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Anyone Fishing After Work | Episode 1 | Beginner to Advanced

hi guys and welcome to the channel today
today I’m doing an hour after work fishing
episode as you can see I’m still sitting in a course a bit when the outside so I
thought maybe to do the intro inside my car today
as you can see I spin baits for the first time today and see how it goes so
hopefully we catch something maybe not ok as you can see the dam is already
much fuller than last time can almost not stand on the GT the only it’s much
better than was just the one that’s a bit bad we will see how it goes ok this
is the spin bait that I am going to try today I’m not really sure how spin mates
work but we’re gonna see how it goes today
and if it works the gospel does this yourself Africa first fish with a spanner waits for a
bad-sized person next time under a try maybe a soup or
something at that time but I hope you guys enjoy the video please comment
below if you have any advice for fishing and windy conditions as well as what
type of path baits I can use here if you think there’s something that you should
try and please subscribe to the channel I really appreciate it I hope you guys
have an awesome day


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