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ASMR KOREAN SPICY CHICKEN+CHEESE BALL+SHRIMP RING eating sounds MUKBANG 뿌리고치킨 먹방咀嚼音チキン+チーズボール+エビフライ

Coke Double Cheese ball Let’s eat ! There are cheddar cheese and mozzarella cheese inside. This cheese is soft and sweet, like bhc’s cheese balls. Fried shrimp ring+Devil Sauce Super crispy ♡ Soo good ! Spicy pepper chicken It’s spicy and sweet and a little salty ! I like seasoned chicken. Especially, seasoned with powder like this way. Both chicken and cheese balls are soo delicious. I really want to recommend today’s menus ! ^ ^ b Radish pickle This sauce tastes spicy and very unique. It’s really good ! Even the sauce is delicious.haha Ketchup Thank you so much for watching !


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