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Back at a Water Cabin with my Dog, Kimi 예당지 강아지 (키미) 랑 좌대 배스 낚시

all right guys so I’m out in I guess this is yes on today a new Lake out on the water cabin that I like to call them we look around it’s raining I’m at the edge we got some lily pads over here not sure how we’re gonna do this today but uh gotta figure out how to get them today I have a special guest and it’s Kimmy she decided to join us for this trip so I’m gonna get ready and let’s get it switched out to a chest cam I feel like let me use this as my search bait got a nice chartreuse and green and the gold blades try the deeper end I’m not sure if there’s anything under this thing here that could be but that water is really stained and kind of nasty nothing on this side all right I think we’re gonna switch it up all right guys I think the situation calls for a nice frog a lot of grass on top see if they’ll come up and hit it trying it in the middle of that Oh guys I’m gonna try a wacky rigged drop shot to try and put it right in around the brush I’ve seen some small blow ups here and there but I’m not sure exactly what’s going on here well fish it’s on there’s one yes there’s one I’m sorry that’s not very big oh there’s one oh they’re up shallow hurry what is this Jimmy come on what is that this is the first time she ever seen a fish oh the up shallow first fish of the day guys a pound and a half maybe it’s a decent size we’ve got one fish let’s see if this pattern continues I need to put an O ring he just nothing just ripped out see if there’s any more up there new Lake it’s been about an hour on my first fish it’s good feeling o-tama oh my gosh no Hooksett they decided to show up again I’m gonna go with a little bit of a faster action try this cello crankbait probably goes down to about a meter and a half and to me it seems to be about a two meters of depth here so see if I they like this I think they’re gonna be pretty active right now but I have yet to receive a single bite mmm all right this thing doesn’t seem to be working going back to the drop shot but I’m gonna change to a wacky rig I’ll walk you read this bad boy here and see if we can’t pull some fish just want to find that pile of fish all right switching out the worm I don’t think they like this very much Jimmy what are you doing there on that alright guys so I’m moving to AJ what I do is I chop off the head slightly cuz this hook is small I like this action for some reason I don’t know why I think it has a nice falling action to it and when you drag it on the bottom you know there’s that tail at the back twirling around jig has a nice little tail to it I’m gonna take a break I need some food man something I don’t think I ever thought about pull it out but I am today so it’s called the flying shed this made in Korea really big and bulky it’s got these wings on it got a nice big tail on it alright guys I’ve switched out to a lipless crank kind of doesn’t match situation but they’re not biting much else right now so see if this can change the fortunes around I’m gonna go with the Berkley twitch tail so this for saltwater but I don’t think it makes a difference Mikey does anything for I’m gonna work here oh there’s one finally oh my gosh oh small one oh my gosh there’s one Oh came off my goodness all right so we don’t want to work in here it’s the drop shot oh you know how many things I’ve tried but this is the pattern this is the pattern oh just one yes oh yes oh yes Wow nice nice all these nice eyes oh that’s good sighs you that took forever oh he’s a nice size I want to measure him because I haven’t measured a fish in so long I don’t caught one so long I either uh I don’t think he’s gonna make it oh come on close that mouth oh just under 40 but he’s fat oh you got that dae-ho you’re looking good good-looking fish finally oh my goodness I just caught two fish it’s trying to get dark real fast oh he almost had it Oh keepers have it oh yeah oh it’s a nice one oh yes it yes oh oh it’s nicer 100 fish number three guys starting to come out now nice looking thing quick measurement dollar than the last it’s in too dark to film now so how about I turn on the camera if I catch something get some light in there that’s how it goes all right 6:00 in the morning just hope folks alright guys so caught about three fish I mean this shallow area here there wasn’t too much feeding going on out here actually in the open water it seems to be deeper I did see a lot more action here overall I guess they are deeper got to find a way to get out there don’t have a boat so maybe I gotta rent one or something but find a way to get them thanks for watching

  • 좌대에서 낚시도 운치있고 좋아보입니다.
    묵직한손맛 축하드립니다. 강아지 귀엽네요~~^^

  • 저는 냥이랑 낚시 다녀요. 혼자 두면 너무 울어서. 좋아요 구독 하고 갑니다. 제 방송국도 들려주세요.

  • 키미 너무 예쁘네요ㅎ 포메리안인가요?스피츠인가요? 반려견과 함께라그런지 심심 하진않겠네요~ 역시 잘잡으십니다ㅠ 재밌게보고가요^^

  • 오호^~~~잉글리쉬 앵글러이셨군요
    오마이갓~~!! 에브바리씨유미ㅋㅋ
    잘봤습니다ㅋㅋ잘잡으시네요 미쿡에서 오셨어요??암튼 파이팅하입시더

  • 태그에 yt:cc=on 추가하시면 자막 자동으로 켜져요. 좌대낚시 한번 가보고 싶은데 가족들이 낚시를 안좋아해서… 부럽습니다

  • 외국 유튜버들 채널 보면 베이트보다 스피닝릴을 많이 쓰던데 역시 외국에 계셔서 그런지 장비가 전부 스피닝이시네요 ㅋ 한국에선 거의 가벼운 채비만 스피닝으로 쓰는데 무거운 채비도 스피닝으로 하시는게 새롭네요

  • 저도 갔던 좌대네요 ㅋㅋㅋ 영상 보니까 한번 더 가고 싶어지네요. 재밌게 잘봤습니다! 강아지 너무 귀여워요

  • 키미 정말 귀엽네요 ㅎㅎ
    저도 강아지를 키우는데 완전뻘이아니라 저런식으로 된 곳이라면 반려견과의 낚시도 정말 좋은 것 같아요 !!
    제가 사는 곳 주변에도 있다면 한번쯤은 가보고싶은 포인트네요 ㅎㅎ
    항상 좋은 정보감사합니다~~

  • 예당 저수지 저도 친구와 붕어낚시하러 한번 갔었는데…좌대에서 배스가 나오는 군요…..신기하네요…..
    잘 보고 갑니다.
    9독 좋아요…..꾹 누루고 갑니다…..
    앞으로 좋은 포인트 많이 알려주세요~~~
    영상 감사합니다.

  • 사이즈 좋네요~
    경기권 배스낚시는 꽝치는 날이 많아, 꺽지 루어낚시를
    즐기는 초보 유투버입니다. 구독 및 좋아요~ 꾸욱! 누르고 다녀갑니다.
    꽝이 없는 영상 한번 보시려면, 놀러 오세요~

  • 우왓! 토론토 블루제이스~
    블루제이스는 다소 아쉬운 MLB였지만
    랩터스는 지난 시즌 NBA 활약이 좋았더라구요. ^^
    비오는데도 열정을 보이는 낚시 멋져요!

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