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I hear some my what's bran-new gonna get is online I don't know he's worldwide that you should so that you can also get him on the walk late 11030 part it doesn't really matter none of it matters hey thank everybody for hanging in there with us welcome back vu live live from ICAST 2017 I'm tired I feel like I've just been through a four day event where I've run 200 miles one way to get down to a spot that's loaded with largemouth only to catch eight and a half pounds yep tiny spotted bass yeah that's kind of how I feel joining me now are two of the greatest anglers on Ethel a Taurus if you don't believe me go to all the website and look it'll tell you watching James Watson to the far left and Bryant Forest in the middle and Brian I wanna start you yeah what the hell did you know you have had one of those things and I got I haven't got to tell you this person I'm gonna do it live yeah we can capture this for prosperity purposes but we all have bass guises sat back and watched this and I want to talk you in a second about you because you had to endure throughout lab you tell me a little bit that I understand I know you know you get in a rhythm and I totally get it but talk about the year you know you give us what what what what might on especially I want to say the first months I do a fishing out of your mind like it's like an outer-body experience it really was and it's one of those things I mean you've been on run like that everybody this fish professional he's been on similar runs and it's one of those things you can't explain it's just like you go around the corner and there's polar pounders school and everywhere and you can't win this event or yeah you're all around and there's a magic grass bed you happen to stumble on it just works out I don't know I kind of started getting in a groove last year actually the final few events I started off terrible last year like one hundred and thirtieth place bomb and from then on it's just like clear my petition yeah and just things worked out you can't explain it everybody like how does this happen how do you explain this and I think that's the beauty of bass fish ya can't explain it can't I've had I've had I've never been on a run like that but I've had periods in my career where I know exactly which oh yeah so you can't do a thing wrong you know you just you make a left we're going to make a right if you make a left and you find a management you can't fish you're not supposed to catch yeah I mean you make a throwback lash out and catch six pounders yeah talk about it about this because a lot of our viewers are current guys at some level right their grassroots guys they're aspiring guys offici opens talked a little bit about I want you to dive into separating what you found in practice to what actually happens in the tournament how do you set that how do you walk that line – for me I don't put a lot of faith in my practice because it took me it actually took me probably six or seven years fishing professionally to learn this is when you've got 150 guys on a lake for four days in a row in practice two and a half three days in a row it changes fish it changes their patterns and even though we've got the off-limits day in FLW the before an event that helps a little bit but it it still moves those fish around and right the one example that was a Kentucky like one year we were like six of us on a school of fish in like twenty five foot and we pull up there I catch a couple and there's a few very few fish being caught as to what was their international practice yes so I start island off this ledge and as soon as I get off the brake it drops into like 45 to 50 and there they are I mean that's the deepest fish I've ever caught in my life anywhere in the country on Kentucky Lake and 50 feet of water and Wow who does that I mean yeah you don't look for that right it's just like whoops here it is right this happened yeah nice there it is yeah there we go all the best guys were sitting in front of the computer all year like what the hell is going on but we were watching it from the far you ought to see it up close and personal man I had to do this honors of staying a few games the only room where we shared a house a couple of times the springs like you know Brian will be really hard on himself finished second yeah in a second yeah and I'm looking at my 156 place I haven't caught a keeper in two days mom little buddy I feel for you tonight yeah we did have some good dinner we did we ate well we ate very oh they do do it's awesome a watch and then you know to be on the water too and then you know to run by and see see thrift like over here by himself like what's he doing out there you know you know easy guy comes in with 22 pounds yeah it's just something else when you get to live it and you know be the around around thrift and all these goodness rubs all the radiation yeah I still can't get worldwide status from walk right that's hard that's a hard one to get and talk to the car if you acquire that by the way our debt title Cody Meyer give me the jamming well five years ago but the worldwide stuck out a little bit more here recently because it is easier for people to scream across the lake it is right it's very good to every time I actually watch that on the lake practice tournament it doesn't matter if I'm ten yards away or 100 100 yards away yeah well I scored a capacity to God I get a world wide at the thrift and numerous other people yeah it's just it just caught on from there so you know I just went with your idea a long time ago brand yourself rate exact brand is brandy very important we asked the same question – we had a couple weak guys up here and I want to throw to you guys James start