout. That is why, when alligators close their jaws
you can’t see their lower teeth, and crocodiles cannot hide their bottom teeth when they close
their mouths. Now let’s start with agility! How fast are they and would you be able to
escape from a crocodile or an alligator? On land Nile crocodiles can reach speeds of
up to 14 km/h, and American alligators are even faster, reaching speeds of up to18 km/h. So you should be able to escape from them
on land. But you would have no chance in water because
American alligators can swim with a speed of up to 32 km/h and Nile crocodiles can reach
speeds of up to 35 km/h. To swim so fast they use their long and muscular
tails. So let’s see their agility stats. They have pretty high agility stats, especially
for such large reptiles. And now, let’s go to the most interesting
part of the video: the Attack and Defense stats. And oh boy are they large. Male American Alligators can reach up to 4.6
m in length and weigh up to 450 kg. The largest one recorded though was a 5.84
meter 1000 kg-alligator. But Nile Crocodiles are even larger. They can weigh up to 750 kg on average and
reach 5 m in length. And if that isn’t scary enough, the largest
one recorded weighed 1090 kg and measured 6.45m in length. And it is not only their size that gives them
their reputation. American alligators and Nile crocodiles are
also known for their powerful jaws. American alligators have a bite force of about
3000 psi which is 3 times more powerful than the bite of a lion. But that is still less than the bite force
of the Nile crocodile, which is the animal with the most powerful bite. It has a bite force of about 5000 psi which
is just incredible. But the irony is that they have jaws so specialized
for a powerful crunch, that the muscles that open their mouths are very weak. That is why you can hold the mouth of an alligator
or a crocodile closed if you dare to approach one. American Alligators are opportunistic hunters,
preying on a variety of animals from fish, birds, turtles, and snakes to mammals like
raccoons, deer, and even wild boars. Nile Crocodiles are the terror of the animals
from the African savannah. They can eat fish birds and mammals like monkeys,
zebras, and antelopes. Both American alligators and Nile crocodiles
are ambush hunters, which means that they will wait for the prey to get close to them
and then they attack. In order to kill the prey, they drag it into
the water and drown it. It is very hard to escape their jaws, especially
when they use a technique called the “death roll”. They roll to tear off large pieces of meat
and then swallow those large pieces because they can’t chew the flesh. And you are not safe even on land because
they happen to hunt on land occasionally. Nile crocodiles are more aggressive than American
alligators. In fact, Nile crocodiles, together with saltwater
crocodiles kill more than 1000 people a year. Alligators are not as deadly, 28 humans dying
in the USA due to alligator attacks since 1970. Being such ferocious predators, they don’t
really have natural predators. Nile Crocodiles can sometimes be killed by
hippos and American alligators can be preyed upon by pythons or some big cats. So let’s see their stats. They have really high attack and defense stats,
Nile crocodiles being slightly better due to their larger size and a stronger bite. What’s next? Intelligence stats! Well, they are not very intelligent like all
reptiles… I guess you can’t have everything. Still, American alligators have been observed
balancing sticks and branches on their heads to lure birds looking for nesting material. When the bird approaches to take the stick
the alligator catches it. But it is still not known whether they are
really using tools or it is just a coincidence. So their intelligence stats are… Not that good. But their bonus skill stats might be better. Both of them have incredible eyes. They have thick eyelids and a protective membrane
used to see better underwater. During the day their pupil is narrow, but
at night it becomes very large. They have a layer on the retina that reflects
the light which makes their eyes shine. This gives them a great night vision. And to protect their eyes they can actually
draw their eyeballs back into the sockets during an attack. Crocodiles and Alligators also have salt glands
for eliminating the salty water and can live in large groups which would be a much greater
bonus skill if they used coordinated attacks. Also, American alligators are more tolerant
to cold. So let’s see their bonus skill stats. Pretty good. And last, but not least, let’s go over their
survival stats. Both are doing pretty good here, being listed
as least concern species. There are about 5 million American alligators
in the USA which have a lifespan of 30-50 years and can lay 20-50 eggs at once. Also, there are about 250 000-500 000 Nile
crocodiles in the wild which have a lifespan of 70-100 years and can lay up to 90 eggs
at once. So it is time to see their final stats. As you can see Nile Crocodiles are doing better
at attack and defense while American Alligators are better at Survival due to their way larger
population. So who is the winner? It is up to you because you can vote the winner
in the poll right there and leave your opinions in the comments down below. Also tell your friends, parents and most importantly
tell your babushka to smash that subscribe button because it would make Spike very happy
and we will not rest until we beat both pew die pie and t series. [DONG] Oh, right, it is time to announce the
winner of the last Animal Battle between the Leopard Seal and the Steller Sea Lion. So, after counting all the votes, the winner
is … the Leopard Seal. It is an agile, intelligent and powerful animal
and deserves to participate further for the title The Best Animal in the World. If you wanted the Steller sea lion to win
you shouldn’t be upset, because here, on M from aniMals we love and respect all animals. So, once again, don’t forget to vote the
winner of this episode’s battle in the top right corner. And if you like what I make consider supporting
me on patreon to fill up that patreon list with your name. Respect animals!


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