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ASMR KFC Nashville Hot Fried Chicken WINGS 닭 튀김 (Crunchy Eating ) No Talking | Nomnomsammieboy HD

can i get a kiss and can you make it last forever like and subscribe! kfc has wings now! a chicken restaurant just now adding wings to the menu I got nashville hot wings and plain to compare there was a lot of extra nashville hot sauce in the container first impression these are super crispy oh wow kfc. did you finally get chicken kind of right!? These are fresh out the fryer. That really helps I had to wait 20 minutes for my food but worth it kfc chicken that sat around in the store for hours is always bad this is fresh and crispy the nashville hot chicken flavor is good but the sauce is mainly just vegetable oil fried chicken is already oily so that seems dumb The plain extra crispy since there is no sauce i would buy the plain take it home and put your own hot sauce on it I prefer a vinegar based sauce give me some crystal hot sauce! kentucky fried chicken ranch is really good a tad watery but it works to coat the wing it has a really nice strong buttermilk tang to it this is by far the best thing I’ve had from kfc in years their chicken sandwiches are bad, the mac n cheese looks terrible the chicken has always sat too long and is soggy with oil but these crispy delicious wings are great! I guess the lesson is go at the end of the lunch rush when they have run out of premade food this is too much sodium though that part can’t be argued I am thinking of making my own wings next week I have been obsessed with the idea of making a mustard based sauce I want to toss wings in a mustard sauce then air fry them and then toss them in more sauce I think that would be really good breaded wings are super filling I love the crunch, but they are heavy to eat I’m feeling a naked wing next time then I don’t have to feel so bad about the calories and carbs and it is a completely different taste and flavor experience I don’t prefer breaded or unbreaded wings they are just different things yeah ive had enough oil and salt for today! clean up clean up everybody clean up


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