you Bronco you next James give me one new technique that you use last year on the FLW this past season FLW Tour that people should be trying right now get into one new really I mean straight from the heart real great from the heart real new technique that you use you can do this you got to do it this is bass you you can't live with Michael Jackson can't lie the Michael Jackson which one speed worm with the a little three and a half or full leaf blade on the back of it cut tail bones oh that's sneaky okay that is that that competes no speed we're so a Texas rig speed you're cutting the paddle tail off that the eight inches is one defective you're cutting the PAL tail off and you're putting in a screw very light with a three and a half willow silver Willa leaf yeah so if you got some old yeah you'll spend of a box laying around so black yep build up about 25 of those real it was straight like it's like a swimwear like a skis all stupid I mean in the garden style Wow what's I took five VG w g5 out extra why I gotta yep and on braids nope 20 pounds or 25 pounds fluoro okay whatever you that is this a dress deal strictly your mostly grass yep it's got to be involved visit Harris called big bag of Harris and then they to Potomac I had a two hours of fishing left had one I had a good sack the first day however the rest second day and I'm I'm seriously looking for something really solid to drive my whole rig in do a good time oh yeah I was upon Caroline tower Hall dude I was Jeff pre spawn out I'm not completely scrubbed out and I said to myself I wanna change this up this water is super high you can't see what you're wanting to throw that literally fifth or sixth castles in the middle speed worm stuff down I sit down across 16 pounds wow really cool technique is you know a lot of you guys watch it no of course back in the day it was the classic that Chris Lane one we saw the blade in the back of the stinko and used for the first time by myself yeah yeah it's kind of new to me what I shouldn't say to me I've used it before but this year's like it was a player right hairs chain here yeah that's a Potomac ax it might even be player hey it may be more Bank that yeah very cool record that's a new one for me I didn't know that one Brian give us give us one that you used last season that that you think guys should be trying the biggest thing for me this year was the de Mickey stinger it's a four inch size in particular I caught a lot of fish on the five and a half it seems like I developed a not really a pattern a trend a couple years ago it seems like every year you find one confidence base one bait seems to outperform or you've got more confidence in it yeah for that particular year I know a couple years ago it was the context when Bay something like that yeah this year it was that domeki stinger for me I mean if I was somewhere and I was struggling or I needed to get a bike I could pull out the little four inch stinger be it Carolina rig Blacky rig Texas rig so rig rig make multiple ways just to me that was my confidence base especially we fished a lot of clear water fisheries this year yeah and that little baby beaver I caught them on the little Ned rig we just cutting the de Mickey singer down on the dead rig but wow it seems like every year you'll find that one confidence mate it started out with me probably Lake Travis is where I first yep kind of got in the groove with it need a Travis Harris chain beaver Mississippi River tell me what rivers yep I caught them all that that abate everywhere well I was that's all and that crazy about confidence oh right exactly that's it it can be a white bunkered yeah if you're going to tell you I'm on it you catch what mom exactly speckle everybody if you want to get your hands on to make you stinger I'm sure tackle warehouse go to tackle warehouse you probably pick them up try some of these technique that's that Brian something about I want to switch and I want to talk box real quick we both of you I want start you Brian a lot of our guys that subscribe are living on links that have docks yeah we get so many questions that for in and they're like I'm confused this lake has eight million dots on it where do I start you've got a lot of experience and the Carolinas with docks give our guys a tip on dissecting a leak give us some generals on how to find good ducks the generals own docks is it's kind of like you would look at any type of structures far as the season of bass fishing I mean you start pre-spawn I'm going to start out on point docks maybe docks on channel swing baits and pockets close to where they're going to spawn and then as you progress into the spawn I can to go to the flatter docks post on I stay on those flatter docks and and by flat Doc's I don't mean Doc's that are you know just a flat dick shaded you got to think about what's underneath the doc contour the bike the kanji on the bottom left like what I'm speaking of flat doc I want into that doc to be five feet or less yeah and I want if it's a long long doc off the bank you know if it runs out 40 50 feet I want the end of that dock and five feet of water right and I'll focus on something like that until post-spawn summertime I go back to you think suspended fish I mean fish suspend over brush piles they use that dark shade so right if you've got a big dock that extends over the creek channel out over deep water those fish are going to suspend in that shade they you just they don't really use the dock they use the shade it makes yeah and that kind of the cycle I use throughout the course of a year fish and dachshund and the more you fish the more you can pattern especially like a tough water buy it if – you want a dock that's got deep water close to the bank like when your bait hits