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Amy Deep Sea Fishing in Aruba. Tuna & Barracuda

(meMiner theme music)
Well, today’s big adventure Deep sea fishing in Aruba
Going to get some fish Am(y) (music)
Lure is just in the wake of the boat (dramatic music)
Good girl! What are you doing with your phone? Take a video
Whoo-hoo Tuna, Tuna, Tuna! Oh my lord, a nice one
Tuna, Tuna! Oh my lord, a nice one
Good job Am(y) Oh, nice job
Careful Am(y) (Boat motor sounds)
(dramatic music) Oh no
Barracuda Barracuda
Awesome Am(y) ya ya ya
Put it in the box Put in the box
OK watch out I hope I have more luck tomorrow
(wind sounds) (soft music)
Nice Fresh, fresh, fresh
Can’t get any fresher than that Aw, amazing
Look at that, like a tenderloin, eh Yeah, like out of a deer or something of that
size Skinny


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