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Baked Tofu Bites – taste like chicken nuggets!

– Hi friends. It’s Sam and today I’m gonna show you how to make my baked tofu bites. Now this is the only recipe on my blog that I kinda wanna say it
does taste like chicken. (chicken clucking) (giggling) These are kind of like chicken
nuggets except so much better because not only are they vegan but they are really easy to make. I’m talking five ingredients
and bake for 30 minutes. That’s it. So easy, amazing results. Now once you make this recipe you are gonna want to use
these tofu bites everywhere. I’m talking about serving
them by themselves, having them kind of as a snack with maybe some hot sauce
or ketchup as a dip. Put ’em on a salad. Put ’em in a sandwich, in
tacos, on pasta, on pizza, on nachos. The options are endless. Delicious everywhere, mmm mmm mmm. So let’s get to making
my baked tofu bites. Alright this is my kinda recipe. So easy, just five ingredients, that’s it. Five ingredients. To a large bowl add a quarter
cup of nutritional yeast, two tablespoons of olive oil, two tablespoons of soy sauce, and one teaspoon of garlic powder. Now that’s it. That’s the marinade, just
those four ingredients. So whisk it together and you’ll make this kinda brown pasty business. And now we’re just gonna
have to add the tofu. So my recipe calls for two blocks on tofu. If you find that a
little bit intimidating, like a lot of tofu, then you’re
welcome to half the recipe. It’ll work exactly the same. But I find that that’s
never enough tofu for me. I end up eating half of this recipe straight off the baking pan. So yeah, I want the two
block of tofu business. So I’m just going to open the packages and drain the extra water off of the tofu. Now take one block of tofu at a time and all you need to do is pinch the tofu and break off kind of large chunks. I really like this method because it gives kind of an
organic shape to the tofu, unlike cutting it into cubes. And you’ll get some pieces
that are a bit more crispy and some pieces that are a bit chewy, and so I love the variation
of texture as well. So you’re just gonna break off chunks and toss ’em right into
the marinade mixture. Now every time I post a video where I don’t press the tofu I inevitably get comments saying why don’t you press the tofu? So I’ll tell you. Not all recipes need
to have the tofu press. It can be great for certain recipes but for this one you don’t really need it because the tofu dries
out in the oven anyways, which is basically what tofu pressing is. It’s just pushing out the extra moisture. So this is gonna dry
out in the oven anyways. The marinade is gonna
get sucked right in there because we’re baking it. So I’m all about keeping my recipes simple and only doing as many steps as needed for the best results. And so you don’t need to
press the tofu in this recipe. Alright, so both blocks
of tofu are chunked into pieces there in the bowl along with the marinade,
so now just grab yourself a spoon or a spatula or
you can just go in there directly with your hands if you like and toss it up until the tofu is evenly coated in the marinade. Lost a tofu piece. Alright, all my tofu pieces
are nice and evenly coated. So grab yourself two baking
trays with parchment paper. And I’m just gonna toss these bits right onto my pan, every last little bit. And spread that out nice and evenly. You wanna try to get as much
air around the tofu pieces as possible so they get
nice and chewy and crispy and all sorts of deliciousness. Beautiful. Now I’m just gonna pop
these in my oven at 375 and bake for about 30 minutes, stopping to give them
a stir half way through until they are lovely and lightly golden. See you in 30 minutes or in
like half a second your time. They’re done they’re done they’re done they’re done they’re done. Okay, that looks yummy. Whoo, they smell so good. Check it out. Gorgeous. Bites, get on there. Whoo, making a mess. Chickpea’s coming over. She predicts that I will
spill some on the floor. Let’s see if she’s right. Oh yeah. Loving it. Smells so good, making me so hungry. You know what, all of
these tiny little crumbles are almost my favorite part. I love them too. Whooee look at that tofu. So I put a little bowl here. I’m gonna have some
Frank’s Red Hot with mine. And there we go. An enormous platter of tofu bites. Okay I’m gonna give one a taste. Little dippy dippy. Mmm, so good. No. No. No. (distorted noise) Oh Chickpea’s coming over. She predicts that I will
spill some on the floor. She predicts that I will
spill some on the floor. (in slowed down deep voice) She predicts that I will
spill some on the floor. Let’s see if she’s right. (distorted noise) (slowed down deep voice) Nooo. That one’s for you, Chickpea. There you go. Don’t burn your tongue. She’s so happy right now. Is that good? Yeah, I thought so. Lucky dog. Mmm, so good. It’s my favorite when such
a simple recipe like this can make something so
delicious and scrumptious. Mmm, this is just one of
those multi-purpose recipes that you can use over and over again. So simple, so delicious. I love it. I make it all the time. Mmm, they’re chewy and
flavorful and ah, so delicious. I could eat this whole thing. I can’t stop eating them. I hope you like this video and if you do let me
know by leaving a like and don’t forget to subscribe for a brand shiny new
futz-free vegan video every single Wednesday. I’ll see you next week. Bon appetegan. (chicken clucking) (upbeat music) These are for me Chickpea. These are kind of like
chicken nuggets but tofu. Delicious, five ingredients, easy to make, a lot of hand gestures involved, you know.