the bank you want three feet of water right next to a seawall something like that and like that right on the walkway of the dock and usually those ficials say I don't have shades a walkway next to that banking you know that's your money shot right there that's awesome that's great tip James talked about baits for Doc session and it's interesting because and you've done a lot of stuff abhi you talking about this but you've developed some doc techniques that guys don't do and I and I'm interested is buggin I need to get out the boat with you to do this one day it's magic yes talk talk about a few baits and techniques for docs talk about some good ones that guys are doing okay and thrift nailed it on the head on on seasonal techniques and so we'll swing in the best boat doc reel for many years the TV hello Rance bigger than that day Oh brides really put you look at this folks and own folks at home a secret minute right here you know my favorite way to catch boat knock bass post on okay like Brian said the first thing that they'll head to on my clear lake active and both shows table right like that you know they get off the banks are done garden spawning and protecting the fry and all this stuff and the first thing they'll go to this big tree line big brush piles or the shade of big old boat dock yeah it's always look for the deepest docks I can find and most of time that are out on the main body or they dragged yeah yeah yeah and you're going out through there and and your eyes put up with some homeowners you know saying hey don't fish my doctor and I remind them that they don't know me I'm here where why I'm going why this is my water you sure you covered your boat over my stuff and I don't appreciate it so if you'll step back I'll get flip in there and then if you get hung up on their stuff you ask them um-hum hey yeah can you come out here please I don't take this but you know I look I look for uh I fish it super fast just like mine does and I'm just looking for that clue how deep is this fish suspended yeah so that's a big key to me it's covering a lot of water and the fastest way to do that is with the spoon bigspin yeah you flip it in there and it shoots under that dock sometimes choose two or three stalls over the new spoon I got was river to see will shoot two or three stalls over so you I don't have to make a precise flip into this stall when I know I need to get over that stall and I can't because there's cables there's boats lifted and there's crap hanging off I can fish that stall from over here and that's the key to that so shoot it in let that thing go very rarely they'll go let it go more than 30 feet wait you know and that you free spool it or you thumb it and kind of feather I don't know I free spool let it rock yeah as fast as you can get away with yes it let it shoot treble hook some docks treble hooks on docks how the hell do you keep from hanging it up you don't you don't you don't you get hung up a bunch I got why I mean this is expensive sport yeah you can go buy the lot of golf balls for what ice cream on spoons in the year I make it all that makes it all back you make it all back so you're putting that spoon in places people are scare put it in and you're throwing it sometimes you want to start with the shade of a dock and the shade at nine o'clock different from the say that Tim voted yes move yep so you got to keep flipping your spoon where that goes the Optus for us to first catch a fish is on the outside edge of a knife where there is nothing to get in our way and boy they come right up you just get a little swing about in the boat well one o'clock in the afternoon that doesn't exist there over the second rail the boat lifts and it's got to be a function and it's got to have for crappie many buckets hanging off the side of it yeah sources up to you quitting all done here yes how many times I flipped in a boat dock only to catch a basket got hung on a chain or a rope oh yeah and it can be a rope hanging that hangeth tree and it could be a rope that's hanging off the boat cover yeah it's just crazy yes so you know you got to throw this a lot you got put in a lot of places and then once you get a bite make sure you're watching when you get that by when you're reeling in make sure you got some good glasses on because chances are you might see three four or a hundred mats working a while there's your clue and I cannot go back in there yep that's us and you've seen that happen oh you've drawn up school to dock sit on you crap your pants unbelievable you know talk about these guys on ledges and stuff we kept your these ledge I can't never be that right there's gazillions of schools of bass out there on the ledges yeah I catch one you could take me to a lake that's got a no-talking 64 the water yeah I'll find two schools of bass in them yeah I'll get this all to myself yeah and you do yeah do you have that yes this technique you know is honestly this is cutting-edge yes it as far as I know you're one of the only guys I've ever heard of using this technique I got taught this I could slur from lose showed me this quite a few years ago and I called an apologize to him for breaking it out and uh his son for you to learn I we we fished this and we made a lot of money around and then and the water cools off I get away from this flood or spoon I'll do those straight slab spoons that's it yeah yep you what get more water temperature guys watching at home that want to try this 70 so below 70 low 70 I want a real fast fall well you get 70 post-spawn starts really kicking in it gets above 70 man I go to the flutter spoon so I have something that that that shoots backwards and stays a little longer in the strike zone yeah and the colder water I want that thing that don't