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Baked Rosemary Chicken | Flavor Makers Series | McCormick

There are a million recipes
out there for chicken and potatoes.
Now, there’s a million and one. Today, we’re gonna make
a savory and delicious Baked Rosemary
Chicken with Roasted Potatoes. [MUSIC] So I’m preheating my oven
to 425 degrees. And in this large bowl,
I’ve got some oil already. We’re gonna combine
our McCormick Spices. I got some paprika. It’s going to give it
a nice smoky flavor, nice, even color.
Got some rosemary leaves, it’s gonna give that chicken
that nice, woodsy flavor. I got some garlic here. Garlic equals flavor —
don’t be afraid of it. Got some black pepper, and
we got sea salt, all right? Now, this is a sea salt grinder,
and this is great, because we can actually control the size
of the granules right here. Set it
to a medium grind. We’re gonna mix
our seasonings with our oil right here — cool.
All right? So now we’re gonna add in
some small red potatoes — boom. Throw em right in there. We’re gonna get everything
nice and evenly coated, really get that flavor in there. Now cutting the potatoes
in half helps them cook evenly. And we’re gonna want them
to get all crispy and delicious in the oven,
so cut em in half. So we’re gonna add in some
bone-in chicken thighs. Now having the bone-in is gonna
keep the chicken juicy while roasting, all right,
compared to boneless. Throw em in there. So we wanna make sure
all this is evenly coated. Yeah. Yeah, that looks good. So I’ve got a baking pan here, already sprayed with non-stick
cooking spray. You wanna get everything
on the pan. So we wanna make sure it’s all
spread out on a single layer, so everything cooks evenly. So I wanna just take
my chicken thighs, put em on one side, and then
we’ll take our potatoes, and just dump em
on the other side. Make sure you spread
em out evenly, so that when they’re in the
oven, everybody gets
their time to cook. Boom, boom.
Give em a little space. Give em some space to breathe. All right, so we’re gonna
toss this into the oven for 35, 40 minutes, until the chicken
is cooked all the way through. Look at that. The paprika gives it
a nice color all around. You got that woodsy aroma
from the rosemary. The garlic all over
the potatoes — you see that color around
the potatoes right there. So let’s test this chicken
to make sure we’ve hit the right
internal temperature. Now since we’re working
with chicken thighs, you wanna insert
your thermometer in a thicker part of the meat,
away from the bone. If you hit the bone, you’re gonna get
a higher temperature reading that might not be correct. What we’re looking for
is around 165 degrees. That looks good to me. This smells so good, they should
turn this into a candle. I would buy a chicken candle.
I’m not afraid of that. And there we go. Juicy chicken, crispy potatoes,
all done in one sheet pan. We did it.
Boom! [MUSIC] Make sure to check out
the Flavor Maker app. You’ll find all
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rack, and create shopping lists, plus a ton of other
cool features that I haven’t
even explored yet. Have fun cooking, guys!


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