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Augusta GA! A little History; River Walk and Brewery!

(rousing upbeat music) – [Narrator] Augusta,
Georgia is approximately 150 miles east of
Atlanta on Interstate 20, and boarded by South Carolina
on the Savannah River. It’s also a center for medicine,
manufacturing and military. The city lies across the Savannah
River from South Carolina. Georgia’s second largest
city from Atlanta, Augusta’s located in the
Piedmont section of the state. Augusta has a rich history
dating back to the early 1700s. A settlement which was established in 1736 is named for Princess Augusta
of Saxe-Gotha, 1719 to 1772, the bride of Frederick, Prince of Wales, and the mother of the
British monarch, George III. The area along the
river was long inhabited by various cultures of indigenous people, such as the Crete and Cherokee Indians who relied on the river for
fish, water and transportation. This site of Augusta was
used by Native Americans as a place to cross the Savannah River, because of its location on the fall lines. The city experienced the
Augusta Fire of 1916, which damaged 25 blocks of the town and many buildings of
historical significance. With the construction of
the Augusta Canal in 1847, Augusta became the second
largest inland cotton market in the world during the cotton boom. Augusta also served as the
state capital of Georgia from 1785 until 1795, and has many historical
significant homes and buildings, such as the Cotton Exchange
established in 1872, the boyhood home of the 20th president United States, Woodrow Wilson, Ezekiel Harris House
1797, George Walton home, signer of the Declaration of Independence, and Springfield Baptist Church, the oldest African-American
church in America. The castle-like building that you see is the historic Sibley Mill, located on the Augusta Canal
and the Savannah River. It was designed by Jones S. Davis, built on the site previously occupied by the Confederate Powder Works,
and was completed in 1882. Textile products were
produced here until 2006. The building is now unoccupied. In 1977, the mill produced
denim for Levi Strauss. The Mill was built to
operate on hydropower and continues to generate
electricity today. This building is huge and has a demanding and regal presence. It is seen off the highway into Augusta, one cannot miss it. Gonna eat at The Pizza Joint. Really good, delicious, yummy. I highly recommend. This is on the Savannah River in Georgia. Very pretty. (uplifting music) Well, there you have it, a little history of
charming Augusta, Georgia. For those who haven’t visited yet, it’s a great city to explore
on your next adventure. Thank you for watching. If you haven’t already and
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