need to think about it for a minute yeah they'll come believe it faster you know awesome maybe technique and hold that up again Brian karma critics can you get a shot of that real quick on that camera there I want everybody see this good and we put a stinger hook on it we put a stinger hook on it so you not to worry about bond stinger hooks or Embassy's got it equipped right there really cool news food launch did I cast this week and guys will be able to get their hands on that Kato buddy hopefully two or three months two or three months tackle warehouse I got I got my hands on it right now oh yeah yeah Brian I might kiss goodbye before right back to Jersey I think where you go that at your house I've seen your water we need to weedless model like old Johnson silver Meadows Klum whatever happened to that you know talk about that did go away that went well that was the deal back at the – I don't want to just run it I I've got this memory of a kid watching rollin show and he's waiting out there in Okeechobee dude catching I don't know that's that big good waitin it Okeechobee with that stupid gold John we all a 2018 I casted Silver Award winner we're going to build that spoon put a hook on it in the weed garden and we're going to Johnson so we're mental spell it do you have it there you get there have it there's a remix ah right Brian talked a little about we've got a rod up here you've been at ICAST all week you've got a chance to to work with these companies and launch some cool new products what do we have here sitting on the tail this is a new cranking series – my signature series from Fitzgerald rods you know last year we came out with five models to cover anything from like top bars top water – all the way to the Frog rod and we were kind of we had a void in the cranking Cirie's I was still stolen another cranking rod and you know we collaborated and we were able to develop four cranking rod to square bill rod in 374 kind of I'm going to call them offshore cranking rods because we did three different actions we got a medium a medium heavy and a heavy to kind of cover everything from light bakes in the six to twelve foot range to a little heavier bait in a twelve to twenty foot range and then the heavy action seven for for your Magnum oversized crank yes yeah your big 10x to you big 8.0 s big Magnum square bills you know something throw a bigger line on and 2x hooks that you need to be able to drive yeah so we covered really the whole gamut with that I'm excited with about release knees and they've been well-received trevor builds a great ride at Fitzgerald I mean the components are saying it to done and I like to wave what I mean yeah I like that yeah they're super light and balance real well and plus it's got my name on all support in it legible it's legible yeah that's Brian I think my wife made my design there's a lot of people watching they're looking right now looking at this rod late okay rod looks good what are people looking for crank they rock because you know not everybody out there have 30 freakin rods like a lot of the right there's guys that out there that want to buy four or five rods and they want to buy a crank bait rod to do everything yeah don't what to look for that to me the biggest thing is I think I think guys got fooled back in the late 80s early 90s with the crank bait craze with the glass rod reel with either fire and I'll take you I've got a funny story with my first experience with a glass rod I I borrowed one from a friend it was back in the early mid 90s and oh yeah I got me a cranking rod you know it this was so long ago I think I'm throwing old fat-free fingerling from bomber oh okay this is a long time ago yeah so fired I'm in a night tournament up fires thing out there on this seven and a half foot wimpy rod I'm cranking along you know I can't feel nothing because it's glass and guess can you feel my crank baits open and like a four pounder dumps and throw something I don't know like I want it and like my life's going to where the thing he threw out of his mouth later like so I've got a four pounder jumping with a crankbait in his mouth I don't even know it oh my god I'm steady 100 arised up a bit it's bending because it's we're gonna be rod but and that's what it don't know you know why don't I crank with what I would normally do Swiss yeah and that's what we did with the fishtail rods I mean you want to be able to feel what that baseboard you want to feel it hit a rock you want to feel it hit a stump and you want to feel that fish bump it and get it and you have enough power to I mean longline is popular now yes the reason we went with like a sevenfold model something a little bit longer so you can make those long casts because a lot of tournaments long lines you know kind of outlaw crap on so you can still get that long cast out there but you can still drive the hooks with a stiffer ride and you can feel what the baits doing yeah and but with all the advancements we've got you know low stretch fluorocarbon yeah here feels better that hooks are sharper so you can you can feel a lot better with it now that's the main reason that's and one reason we did three models you got the medium medium heavy and heavy and the medium heavy is going to be kind of your all-purpose I mean you could pretty much throw any crank baits you want on that and then there's specialist guys that like to throw the lighter stuff that will like the medium action and then you get the bigger stuff you're going to want the heavy deal yeah alright so there have you guys listening that want to buy one of the brand new Brian thrift Signature Series crank and Fitzgerald rods 7/4 which action is the best all-around action form all around my favourites of medium heavy need it