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Bentarique y La Alpujarra en moto

Bentarique and La Alpujarra Which one is the name of the village? Bentarique Ah! You are recording me! And why it is called like that? Because it comes from the Arabs, “Venta Rica”. Here it was found a treasure. It is at the Madrid’s museum. We have Arab descent. This is Taberna desert. There is my scooter! And look this! So beautiful! There is a house full of jasmine and look at the view it has. One of the things I like about Spain villages and cities like Barcelona… There are many fountains and outdoor faucets to drink water, cool off and wash your face a little. And go to the route again. The little routes I like are this ones: tiny, tiny ones. With a lot of views. My favorite breakfast here in Spain are toast with tomato. The trick is to grate it with the larger grater holes. And it looks like this, ground and very rich. The tomato is placed on the toast with a huge amount of olive oil… You can put a pinch of salt and it is ready. What a pleasure! In addition, the pool is surrounded by pine trees and here is a lot of pine aroma. So nice. Diego knows that I miss motorbikes a lot… He will takes me in his V-Strom. Around the Alpujarra desert. Right! Let’s go! There is almost nobody on the road. It’s an ideal place for riding motorcycles or bicycles. And it has a lot of off road paths, like the one there. And they look awesome. The area looks a little bit like Asia too. Because all the cultivation terraces that it has, which are on the slope so when they irrigate the water drops slowly. It looks amazing. And here is a white town. With this view! This is very typical here. All full of flowers and the streets that narrow down there and begin to zig zag. With this view behind. The bars, on a side of the church and with view to the valley. The villages are so small that they don’t have a clothing store. So there are fairs. There are one or two days a week where there are people who come with clothes and things to sell on the streets. In this way, the villagers can buy different stuff. My box of bobbins. This is called “bolillos” lace. Do you see it? Here you can see it better. She sticks the pins and she does all this. Incredible! These are the old mortars. What was used to extract minerals. An old mining tunnel. It is one of the few Spain villages with looms. They still do everything by hand. Look at that! This is a four-pedal smooth bass loom. Depending on where you step it opens the warp, we pass the plot… This comes from old rags. In the past, all the fabrics in the house was recycled. That they don’t use it anymore… Bath mats, house rugs … lots of bags … And look this one how nice it is. We leave it in the sun. And I am burning! COMING SOON I’m already close to Lorca. Here is to much wind. The backpack behind works like a sailboat sail and throws me away. He pulls me off the road because there is little shoulder. Really narrow one. Trucks pass by and they also throw me off the road. I can’t. A truck will hit me. The problem is to find a rode to reach where you want to go. The problem is that Barcelona is fucking far away! It is not that far! Do you know where is it? I think you forgot a zero… 700? And more! With a motorbike she cross the world! If you give her an electrical scooter and she goes to Barcelona… If you give her a motorbike, what? Many thanks to Diego Bretones and his mother for rescuing me, giving me a place in their hotel and in their lives, allowing me to rest in Bentarique and show me La Alpujarra by motorcycle.


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