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AMAZING Clear Water Lake PERCH Fishing (ft Scarna Fishing)

but I actually find my pompous substitute have to find the sisters the mothers and the grandmothers of this one okay that’s a feisty perch yeah first fish of the morning goes to Germany was owned was gone good morning everybody and welcome to Lake Salle ago on this beautiful crispy early morning we like Telugu is located in the southern part of France and the weather today compared to last time it’s it’s a joke it’s so ridiculously good-looking this place we have all the mountains in the back here and we have some giant perch swimming in the water now that the rain is gone I think we we had a nice nice nice day on water today so at least we have the weather on our site today because last time the episode you can watch up here for a pair I can never remember which corner it is we caught I caught a really nice perch of 43 centimeters but man we were soaking wet and I had to be in a shower for half an hour to regain my my inner body warmth but that’s not gonna be the case today today the weather is just awesome at all we have basically no clouds in the sky and and hopefully nothing short of awesome day on the trip since now yeah it’s like 6:30 in the morning so now it’s time for us to get the boat in the water and start this epic epic epic day of fishing [Music] what’s appetizing with this place I think the the weed beds are just the right hi you know and it’s quite easy to fish in one when there is too much we did we lost a large amount of time by cleaning the Lewis etc the grass here is it’s not so not about two big densities you know so the shuttle bait go through easily [Music] a good fish perfect 40 centimeter perch yeah nice okay let’s put it back what a spark of the morning yeah yeah good so nice yes super nice now we know that they are yeah perfect I agree with me really yeah we have to find the sisters the mothers and the grandmothers of this one okay yeah keep casting you think I should change to the shuttlebay story still go with a smaller presentation I I think we should wait for second bite on the shuttle way to be sure that is a good lure to have you we might try with with something else just a couple of minute I think just to say one person is not you can you can have the the true with only one one fish I think yeah yeah that’s true any fish could have yeah that’s fish could have probably than anything so yeah keep on casting so the morning today started off pretty good the weather and the scenery is nothing short of awesome but after that we haven’t had a bite in like at least three four hours now the wind disappeared completely yeah I think that that’s a problem internationally wherever you go when the wind dies you’re gonna have a hard time catching some fish and I traveled here alone cuz pontus had to be at home and take care of the stuff at home but I actually find my punctus substitute hello if it’s Jeremy’s brother and it’s Nico and his fly fishing from a seven best flow tube and he has a beard so it feels like I am emotionally covered right now when I found my pond to substitute float tube fishing here in France is really really really big I haven’t really done it properly myself but I do see that convenience of it you know you don’t have to have a trail II don’t have to have an expensive boat it’s just to have a flow tube and to get out on the water and especially for fishing in sweden finnland olam the opportunities for flow tube fishing is absolutely great so I’m damn sure gonna try out the floaties of fishing more where we when we get home but now I have tried almost every bit in my entire tackle box so I’m I’m gonna try a small crank bait I think and then we’re gonna then hopefully we’re gonna smack some perch up that perche caught 40 centimeter it’s still a beautiful perch i-it’s probably apart from when I went to a very famous percé place in Sweden with autumn order which by the way you can see up here I mean I’ve almost never ever seen a 40 centimeter perch so for me that’s a giant fish and really if some of you guys don’t think that then it’s okay for you but because we are not out here to always catch the biggest fish we’re out there to have a nice time drink some coffee and enjoying the company in this beautiful scenery so we just switched places here we came now to a beautiful beautiful place it’s like every place here it’s beautiful but this is a this is particularly more beautiful than the rest of the places and now we finally have some wind also so I have high hopes of us getting some fish into the boat right now but it has been dead slow but as all of you guys know sometimes the wind is the real game-changer of the day I’m fishing it today when I’m in figures going for perch and sander and some small pike not big Pike because I’m only fishing with small crankbaits monkey shad and all the other baits I have a gator bait fish rod and I have a level mg extreme from Abu Garcia that combined with spiderwire 0.08 and this combo is like a very lightest combo I have ever fished with in my entire life so rod is eight foot and it’s from three to twenty grams and it’s absolutely perfect for perch fishing what I really like about it also is that you have a white tip which is really visible when you fish with it so if you have any slack line if you have anything you will see it on the white tip for sure the arrow mg extreme is also a really really light really it feels like it has like carbon all over it which makes it a super light reel that’s the melenz EO melancia was set up for perch why yes fish on you we’re piling them up or everybody else in the boat except for me whew that’s a feisty perch yeah you know we need Carolina rig to to see the beauty Wow the only thing that works for the moment yeah you beautiful fish on the crow after Southern casts I finally got my fish I’m so glad but it was so odd I hear that they call the muskie the fish of 10,000 cash they don’t know what they’re talking about it’s the perch this one basically yeah so let’s guess the southern time more to have another one mayor good the next strike will come in five hours you might see that the wind is blowing again now it might be a real game-changer for now because when there’s no in at all it’s so slow fishing and now we get some bites with this little win writing up so yeah it was blowing for like five minutes yeah and then we had the first fish and big follower I hope we’re hoping this is the game changer yeah I think we get some bytes from now [Music] [Applause] [Music] nice fish on baby look at this perch fast on it oh it’s so beautiful we first fish of the day yes it could have been bigger but it could not have been more beautiful and that’s everything that matters to me almost everything screw going for big fish we’re here for having fun are you jealous of this fish I could understand that so that’s my pontus substitute he’s following us cuz we’re catching so many big fish oh now we put this baby back never was owned was gone yes I have been dreaming for a bite for so long and finally I set the hook and I got it to the boat yes all day to get a fish and it’s on the house finally oh so bad though well well well well boys and girls I just put on a a monkey shot in the colored ghost Roach to get a bigger presentation of the bait in the water and even if this isn’t there a really big fish it feels so good to get a fish every now and then doesn’t it we’re not gonna waste these guys time anymore but it still got my part humping and that’s all that matters we’re gonna say bye-bye to this little girl ciao ciao I really hope you have a good life and become a big perch that was unexpected I was deep down in the weeds I think usually this Megabass ChatterBait is too heavy for this style of fishing somebody going down deep into the weeds but all of a sudden that purge came and took the lure I really really like it when I have a plan in my head and I execute it and I catch a fish on it for example you know this fish without any any jigs on it it’s just basically it’s not so much volume headed but then I put the hole so good monkey shad on it to give it a more volume and to give that read striking point at the end of the lure and it really did the trick for that fish and for my self-confidence and if you have a fishing shop somewhere in Europe or somewhere in the whole world I want to have the monkey shot and all of our other baits the pike baits some other perch models make sure to give email to this address right here and we will sort details from there there are more and more shops all around the world who makes this job possible for us to go around and probably entertain you guys a little bit so that would be much appreciated that was the end of the communication message for this time so that last fish I caught was actually a really really heartwarming fish we fought the whole day and finally got a little piece of reward but that was everything for today I have had a great time in France overall the food and the company and everything has been absolutely fantastic couldn’t have asked for anything else I want to thanks karna so much for having me on for these days thanks yeah it was awesome it was absolutely awesome and a few weeks these two boys will join me on Overland and then we will hopefully have a lot of exciting stuff coming up from that but thanks so much for watching today’s episode now we’re gonna take the boat up and head home remember to subscribe and like and to subscribe to their awesome Channel and we will see you guys next time that was everything for now ciao [Music] [Laughter]


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