because it's you know movie things yeah you can throw more on yeah but when you get to your Magnum crank makes you're going to want something stiffer obviously you know you get to two to three ounce bait yeah me but that's so situational you're not going to use that all the time yeah yeah all right my car everybody got got a couple questions on the I am here edit stuff what do you got I explained how you cover water differently when it's large round for smallmouth tournament tournament wise different baits etc how do you cover water one versus the other I personally don't I don't care I just throw it out ask Ryan thrift how he covers oh hey I caught my only Big Bash listener Oh only big bass award I've ever made an FLV in six years seven years I've been doing it was this year at lacrosse and I waited in big bass for the day there was a 4:15 smallmouth wow my spellin swim jig this week Wow what'd he do it he was lost he was also I saw the mudfish well I almost did when I decided to jerk I didn't jerking right off that's a funny-looking gretel diploma cover in water let's repeat the question largemouth yes explain how you cover water differently when it's a largemouth versus wall Mel tormé different baits more idling one versatility um to me they're one in the same you've got a the only time it's different is you're on a lake that's got both species because they usually don't inhabit the same areas like a school of small bow it's not going to be in grass bed with school largemouth so bait wise I tend to go with the same base because big smallmouth eat the same thing a big largemouth does and when you're in a tournament situation obviously we all want to catch big ones so I'm covering water based on season I mean it's if I can get away with the top water I'm going to start with top water but those generally if I can get two or three bites over a grass fed on top water I can go back during the tournament and pick it apart with that domeki stinger with some other baits I just need to know where the fish live I don't really need to know how to catch them yeah there's a locator yeah yeah that's locator and then I'll figure out how to catch them better during the they're in the tournament when I know that's where I'm going to fish you know you know man with no options as a dangerous man because he's going to go in there and he's going to give it everything he's got yeah so if you fire a black or a brown right I don't know I'm not prejudiced yeah but like Browns but I want to catch them all chartreuse chartreuse sorry what is the what's the smoke on the water mean smoke on the water II I think it got started out this I like that song you know a long time ago so I got that song as the it's kind of my intro song and it's stuck and then everybody's like all he goes fast everywhere so it's it's stuck with that deal alright I could follow him around on the pond without seeing him so just see cigarette butts ah keep America fishing in our Pichet campaign yes we love the tires it does not roll he makes my new put them in a spot I think we got a Gatorade bottle alright got a couple rapid-fire questions for you guys better Bill Taylor imitation Luke Duncan Gerald swindle Ivan I'm going to Luke yeah I'm gonna go swindle swindled yeah yeah okay what's the funniest thing Bill Taylor the real bill teller has ever said thanks guys we don't need all this custom I'm not even gonna cover me because you can't beat that why I got worked up one time I was all I was mad he's like Oh John John guys well I will have to have all this custom I listen to this funny perfectly that's a funny man it's not Luke Duncan yeah I got to go back and I don't I don't have a good bill bill teller impatient with the Charlie Edit imitation you gotta remember last time I consistently fish that all W tour try was still well yes you know and he would crack me up the way they did funnels people through their man peak Lucic you know he'd be in front of me weighing in you Charlie be like five ish five last peak Lucic Laurel New Jersey and Ranger Boutros come on up here people at East one talk you know what I mean I want to talk to speak talks and talks it off he never shuts up you know he's coming up with his fish and he had a bad day so when you have a bad day you want to thank your sponsors yeah you know you're going home yeah you know what I mean so sorry SP is climbing up here these little tiny person puts them on the scale he goes okay Pete you got five and your weight five fish bottle of his weighs eight pounds there'd always be this long eight eight pounds four ounces market how to catch a paint and they would Jam the microphone a piece map okay appreciate this looking like they kick hurry or he leads you off the stage that was a duck treat the ball on your face you drive your sleeves you thanks man yeah Wow there was a good old days let me thank everybody for watching we're going to break we have five minutes I want to do one last thing before the weekly stuff of us okay before we go I do want to ask you guys predictions not even not predictions yeah I'm going to get two things from you prediction on on your performance next year and then your your favorite lake on next year schedule for FLW Brian um predictions on performance I look forward to it I wish we had some lakes I'd never been to but I've kind of been all the lakes on the schedule assure you that I'm not real familiar with it so I'm looking forward to that I think it hopefully be all right here yeah and one that jumps out stands out when you look at that schedule and you're like I can't wait to get there I must say Harris changed because that's the one I know the least amount yeah like this year was first year I'd ever been there how to get finished yeah I'm looking