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Beef carpaccio salad | Jamie Oliver

Right, so what I’m gonna do now is I’m going to make a beautiful green bean salad I’m using the French style beans.
Just look at these colors: the green, the yellow, the black. You can do it with the straight green ones if you want.I’m going to put them into a pot of really fast boiling water and, you know, if you’ve got a nice lid on there it will probably take about four five minutes to cook until, again, they’re not squeaky but they’re nicely cooked. I wanna season that water nicely just like pasta really it’s going to start taking in some of that flavor so you don’t want it to be just straight water. I’ve got a fillet of beef here – fillet in my belief is the only cut to use with this carpaccio. So, what I want to do is just season the meat and the board with a little pepper, I want to get some salt on and around the beef and then I’ve got some thyme here, then just roll it up like that some will fall off it’s not the end of the
world. Now once you’ve done that all I need is a little bit of olive oil in a pan. I want to just sort of sear this meat for twenty seconds. It’s not about cooking the meat. It’s about sort of encrusting that beautiful thyme and salt and pepper into the outside of that meat. That is enough. And I’ll put that here. I want to make a lovely, sort of French style, dressing. So I’ll get a good old couple of teaspoons of mustard shallot and there’s no place for any chunky bits of onion in this salad at all. So about a tablespoon worth of shallots for about
four people about four tablespoons of extra virgin olive
oil, some nice vinegar – about a tablespoon and a half, pinch of salt, pepper. I want to herb it up a bit, parsley is pretty damned good. Get thatinto your dressing. Give it a stir. Lovely. Good, nice flavors.
Now look at the lovely color absolutely delicious. With a little bit of excess water you can let them fall in the dressing let those cool down and then with this carpaccio slice it kind of as thin as you without wrecking the shape of it and I use the sort of the base of the knife, like that,use the back of the knife. Can you see what I’m doing to rub it? Now all of a sudden it’s about the thickness of two beer mats and you know it’s kind of straggly and it’s just sort of holding on to itself and that is really cool like that. Get yourself a nice load of your beans, just let them fall in sort of a natural pile get yourself a nice little bit of this beautiful dressing and put that around the beans because that is just absolutely top stuff and then it’s finished.


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