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Eli is learning how to walk. He’s talking more steps than usual. Usually he takes 2-3 steps only. This morning he’s able to take more steps and when he falls he gets right up. Ops! WOW! Eli likes the song “fat fat”. Up, up! Yeah. Good job. For Naly, like 2 weeks before she turns 1 Naly learned how to walk. Eli, as of today he’s 1 year and 4 days old. Naly did not crawl. She just scoot her butt little by little but Eli knows how to crawl. So Naly was not busy since she doesn’t crawl. She sits then scoot then stood up and walk. As for Eli, he’s crawling all over the place. Yesterday we picked up a fishing rod this fishing rod is for salt water. It’s doesn’t rust when using in salt water. We bought it so we can go crab fishing. Have plans to go crab fishing again. This rod cost $60 USD the price includes the rod and the reel. But you have to buy the fishing line separately. The fishing line is good for 65 lbs weight test. This means it’s strong and can handle heavy weight. The fishing line cost $30 USD. It has 300 yards worth. 65 lbs test and 300 yards. So it’s long. We are still missing the crab trap. It’s been ordered and will arrive in a few more days. That was almost $20 USD each. Therefore this whole set to fish crab $60 USD $30 USD $90 USD around $110 USD. Yeah and can be used for a long time. If you go fishing often, then it’s worth it. Like I said, since I’ve shared with you how many times have we gone there? We go there often and soon it’s dungeness crab season. we will go for that but that’s not in season yet so we can only fish for rock crab. The dungeness crab is expensive Last season they were selling at $8 USD per pound. Some places sells at $12-$13 USD per pound. What are you doing Naly? Huh? Looking at the line go. Why do your hair looks like a witch? I don’t know. Yeah, why don’t you tie it? I said her hair looks like a witch and she let go instantly. It looks like noodle strand. No not like noodle. Don’t hit Naly’s head. I want to hold it. I want to hold right here. When we go crab fishing you can hold it. Can you hold it? Yeah, Oun Naly can hold it. You sure? Yeah. Oun Naly knows how to fish too? Afraid it night bit my finger I want to hold the small one. The big ones taste good you know how to eat the small ones? Can you lift it up? Yeah? Watch out Mommy’s head. Yeah, watch out. Oun Naly wants to hold it. Right now he’s cutting down the cucumbers and discarding them. Like I mentioned in previous vlogs those 2 varieties are bitter. Not sure why but sometime it’s bitter and sometime not. Sometime the top is bitter sometimes the end is bitter. Before use, we would taste it first. Then cut off the bitter part. Here are the ripe one that we no longer use. We just let it ripen. There are 3 variety in all. Here’s the 1st. the 2nd, and 3rd on the end. That end one is good. The label says Japanese cucumbers. Some calls it Persian cucumbers. They are small tasty and crunchy. These 2 varieties says it’s not bitter on the label but I don’t know why it’s bitter. This is not the first time, I used to plant cucumber before at my old house and those were bitter too. I don’t know. It’s almost fall season so the weather is a bit cooler now. The trellis is usable will see if I can plant something that climbs and like the cooler weather. The passion vines provides a nice shade. I am standing under them. It’s nice and cool. Also when it matures it will help shelter the heat and the cold in this area. Shelter from the wind and the heat. I bought this trellis for only $1.50 USD from the Japanese store called Daiso. If you are interested in using a trellis consider getting it. It’s affordable. Check out my jalapenos peppers. They are looking good. I can pick some to make stir fry lemongrass paste this evening. I like to spend my time in the garden like taking care, cut and trim them but Eli is just now learning to walk so he’s busy. I don’t have much time to do all this. He’s just learning and constantly grabbing stuff will see once he’s a bit sturdy then he can wander in the backyard without fear him eating dirt. If allowed now, the grass will be in his mouth. Cut the ripe cucumbers in halves and feed them to the chickens. Let them peck for fun. Technique on how to gather all in 1 trip. They are fighting for them. I want to show you my pomegranate. We bought and planted this year. Around March? It appears that 3 fruits took and stayed. This one is the biggest. This is a white flesh pomegranate. The seeds are light, soft and very sweet. They are not hard like the other variety. Also it’s outer color is not as red as what we are used to seeing in photos. For us, the flavor is so yummy! That’s why I researched to get this variety. It will be ready to taste in another 1-2 months. I will then show you the inside of it. Taking this time to trim off the Thai eggplant. See how luscious the leaves are growing? If there’s eggplant as much as the leaves there would be plenty for use. Or if we can use the leaves for cooking, well maybe they use them, I don’t know. I’ve never used them. Maybe there’s too much leaves and the sunlight will not shine through. Therefore no eggplant? So now we are trimming some of the leaves off. The eggplant does not die here in the winter. The leaves might drop or turns yellow but during spring time the leaves will grow again. Makes it easy as we don’t have to replant next year. Let me show you my baby passion fruit vines. I trimmed my vines and just plant the cuttings. Planted a lot but these 2 survive. Anybody want passion fruit cuttings, I got them. It’s easy. Just plant the cuttings and take or it. It will grow. The leaves here hasn’t been trimmed yet. That’s why it looks full still. He’s almost done trimming it looks spacious now. Like there’s sunlight shining through. Maybe it’s because of that there’s too much leaves covering and not enough sunlight so the eggplant is not growing well. Let’s see after this if it gets any better. Now he goes trim the tomato plant. They said if you don’t trim the tomato plant all the energy goes to the leaves. The tomatoes will not grow as well. We do trim them often and so there’s good results and we get to harvest them often. They said to specifically trim the stems that’s touching the ground. When it’s on the ground it can attract insects and goes up and destroy the plant. So cut off all the stems that’s on the ground. When you water it gets dirty too. You don’t see very much tomatoes as we pick them as soon as they are green and ready. It taste better than cucumbers, the green tomatoes. Because it’s not bitter. What is “ping pos”? Tomato in Khmer it’s called “ping pos”. Pick the tomato for Mommy to eat. Mommy want to taste it, that’s red. It’s broken on the top. That’s OK. You can eat it like that it’s cut like that like a cherry. Like a cherry? Yeah. Small but it’s ripe. It’s suppose to be bigger than this. It’s OK, let’s taste it. Mmm… Sweet and sour with a sprinkle of salt it’s real good. Don’t eat it yet, it’s not wash yet. Naly said don’t eat it yet because it’s not wash yet. Mmm… it’s good. It’s not wash yet! Yeah I know. Sorry, Mommy forgot. Next time Mommy wash it. – Do you want to taste it?
