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Behind Crocodile-Skin Handbags – Cruelty on Vietnam’s Reptile Farms Exposed

This footage might be the most graphic, disturbing thing you’ve ever seen. Crocodiles are held down as their necks are cut open and metal rods are jammed down their spines. Blood pours from their heads down into the metal trough below. This happens while they are still alive. This is the hidden cost of crocodile skin
bags, wallets, watches, and other items. This is Vietnam’s exotic skins trade. Vietnam exports around 30,000 crocodile skins every year, including to a tannery that supplies the skins for luxury brand Louis Vuitton and other major brands. But eyewitnesses found crocodiles living in squalor at every farm they visited. At this farm, thousands of crocodiles were crammed into filthy enclosures, some smaller than the length of their bodies. They are confined for 15 months to these pits, which an expert called “overly-restrictive, understimulating, and inhumane” for large
crocodiles. At another, crocodiles are jam-packed into
concrete pits. Both of these farms supply crocodile skins to a tannery owned by Louis Vuitton’s parent company, LVMH, and some of the “biggest brands” according to a farm owner. At another farm, workers shock crocodiles in an attempt to stun them. Then they are carried to a room where they’ll be slaughtered. This ineffective killing method, in which
crocodiles’ necks are cut open and metal rods are jammed down their spines, has long been shown to be inhumane. Here the crocodile moves after being cut open. Because crocodiles can live for periods with very little oxygen, they can survive for hours after this procedure, meaning many of the
millions of crocodiles killed each year for their skins may experience a prolonged, painful death. A reptile expert who watched this footage
said that “the neck incisions would have been very painful and inhumane” and, “There is no probability that these animals ‘died instantly.’” Crocodiles are sometimes even skinned alive, as this farmer explains. Here, a crocodile moves after being cut open. PETA has exposed cruelty at reptile farms
on three continents and the story is always the same: grim confinement and a violent death. This is what millions of animals endure every year for the exotic skins trade. Whether they’re Louis Vuitton, Hermès,
Prada, or any other brand, exotic skins are a product of extreme suffering. You can help stop this. Share this video, never buy bags, shoes, or other products made from animal skins, and ask your friends and family to do the same.

  • Que horror… como es posible que hagamos eso como especie, al ver el vídeo me dio una sensación de repudio y tristeza al mismo tiempo :C

  • Seeing cruelty like this is truly disgusting. I can't imagine what kind of evil person you would have to be to do something like this. The worrying thing is: These evil psychopaths are allowed to roam free among the rest of us. I hope that in the future people will look back at cruelty like this and feel just as disgusted and shocked as I am that this sort of thing was ever allowed to happen.

  • Вьетнам экспортирует порядка 30 000 крокодиловых шкур ежегодно. Большая их часть используется для производства дорогостоящих аксессуаров – сумочек, кошельков, ремней, ремешков для часов. Британское отделение PETA показало, какой ценой это все дается.

  • Thank you PETA for raising awareness about this.

    Crocodiles & Alligators are intelligent beings who tenderly care for their young,

    and shouldn't be in captivity for any reason.

    Fashion isn't worth the price of blood.

    the workers also want it to stop, animal abuse is bad for human morale.

    wake up world !!!

  • и что? давайте еще тогда диких крокодилов попросим не кусать живых антилоп )

  • muchos somos hipocritas , y como maltratan a los cocodrilos tambien lo hacen con otros animales para su consumo en alimento.Piensenlo 2 veces antes de decirles idiotas , muchos de ustedes tambien lo son. PD:no los estoy defendiendo

  • Hijos de la gran grandísima puta ojalá os abráis vosotros la cabeza y ardáis en el mismísimo infierno, desechos de la sociedad, ya lo pagaréis ya con la vida sarnosos de mierda, lo mínimo que os pasara es que algún reptil se de un buen festín con vuestras asquerosas manos y os quedéis mancos y lo mismo le deseo a las payasas ignorantes que compran esa mierda, moriros ! Todo por culpa del dinero y """"lujos"""" SOIS BASURA !!!


