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Beer Can Chicken | 6 ways!! | DJBBQ

Hey! What’s up FoodTube crew. It’s DJ BBQ and man, have I a rough week. Living in this campervan. Because the missus threw me out because I was with 6 chicks! And here they are!! Whoo! Aren’t they beauts? Hey! FoodTube guys, it’s bank holiday weekend
which means in the UK, you break out your barbeque and i don’t care where you are in this
world it’s always barbecuing time. Now on the bank holiday weekend I like to shove stuff up chicken butts.
And I want you to do the same. Okay, so it’s time now for some controlled
redneck science experiments I’ve got six chickens and then i’ve got
six items I’m going to shove up the chickens butts. These cans, they’ve all got different flavours so I’m going to crack them open and that flavour’s just going to infuse, evaporate in the skin. It’s going to taste awesome. So we’ve got. Pineapple Wooo! Sparkling grapefruit juice Vodka. Ginger beer. Summer fruits and Pimms. You think of summer, you think of Pimms. Okay, the first can we’re going to shove up the chicken’s butt is grapefruit soda Here’s our chciken, here’s our can of grapefruit Oh God! If you use the whole can It’s just going to be too much, you don’t want to flood the inside of the chicken, it’s just too much moisture. you just want a nice bit of moisture coming out there. A nice bit of flavour. You don’t want to overdo it. Bit of thyme. We’re going to shove some sprigs in there We’re going to drizzle some olive oil on that. I got a half and half salt and pepper rub. Alright. There goes the can up the chickens’ derrier. Chicken number one. It’s time now for chicken number two. Ginger beer. Sorry about your shoes dude! My bad. A chilli in the can of ginger beer Olive oil. Let’s do some chilli flakes. And some salt and pepper Okay, chicken number two going in. Next chicken, i’m going to do summer fruits and now I need a can opener. Right, is lemon thyme going to work? I don’t know! We’re experimenting. But you guys can tell me man what you think. What’s working for you, just make a comment
dude. *Chicken squawk* Now I got this recipe from a guy called barbecue joe’s. He’s over in Ireland and he’s got a smoker, he’s cooking up some rad stuff. He saw me do the bacon bomb and he did that but he also put a couple of these bad
boys in there so if you want to see the bacon bomb recipe just hinapple this Does that work? Hinapple? Yeah, there we go. It’s not the most beautiful thing. This is new territory for me shoving pineapple stems up a chicken’s butt. Alright, time now for my party girls. our can of vodka and our can of Pimms For the vodka we’re going to do a ncie rosemary sprig in there. Pimms? What do you drink it with? Mint, cucumber, strawberry And now it’s time for them to join the hen do. Like that? Get you back in there. And you. My six girls are in there and they’ve all got something different in there shoved up their butts. First time for them and for me so I’m going to treat them gently. So I just close her up, back up the
temperature Now I want this at around 325 350 farenheight. Barbecuing temperature. Same as you would do it in an oven. Now
if you were in the celsius world, you would cook your chicken in the oven around 170.
You can do this exact recipe in your kitchen This is going to be awesome. Give them
about an hour and forty-five minutes then we will break ’em off and dig in. While the chicken’s cooking, I’m going to fill you guys in on the rad recipes on FoodTube that you might have missed. It might be a shameless plug but I’m just trying to help you guys find some rad meat to eat. and here’s one of my favorites. This is Aaron Craze’s Daddy Ribs. These things are so good. Click on the link. Click on that video right there and you
can learn how to make succulent daddy ribs. One of my favourite recipes we’ve done for FoodTube are DJ BBQ’s fish taco’s they’re quick they’re easy and they
taste so dang good. Come on, click on that link. Do it! Learn to make radness with DJ BBQ. You’ve got to check with one out too. Kerry Ann’s chicken curry. Listen, KerryAnn’s awesome, she knows how to
handle meats and she’s doing the best recipes on FoodTube on a budget. So say you’re a student, or you’re just a bit short that month or if you want to help make your money go a bit further Well then, click on this link to find out
how to make KerryAnn’s chicken curry. It’s so good. And now for the main man himself for the
best recipes you will ever witness grilled lamb kebabs al la Jamie Oliver. These things are tasty! Click on the link to figure out how to make them man, you know
Jamie. He wants to make good food that’s pretty easy to make. So get on this one! All six birds perfectly cooked now it’s time to eat. Okay now this one the first is our grapefruit, so I’m just going to cut into the. Mmm Wow! Grapefruit works. Ginger beer with chilli It’s so moist and juicy, with just a little bit of heat. Now the summer fruits, Wow! not too fruity, on the right side of it.
Now this has got the pineapple up its’ butt. So I’m going to grab a piece that’s down here by the pineapple. Oh my God. That’s the perfect fruit. I didn’t think it was going to work. This is the vodka girl. Oh man, that’s really good. Awesome and our final bird, our English
rose Pimms up there. Different. That’s nice, just unusual. Okay, that’s actually for you camera dude. Don’t hurt yourself on the prongs The prongs of rad! Whoooeee! Man what a result six chickens super tasty! Now I want to know what you
guys are doing. I want you to experiment and have a good time, let me know what’s
working. Let me know what’s not working so i don’t
make that mistake and also make sure you check out the
other chefs and recipes that i was showing you
during the show I am DJ BBQ and I am outta here. Make sure you go fast, take chances shred the rad and remember were you cannot get hurt in the air
and speed is your friend! As is a chicken with something shoved up it’s butt


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