forward to learning more about it and explore because it's like six lakes and I've only looked at two it right that's a good one oh yeah other story look at do it I like to schedule performance while tank a couple of them like you know 150 hopefully I'll did by the skin of my teeth finishing third and pointing system that's all my god oh I don't set high expectations I don't either not only the never have that way you're not this point that's right I never destroy myself because I knew I was gonna suck I always look for in Okeechobee I feel bigger manages somewhere somewhere that magically always seemed to get a good pitch a lot of big ones I do and in pita you're not ever growing up around your ass I fell right in Okeechobee and then I go to other places like the hair has changed this year I finally got a check at but tell hold it see me in places like that yeah I don't do so well but Okeechobee it's magical for me I love it led to the jump oh my and Cumberland I'm really looking forward to coming again that was the fun of it oh my gosh we were catching it what the 18 is smell-my 18 interested we have breakfast around errs yeah yeah I mean I'm really looking forward to that I'm going like feed bed nuts on same time next year I'll have more my schedule Saturdays were here what's that I just have another question what's the story on and and again I'm excuse my ignorance but co-anglers next year no co-anglers no angles next year either thank you yeah lots of championship not the champ two days and they're done on Friday so we get top 20 top ten yeah for Saturday Sunday by ourselves right woman would you guys like to see a day when FLW removed as co-anglers it goes to Marshalls or do you think that's a key part of growing the sport um there's arguments for both yeah I mean I'm fine either way with it because the way I look at it is you know if I found enough fish to do good the tournament that's co-angler catches three or four it's not going to hurt me right that's the way I look at it but then there's arguments for other side too I mean if you're doing a small group of fish that could possibly need to talk you can't afford to give up give up to three days yeah exactly yeah you know and I'm not against co-anglers you know there's a lot of my friends are like man we need you know that we do lose a little other prestige because they're still an amateur involved in our right and our sport yeah thank you theory of bet hello yeah and some people don't look at it quite the same that's the only beef I have with it but you know I think the business side of things – the best fishing business that Co angles the same he goes and buys that I buy yeah we have a big influence yeah he's across like oh that's right yeah that's right you know the marshals you guys have an impact on that marshal throughout the day yeah I don't know I I'm fine with to language yeah I really am and you know what more times than none though a coin purse assisted me in my thought process and figuring things out that that benefited me maybe make made you go to a bottom bader that color this piece like that yeah young one time this year Kona made a big difference as Harris chain of lakes and I've been catch him on the trap and he bombs that big speed when I'm out there and he doesn't have the Michael Jackson yeah that's a regular people were my foe I'm like I got something for you even give my bike I look back I said thanks buddy that's all the bad you have some good best friend six six six fishing his first tournament as pro angler any suggestions Lake Sinclair makes Sinclair c-synch st. Claire like up north Lake Sinclair York okay ah I'll let these guys answer I'll start man back at the boat if you're a co-angler or lake like that it's all offshore fishing you know what I mean drag a drop shot you're agra drop shot drag drop shot never put that thing down you know that would be my suggestion and anything you know Hobie shape but it's you know for this worm Cinco you said drag keyword drag drag them drag something yet a long ways from the boat because odds are your guys fishing a big flat he's on the trouble voter costly you know let that line out there about a hundred yards get the bait away from the boat and drag them fish how many times you had your feelings every ball every time I'm Oklahoma God yet every time I throw yes it has listen I'd be like where'd you catch a lot all right out there in the middle dealer that has so much lining exact could be like a hundred fifty yards behind the boat I got dropped off from tangled when you're dragging it like that you don't you just retire every once in a while my guts the spiral yeah you could you could use the micro little micro level yep might help spin shot ah but mom jinx popular dragger to it is yeah Carolina Carolina react yeah yeah yeah let me thank everybody for tuning in this has been man I've been here less than Pete but I've had a good time and I hope you guys have watched and learned something this week I saw a lot of really cool new baits James Watson with the spoon we got Brian with amazing new rod series come out from Fitzgerald please invite everybody to check those products out try them I want to thank you guys for joining us how are ya right thanks for coming back down under yeah la is disaster yeah you have know multiple times always FML thank you I have true I appreciate how soft you guys good luck in FLW next year thank you good luck to you hang in there what this grinder Carver we got one more segment when we come up on vales and we go products okay we got well over some we go products we're going to give you a ICAST recap and a grand finale hanging there with us we come back bash you I cast 2017


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