  • que indignante ver que el ser mas evolucionado de los animales.. tenga que matar sin compasion a animales que no les hacen nada …

  • Tampoco hace falta ser hipócrita… Algunos de nosotros comemos carne, usamos zapatos de cuero, vestimenta de animales, y no sabemos si quiera como mataron a esos animales, se que es triste ver cómo los matan de esa manera, pero a puesto que esos animales se enojarían si nosotros sintiéramos lastima por ellos usando cosas de sus especies. Es como esas porquerías que hacen en España con los toros, una tradición sin sentido que demuestra solamente el abuso de poder de la gente hacia los animales. Nosotros le quitamos el terreno a los animales, pero tenemos que subsistir viviendo de ellos, pero no de esa manera.

  • como pueden ser tan malos
    con estos animales que aunque sean salvajes igual sienten el dolor malditos infelises ojala les arranquen una pierna para que sientan el dolor de estos pobres animales😠😠😠

  • los asiáticos que producen esto, Louis Vuitton, Prada y Gucci y toda esa manga de celebridades que usan estos productos deberían morir de manera lenta y dolorosa de la misma forma como lo hacen estos pobres cocodrilos. Merecemos la guerra nuclear.

  • – Жалко. Как так можно обращаться с животными?!
    Говорит человек, поедая котлетки.

  • Si existen estás bestialidades es porque hay sobretodo mujeres estúpidas que buscan aparentar usando marcas que cometen estás estupideces.

  • for me its a normal.
    pets are property.
    if not – property of humans will be humans.
    меня все устраивает. животные – это всего лишь собственность. имущество. если людям запрещено использовать животных в пищу, ради развлечений и для тестов лекарств, то для всего этого начинают использовать других людей. так что выбирайте – либо животные являются собственностью людей, либо собственностью людей являются люди. животные – это собственность: еда, одежда, опытные образцы, развлечение.

  • Ублюдкам англичанам вьетнамцы мешают бизнес делать ? Так эти кошельки для этого и выращивали, кто бы вякал пол мира обобрали о морали затрещали. лучше поплачьте о ваших инструкторах в Сирии которые детей убивали

  • Que pena. ¿En qué momento llegamos a esto? 🙁 🙁 🙁 Pobres animales, definitivamente no existen en este mundo para ser carteras, zapatos, billeteras, etcétera. Malditos todos los que avalan y participan en estos actos despreciables!

  • да похер совсем! мясо же едим и в коже ходим. заебли эти зоозащитники.

  • hey shit western back packer, Vietnam keep doing that, what the fucking you can do? keep your shit dirty nose out Vietnam business, most of consumers these products are your Western , save your shit critical for innocents people you kill in Middle East every day ,

  • I have seen parts of an alligator many hours after death stimulated, and the nerves still make the parts contract. Yes the animals nervous system goes on long after death.

  • Ummm . . . what about your leather jackets, purses, shoes, belts, sofas, hats, and car seats made from other domestic animals, such as sheep, horses, and cows. If they kill endangered and threatened animals for skin, I would without a doubt protest it. By contrast, these animals are domesticated. People kill chickens, of course a domestic animal, for food and use their feathers for pillows and blankets. Do you know worldwide over 50 billion chickens, including 9 billions in the US are killed yearly for food? Can you stop them? This is what domestication of animals is about, and we as humans have been practicing it for thousands of years. Please check your leather, shoes, belts, purses, hats, sofas, and car seats to see if they're made from animals.

  • . . .  and you think PETA is clean

  • Hey PETA. Thanks for sharing. However, don't you feel like hypocrites when you are mass slaughtering cats and dogs? I have never gotten a direct answer from you and this fact is always avoided.

  • I really want to be a part of what you do at peta. I want to help the animals. Is there a way to join peta? (I am 13)

  • just die peta your making people donate to you so you can stop animal abuse except child abuse domestic voilence sexism which are even worser

  • i will agree with peta on this one this is messed up but peta doesnt realize that we are human beings we are the dominant species on this planet

  • It's still amazes me how dumb the human race are. We have synthetics that keep us warm and clothed in all seasons and we still have to make these items from animal skin for the brain dead materialistic fucking retards of high society.

  • Esses caras deveriam sofrer, primeiro estourando o testículos deles, ficando uma faca na coxa, e um tiro no braço e deixar pra morrer!!! Foi pesado sim!!!

  • So misleading, when the brain and spinal cord is severed by the long stick actually the croc is instantly died. The movement after that is merely muscle spasm, happen in every animals even frog or cows. This is the truth that has to be told, regardless you support or against the crocodile skin industry.

  • It's ironic to stop people buying crocodile skins handbags but not making an effort to stop people buying alligator handbags. They are both equally cruel, except alligator skin are from the West.

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