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Bank Fishing Ontario Bass Opening Day 2019 – Largemouth & Smallmouth from shore

Oh yeah that’s a tank It is bass opening day, and uh, it is supposed to be
windy, and rainy. So I’m just gonna do some shoreline fishing and try and land some biggins I’m out at narrows locks winds blowing right towards us here so this whole shoreline
should be decent blowing all the bait fish over here maybe the big ones are
hanging to Okay, should be fun oh yeah here we go
Yeah hahaha First bass of the season – Nooo! Spoke too
soon oh yeah Got a little bass There we go first bass of the season.
A little smallmouth. Cool. Oh yeah, here we go. I’m on No oh it spit it.
No way! Bummer Yeah I’m on that’s a fish
Not a big one but it’s a fish Yeah, alright. Come on little guy. Nice clean beautiful colors on ya. He’s missing a little spike there
See that? This is worth setting up a camera for. It’s opening Day! I’m so pumped. I’m on, oh yeah.
That’s better. I think that’s better. I don’t know if that’s
just the current – oh no, he’s out of the current now Oh yeah! Oh, nice bronze back Well, the smallies are stacked here. yeah Look at that, not too shabby maybe a pound Yeah, yeah there’s smallies right down here here we go I think so yeah. It feels pretty good
oh yeah that looks really good let’s land Let’s land it now Come on ashore eh? Right on! Okay that’s decent Oooohh yeah that one’s bigger. Oh yeah that’s a tank Wow that’s a beast Not bad for opening day He’s got a little battle wound on him Okay so I landed a few of those smallies that was awesome. They seem to be sitting in that current just in the eddy
lines of hanging out, waiting for bait fish to be blown in from this side of
the lake First cast over here, not bad.
Not too shabby at all those guys in the truck even stopped take a look,
they’re like “oh look, that guys got a fish” what’s he throwing what’s his bait Let me tell you what this is a secret
weapon right now this is just Slaaaayinnnn there we go another one. Oh stay under
come on come on yeah Come on, it’s ok Oh its a – gotta be a 2 pounder yeah
hey there you’re looking good well that was a great morning for a bass
opening season if you liked what you saw hit that thumbs up and please subscribe
you want to see more of this Alright catch you later This just looked too good
and yep my last cast produced so I had to turn on the camera for you. bonus fish Alright, for real, catch you later


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