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Annoying Orange – Fish Barfception! #Shocktober

(wolf howling) – [Voiceover] Woohohahahaha! – Yeah, and that’s how I
got a date with Nicki Minaj. – Wow, good story. – Man, I had the weirdest
dream last night. – Yeah? – What happened? – Well, for some reason,
everyone in the kitchen was able to barf up whole fish. – Entire fish? – I know, right. Super weird. – Not really. You’re sure it was a dream? I mean, I can barf up a
whole trout, anytime I want. – Yeah. Me too. – What? – Sure. Watch? Burp! – Burp! – Burp! Yay! – What the? – You try. – There’s no way. I can’t do that? – Oh, really? – Oh! Oh, what’s happening? Blaaaah! Huh? Huh? Oh, it was just another dream! – Dude, are you OK? – It sounded like you were
sleep barfing or something. – Yeah, I guess I kinda was. – OK. Let me pour you some medicine for that. – No. I’m fine now. It was just, wait. Why is that pouring up? – It’s not. It’s pouring down. – Well, then, why are
we on the ceiling then? – We’re not dude. We’re on the wall. – The wall? – Duh! – OK. Why is gravity so messed up? – I don’t know. Maybe it’s because buuurp! – Ah! Huh! Oh! – Dude? You up? – I’m not sure. This might just be another dream. – What do you mean? – Aaaah! – Aaaah! – Bluurp! Aaah! – Aaah! – Blurp! – Aaah! – Blurp! – Hahaha! Look how small he is. – Aaaah! Wah! Wah! – Orange! You ok? – No, I’m not OK. I’m stuck in the middle of
some creepy, weird, fish, barf seption dream sequence. – Fish, barf seption? What are you talking about? – You mean, you’ve never
seen anyone barf up a fish? – What? Of course not. – And you’ve never stood on
a wall and poured medicine sideways. – Dude. You’re talking crazy. – Hahaha! Yay! Hahaha! – OK. Now I know you’re crazy. – I’m home! I made it home! Woohoo! Yay! – What’s up with Orange? – No, clue. He’s going on about barfing
up fish or something. – That’s so weird. Everyone knows there’s no
such thing as barfing up fish. Only dolphins. – I know right. Blaar! – Blaar! – Care for some sea weed tea? – Don’t mind if I do. (energetic music) – Alright. Everything is hooked up
and we’re ready to go. Little Apple, throw the switch. – Right away, Dr. Bananas. – It’s working. She’s alive! The bride of Frankenfruit is alive! Oh oh! I think we tripped a breaker. – Ah! I was trying to read. – [Voiceover] Hahahaha! – [Voiceover] Knife.


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