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BBQ Chicken Pizza Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 743

Hi guys I am Laura Vitale. On this episode
of Laura in the kitchen I want to show you pizza that has been requested for so long. Now you know back I made my buffalo chicken
pizza, but since then I have had lot of request for a barbecue chicken pizza. Now I want to
share with you my recipe for it because, even though it is simple there are a few things
I really feel like it makes this really special and really, really phenomenal so I am thrilled
to share it with you. Now Let’s go over the ingredients so we can
get started. You will need some pickled jalapeno slices
– I have got some red onion that I have sliced into thin little pieces. I have also got some
cooked chicken, and this happens to be some grilled chicken breast that I grilled last
night and I have some leftovers. But any left over grilled chicken or any chicken will do.
You will need some shredded Mozzarella and some shredded smoked mozzarella, some good
quality barbecue sauce which you can buy at your regular grocery store or you can make
your own. And my barbecue sauce – I have a recipe on my website along with my pizza dough
or you can buy pizza dough at your local grocery store or even at your local pizza shop, they
will be able to sell you pizza dough but I have a recipe on my website for it if you
want to make it homemade because it is phenomenal. Now, the first thing you want to do is to
get your oven to preheated to 450F. If you have a pizza stone which I do – I always
make my pizza on my pizza stone – you want to make sure your pizza stone has been preheating
for about half hour along with the oven, you want it to get nice and hot. I am going to
make mine using a pizza peel, if you don’t have a pizza peel or you don’t have a pizza
stone you can just take a large baking sheet or a cookie sheet flip it upside down pop
it into the oven to get it nice and hot and just use a another baking sheet, flip that
upside down so you have a nice smooth surface, you can use that instead of a pizza stone. Hope that has helped. Okay, some of the things that make the recipe
so incredibly good, for me is the pickled jalapeno and raw onions are a must because
the spicy pickled of the jalapeno going with the sweet barbecue sauce is just an amazing
combination and I like to use a mixture of smoked mozzarella and regular mozzarella because
the smokiness just really goes – the smokiness and barbecue sauce are like match made in
heaven. I am going to take my cooked chicken and just cut it into bite size pieces and
this is just a couple of chicken breasts that I had leftover in the fridge from dinner last
night. We had some really nice weather yesterday
so what I did was, I lit up the grill and I cooked up a bunch of different stuff and
I had purposely cooked up extra chicken breast so I can use in this recipe today. I am just combining the barbecue sauce and
the chicken together and now that that’s done, I am going to completely set this aside and
I am just going to take my mixture of smoked mozzarella and regular mozzarella and I am
going to combine the two together just to make life a little easier. Just get everything ready. I just floured my work surface and I also
lightly floured my pizza peel you want to make sure that it’s nice and floured and now
I am just going to roll this out to a 12 inch circle -now if you don’t want to do this with
your hands or you don’t know how to do this with your hands, by all means just take a
rolling pin and roll it out. But I have shown you guys this many, many
times, the easiest way to do this is first form a border and take your two fingers; your
index finger and your middle finger and you just – and you pop any air bubbles – totally
fine – you can even go in with a knife but – you just use your opposite hand to help
keep everything, I guess in place if that makes any sense and once you have created
your border this is going to be your crust and then you go in with your fingers and you
flatten things as easiest as possible now because you have this border, you can use
– you can cup one of your hands, right, and use your other hand to stretch things out. Just like that and you still have your border
and just stretch it out a bit, and we will be able to stretch it a bit more with the
you know – with our hands in just a second. I just want to get this loosened up a bit
so that when I do go and stretch this with my hands, there is no tearing. And I just take, you know my hands – make
like two fists and then you literally just flip it and pull, flip it and pull, and you
want to make sure that you have a border already formed but you want to make sure that the
pizza is all or one, like it’s all the same thickness. So I am just going to keep doing that until
I have a 12 inch circle and we will be able to move on. That looks good. Beautiful. And again, you can definitely use a rolling
pin if you don’t want to do this by hand. I am going to go in with my hands because
it’s just the easiest way to do this and you have to work quickly because the last thing
you want is for the bottom to stick to your pizza peel. So I am just going to take my chicken, and
I am just going to spread this out all over my crust. Now that looks incredible to me! You can see
there’s a lot of chicken covering pretty much the whole surface. Now what I am going to do is take my mixture
of cheeses – take my mixture of cheeses and I’m going to cover my chicken with it. Now
the reason why I prefer to do this instead of doing the cheese first then the chicken
is because you have to remember, we are adding cooked chicken. The cheese is going to provide
almost a blanket and keep the chicken moist if that makes any sense whatsoever. But trust me, it works wonders so I’m just
going to use up the rest of my cheese here you can do as little or as much as you want
but remember the mozzarella and the smoked mozzarella is a combination made in heaven
so please, please add that to your barbecue chicken pizza. It makes a huge difference. And then you know obviously it’s optional
to add the onions and the jalapenos but you haven’t had an outstanding barbecue chicken
pizza until you have it with pickled jalapenos and red onions – it’s amazing! And then I just put my pickled jalapenos on
top and I am trying to work quickly so that nothing sticks to the bottom of my pizza peel.
And look at that, I mean who – you will not need to call your local pizza guy for a barbecue
chicken pizza, because I guarantee you it’s not going to be this awesome. So I have got pretty much all my toppings
on, I don’t want to waste this onion so I am just going to throw it on there. Pop this
into your preheated oven at 450F for about 15 minutes or so or until the bottom is nice
and golden brown and crispy and everything is melted and ooey gooey and delicious and
beautiful. So I am going to pop this in and I am going to show you what it looks like
when it’s done. If that’s not picture perfect, I am not quite
sure what out there is because this looks amazing and smells even better, in the oven
for 15 minutes and it is just perfection. I have let it cool for a couple of minutes
and I have shared this tip with you before. If your pizza has a lot of toppings and you
go head an cut it with the pizza cutter, instead of running across, because you will be pulling
all the hot toppings, you just rock back and forth if I didn’t rock back and forth, then
all the ingredients, you know the toppings would slide all over the place. I am going to cut this into eight because
I just feel like that’s – I am used to – you guys know I used to work at my dad’s pizza
shop for years, so I am used to cutting pizza into 8. Last one. That looks incredible, I mean look at that,
I think I am going to go for this one right here because, to be honest with you, the barbecue
sauce mixed with jalapenos are my favorite part and it’s like right there. It’s going
to be the first bite, I mean look at that. That is beyond perfection. The mixes of the mozzarella is dead on, the
jalapenos are spicy but mixed with that sweet barbecue sauce – I don’t know but it’s a match
made in heaven. Perfect pizza crust. There’s nothing as say
here. Go to to get this recipe,
please let me know down below what you want to see for next pizza – for a pizza recipe,
I definitely want to do a Sicilian pizza like some thicker pizzas but you let me know down
below because as always, of course, I read your comments and I always get inspired by
all of you. Hope you’ve enjoyed spending time with me
and I will see you next time. Bye bye!


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