– NO! Why? Don’t taste it because it’s not wash yet. You got to throw that away. You don’t wash it. Yeah, Mommy will throw away in a bit. OK, thank you. I like to eat tomatoes when I was young but the big tomatoes I walk around the neighborhood call Oak Park (in Stockton, CA). But now I don’t like it as much I can eat it, just not favorable like when I was young. Back then I eat a tomato like a fruit. Mommy, do you want to play basketball? Huh? Want to play basketball? Later Mommy will play. OK. Wait til Mommy stomach is smaller. Wait til Mommy stomach is smaller? Yeah, then you play with me. When will Mommy stomach get smaller Naly? I don’t know. ???? Right now my brother in law is putting the fishing line that we got. onto his fishing rod. We bought 2 fishing rod and 2 of the fishing line and 3 of the crab jaw. The crab jaw has not arrived yet. We now have the fishing rod and the fishing line. Julianna are you helping? You helping Daddy? I help Uncle Jason. For those wanting to see a house tour see it? Like I said, I can barely get it tidy the kids will set up their house again. Every day, I tidy and they pull it out again. So probably wait til they grow up a bit in order for the tidiness to last longer. Here’s the crab jaw. It’s selling at $18.20 USD each and we ordered 3 of them. It will arrived on the 12th. It will be in time because we are going on Saturday. We ordered 3 since we have 2 fishing rod so 1 each and the other as a back up. Now this is all I have for my holy basil. I don’t know what to cook this evening. I just have a few ingredients so I’m thinking of making holy basil fried rice with pork. I don’t know if this is enough or not. If I don’t snip it off now it will probably not branch out any more. They are almost out of season. I will use what I can. The sauce that I’m using comes in a jar. There’s already some holy basil in there already and I want to add more fresh one for aromatic. Picking off this small one too, since this is it. I think this is enough for use. I see it, so might as well pick and keep it. Otherwise it will go bad on the vine. Actually my Thai basil is better than the holy basil Earlier I hesitate wanting to stir fry with Thai basil or the holy basil. I decided on the holy basil because I haven’t use them yet since I’ve planted. Maybe that’s why it hasn’t branch out? Next time I will use this. Here’s the sauce in the jar that I will be using. See it already has holy basil inside. When I use this I just add some of my seasonings like sugar and fish sauce. You can also add oyster sauce. Like you taste and adjust accordingly. Also to add some nice aroma and good taste I’m adding chilies from the back yard and garlic. I’m going to pound them finely. Today I have ground pork so I am going to use that If you have chicken, you can use that. And chicken eggs these came from my backyard chickens. They are small like quail eggs. I’m going to fry them first and eat it with fried rice to help cut the spiciness. The holy basil that was harvest earlier. They are washed and cleaned. This dish use very few ingredients leftover rice can be used. Now I am going to pound the chilies and garlic. First I am going to fry the eggs and set them aside. Cover to prevent splattering and also for the top of the eggs to cook. The steam from the moisture inside will create a steam to cook them. The eggs are fried so set them aside. Now I’m going to start making fried rice. Add the ingredients in this jar. I only have a little bit left so I’m using all of it. Then add the pork. Next I add my pound chilies and garlic. The reason why I don’t add these in the beginning to prevent coughing. You add them with the pork and it help cut the smell that makes you cough. There were some sauce left on the bottom I just add water and pour it in. Fish sauce. Now I’m going to add a little bit of sugar and oyster sauce. Stir fry the rice until it combines well with the sauce. Minimizing as much of the white spots on the rice. I think my rice is now well combine. Mixed with the ingredients. Before serving, add the holy basil. The heat can now be turned off because the residual heat will wilt the holy basil. My holy basil fried rice with pork is now done. This is how it look like. It’s a simple dish, easy to make and use very few ingredients but it feeds a lot of people. Affordable too. I am going to take care of this. Thank you all friends for watching this vlog as well as my other ones. See you in the next episode OK? Bye-bye.


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