  • Omg it's 9am right now and need these like right now!! They look INSANE! Your videos and your recipes seriously bring me so much joy! ☀️

  • You had me laughing towards the end with spilling the tofu 😂 great video Sam 👍 got a three day weekend now and planning a big vegan cooking fest. I know where I’ll be getting my inspiration from!

  • This is SO good! I used aquafaba instead of oil and cooked them in my air fryer. Turned out great! Might try it with steamed cauliflower next time. Thanks Sam! 🙂

  • Eating your jackfruit recipe as i watch this! Im not a strict vegan anymore but trying to get back into cooking for myself plant based! Meal prepping a big batch of this for the week and I'm excited 🙌

  • I like your channel! It is difficult to live in vegan in Korea. It's hard to find a vegan restaurant, and it's hard to get ingredients. There are also people's prejudices. Generally, Koreans eat a lot of meat and salty food. Anyway your channel will help a lot. Thank you very much.

  • OMG! I just tried this… it was fantastic!
    But I cooked it in my Air Fryer. You're right
    I made half a recipe…and I wanted more!

  • Hi Sam thanks for this recipe its amazing. I made it on the day you release the video last week and wow. My son loved it too and my dog was begging for some of course. Im having a friend and her kid tomorrow for supper before we go out with the kids for halloween and thats what im making for the kids to eat. Also for everyone who thinks 2 blocks of tofu is too much, it is definetely not, make the whole thing

  • these look like chick fil a nuggets (which is like the 1 thing i crave the most honestly) so i can't wait to try and see if theyre similar!!!

  • I made these last night and they are awesome, good one Sam. A few notes.
    Do press the tofu, I just drained and started to crumble and it was a pretty sloppy mess. Ended up taking an hour in the oven to dry out and look like the video. Also I would half the recipe and do one block at a time, mainly for control. Having 2 blocks worth of tofu to stir around was a little bit difficult. Anyway, great job!

  • This recipe is AMAZING and so simple! I did it last night with some pesto pasta and it was so good. I found that they are even better the next day reheated in the microwave. Such a versatile way to make tofu and I see it going with almost anything. Genius recipe! Thank you! Next I might try freezing then thawing the tofu which gives it an even meatier texture.

  • I've now made these twice and we love them! What a fantastic recipe Sam! I'm wondering if I could use the same marinade but cut the tofu into slices for baked tofu steaks? What do you think? 😊

  • Made this tonight — so delicious and so easy! Thank you! Next time I'm going to try adding maple syrup to the sauce mix.

  • don't press it but freeze it such as recommended on Mary test kitchen is so much better ; double freeze I remember
    the consistency become so much better and more interesting t try it

  • It's soo yummy. Just made some 😍
    A challenge for you Sam. Been researching how to make your own vegan butter. Hit and miss taste wise.

  • I did not care for the tofu and I tried it several different ways. Pressed, frozen and still the same. Put the seasoning on cauliflower and baked it and it was tasty!! Apparently I dont like tofu but I ADORE the seasoning Sam gave us. Nooch, Soy Sauce, Garlic Powder. Yum!

  • Made these last night and HOLY CRAP!! They are so good!! You weren’t kidding about needing two full packages of Tofu, because I couldn’t stop eating them! Mine did take a little longer to get crispy – I went a little over 45 minutes (maybe my oven?), but they were worth the wait! I still can’t believe it! Thank you for an incredible – and easy – recipe!

  • Okay I've made this two or three times and I prefer to add more of the nutritional yeast used in it and you say it's crispy but mine aren't that crispy they're still very tender on the inside but I love them either way I'm just curious am I not cooking them long enough? How crispy is crispy on your end of the recipe? since I like the extra nutritional yeast do you think that is preventing the Crispiness or maybe I just need to cook them a little longer? And I'm new to trying a lot of vegan recipe so please nobody give me a bunch of flack❤️

  • Just made these for two of my daughters (5 & 2)… I cut the recipe in half until I knew if they'd like it or not. Wow. It was a huge hit. HUGE. They ate it all and asked for more! Thanks so much for the awesome recipe!

