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Australian Beef is the greatest meat on earth, in the world.

-There you are.
-Thanks. And where’s this beef from? (SINGS) ♪ Well… ♪ This beef has been farmed by
farmers from our famous country ♪ Makes every trip to hardware stores
a sausage-eating jubilee… ♪ Oh! It’s Australian… ♪ When roasted, sliced and diced,
it’s sure to cause mania ♪ From the mainland or Tasmania ♪ I’m very proud to say to ya… ♪ ♪ That the greatest meat on earth
is beef that’s from Australia? ♪ Indeed! ♪ It’s the greatest meat on earth ♪ In the world. ♪ Do…do you do that
for every customer? (MUSICAL FLOURISH)

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