🐓 Make Clear PERFECT Ratio CHICKEN Stock

welcome friends today we’re gonna make chicken stock my friend Jamie was in and showed us how to break down a chicken so I’m left with these three chicken carcasses and I thought I’d make stock with them because it’s always a great idea to use the entire animal now chicken stock chicken stock is […]

Blanched king prawns 白焯大虾

Hi guys! Today I am showing you another prawn dish. It’s the simplest and quickest way to eat prawns..and it’s really nice.. ..and you don’t need to use any frying with it OK It’s call blanched king prawns ..and Chinese people like it..I like it This it the prawns For this dish, it’s important we […]

FRANKENCHICKEN ⚡ Radioactive Chicken Heads animated music video

There’s a monster comes a stomping ‘round late at night Frankenchicken, Frankenchicken He’s got a face of green and an underbite Frankenchicken, Frankenchicken You better start to run when you hear his chains jangle Frankenchicken, Frankenchicken ‘Cause he’s on the scene and he’s out to mangle Frankenchicken, Frankenchicken Well he doesn’t use doors, doesn’t need […]