  • Just tried this recipe, it is AMAZING, you did such a great job coming up with these, all my family loved them! Will make them again for sure 😃

  • This is absolutely delicious and my fussy eater approved (me too) Next time I am going to make 4 blocks of tofu because it so good and I can't stop eating it!!

  • Yea I use ALOT of garlic so these work well for me I love garlic lol . And thanks for the video! <3

  • I was a total chicken of making tofu so i ordered some from a restaurant and didn't like it at all. Some pieces were extra salty &some were too bland. &You have inspired me to try &make them on my own.😄

  • Love your enthusiasm /bubblyness. Thanks for putting out something simple to experiment with. Kind of glad you didn't press it because I don't have a presser. Now I can make this in the morning without having to go to the store. Thx!

  • Did this come out crispy? I’m trying to make some. I’m using extra firm tofu ( I didn’t but the predried one) and I took as much water as I could out of it with just paper towels. It won’t get crispy. I left it in the oven at 400° F then transferred it to my air fried to try to get it at least a little bit more crispy.
    It’s just soft, i don’t know what I did wrong. Was it because I didn’t press it enough?

  • I love you Sam. You make me smile with every video you do. Your recipes are wonderful. I rely on them very often. I just don't add the oil because I'm a 60 yr old vegan who has eaten the SAD diet for 5 decades before realizing the bliss of a vegan diet. It took a tole on my health. So, no problem. Your ideas are awesome without the oil! Thanks for all your hard work, dedication and fabulous recipes. Keep 'em coming!!!!! : )

  • Tried it. It's bomb. Has anyone tried sort of a "fitness" version of these? I was thinking maybe hummus could work instead of olive oil? You wouldn't want to consume too much cooked oil when you're into fitness. Any suggestions? 😊

  • I know this video is a little old but PLEASE help, I live in China and nutritional yeast is a little expensive here and I'm a college student. Is there anything I can use as a substitute?

  • LOVE the simplicity of the recipe but I think I was looking for a bit more flavor and crunch. I’m not yet vegan but substituting and on my way towards it! I ended up leaving them in about 10 min longer and the texture was perfect for what I was looking for! Thank you for sharing!!

  • Liked and subscribed cuz this recipe looks easy af and there's a dog <3 Hope to see more of both! 🙂 🙂

  • These are crazy good! Whenever I take them in my lunch at work everybody thinks it's fried chicken and asks for some. Making 2 blocks as Sam said is 1000% recommended because you WILL eat a whole block by yourself. I highly suggest you purchase her cookbook from Amazon. Can't wait for the next cookbook!!

  • I'm not vegan but my cousin is and since she's visiting I figured I'd try to cook some vegan food for her so she doesn't have to go out her entire time here. It's been really hard finding things my entire family loves but this one NAILED it!!! We all loved it and even my non-vegan family members want me to make it again. Thanks~

  • Hi! I bought some tofu on a whim because I'm trying to cut out most meat, and I'm trying to find things to add to my snack prep trays 🙂 Are there any substitutes for the nutritional yeast?

  • Just made these for dinner! Also made some melted vegan butter and Franks red hot sauce to toss them in and I could eat both packs of tofu by myself! That is insanely good! Even self proclaimed "carnivores" should try this. Absolutely amazing! My oven needed a little longer (5 or 6 mins) but this recipe is spot on!

  • Looking forward to making this tomorrow. Gonna have this with my cauliflower taco shells. Vegan paleo tacos ^.^

  • New subbie here 👋🏻 Love this! I want to make these and I'm not even Vegan ☺️ I do like Tofu! Funny thing…I made Hot & Sour soup & of course I put Tofu in it. Well my daughter (8yrs old at the time) said "Mommy I like the butter you put in here" 😆☺️Never did tell her what it was, but she loves my soup! 👍🏻 I will definitely try this! Thank you! 👍🏻😁

  • Do these come out squishy in texture at all? I can never get tofu as crunchy and chicken like as I like it. Nervous about not pressing it first. What is the texture of the bites like?

  • Dude I thought this recipe was gonna be whatever, but wow!! It’s soo good😍

    (the only thing I did different was i pressed the tofu and then crumbled the tofu bits in smaller pieces)

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